Monday, April 6, 2015

Kenya: took hours to respond to attacks, despite advance warnings- Flashback Norway

Kenya was warned of Garissa attack, took hours to respond, source says
GARISSA, Kenya (CNN) — Kenyan authorities had intelligence that a university in Garissa could be attacked, but after the alarm sounded during last week’s massacre, the country’s rapid response team was stuck in Nairobi for hours arranging for transport, a police source told CNN on Monday.
Waiting for hours to arrange for transportation......... think Norway
It’s not clear why the elite team was stuck in the Kenyan capital, roughly 370 kilometers (230 miles) west of the attack, but the police source in Garissa said that Kenyan politicians and Nairobi-based journalists arrived on the scene before the team did. Journalists on the ground corroborated that report.

Once the team entered the university complex, the situation was quickly defused, journalists and the police source said.

Manoa Esipisu, a spokesman for Kenya’s president and deputy president, defended the response time, telling CNN there is always criticism regarding whether “you reacted as fast as you have or shouldn’t have.”

“With the benefit of hindsight you can always say things could have been done better,” he said, adding that Kenyan authorities saved a lot of students and “got the job done.”

Does that narrative sound at all familiar? If not, it should!

Think of Norway- Anders Brevik and a minimum 90 minute delay to respond.
Not a credible excuse then. Certainly not a credible excuse now.

90 Minute Transportation Delay gave killer time to lure more victims to their death

Inept Norweigan cops couldn't locate a helicopter or a boat, allowing the gunman to shoot down his victims for 90 minutes before help arrived.
As it was in Norway in 2011, so it was in Kenya 2015- That's simply too much of a coincidence! 
By that time, the mass murderer in a police uniform had methodically slaughtered 85 victims.
By the time Kenyan police made it to the University, many more had died.

An aside- Despite the obvious and abject failure of Jens Stoltenberg in keeping Norway secure- He somehow managed to make his way to one of the top positions in the NATO war machine

Former Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg will become the 13th secretary general of NATO


Norwegians slaughtered on his watch yet..

 He gets a nice promotion. 

The 55-year-old former Labour Party leader is known better for his skills and experience as a negotiator rather than a military man.

One can only wonder what rewards await the leadership in Kenya?

From earlier today- Post 3,000!

Canadians evacuated from Yemen, by Russia, confirmed by Canadian Government

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