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Kurds Fully Participate in Generational Assyrian/ Armenian Christian Genocides

 As it was in the past- so it is today

Yesterday's post ended
"How could one have missed the black Pope playing politics in such a blatant fashion?
The Ottoman empire and Genocide

The black Pope Francis mentions the role of the Turks, but, fails to mention the active participation of the Kurds in the genocide of  both the Armenians and Assyrians

Why do we not speak of the Kurdish role in both those genocides?
Is it because it runs against the grain of the perception management when it comes to the 'heroic Kurd' meme?

Heads Up!- I will be speaking of that bit of history in short order"
 That short order is up- today!
NYT's 1915-  500,000 Armenians Said To Have Perished. Washington Asked to Stop Slaughter of Christians by Turks and Kurds.
 Do pay attention to the types of Armenian Christians that were targeted and those that were not!

 "The records of the State Department are replete with detailed reports from American Consular officers in Asia Minor, which give harrowing tales of the treatment of the Armenian Christians by the Turks and the Kurds. These reports have not been made public. They indicate that the Turk has undertaken a war of extermination on Armenians, especially those of the Gregorian Church, to which about 90 per cent of the Armenians belong"

  "Turkish authorities drove the Gregorian Armenians out of their homes, ordered them to proceed to distant towns in the direction of Bagdad, which could only be reached by crossing long stretches of desert. During the exodus of Armenians across the deserts they have been fallen upon by Kurds and slaughtered, but some of the Armenian women and girls, in considerable numbers, have been carried off into captivity by the Kurds"
The Turkish Government originally ordered the deportation of all Armenians, but, some time ago, after representations had been made by Ambassador Morgenthau, the Ottoman Government gave assurances that the order would be modified so as not to embrace Catholic and Protestant Armenians
 The reports that have been sent to the State Department by its agents in Asia Minor fully confirm these statements made in the appeal sent to this country by Viscount Bryce, formerly British Ambassador to the United States, to try stop the slaughter of the Armenians. Viscount Bryce stated that the horrors through which the Armenians have passed have been unparalleled in modern times.
So, when we discuss righting historical wrongs, I have to ask, what about this historical wrong?

The Assyrians: A People without Rights
In the twentieth century, Assyrians have suffered genocide, been pushed out of their ancestral lands, and are struggling for survival. The Assyrian nation today stands at a crossroad. One third of is in a diaspora, while the remaining two-thirds lives perilously in its native lands.
It cannot be denied that while the Iraqi people are undergoing a great deal of suffering, it is evident that Assyrians are being targeted more than others. They are being subjected to persecution, massacres and genocide in Nineveh and other Assyrian cities and villages since the beginning of the last century. 
During World War I, for instance, Turks and Kurds massacred about two-thirds of the Assyrians living in the area. Next came the ethnic cleansing of 1933 at the hands of the Iraqi army and the Kurds. Later, in the 1960s & 1970s, the ethnic Assyrian community was targeted by a Kurdish campaign led by the Kurdish leader Mullah Mustafa, also known as “Mustafa Barzani”, whose rebellion against the successive Iraqi governments resulted in the displacement of thousands of Assyrians.
 A people without rights, slaughtered by the Kurds. Where is their homeland? 

Mustafa Barzani? 

The Barzani name is a name from both the past and the present. How very interesting.
How coincidental can that be? Or not!

Mustafa Barzani, 1931-32.
Born March 14, 1903 Barzan, Ottoman Empire,
(now: KRG, Iraq)
Died March 1, 1979 (aged 75) Washington, DC, U.S.

 Masoud Barzani

 On August 7 Assyrians worldwide celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Simmele massacre, including in Ankawa, within the Kurdish autonomous region in north Iraq. President Massoud Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) sent a letter of support to the Assyrians, but in his letter he indirectly made the Assyrians victims of the Simmele massacre martyrs in the "Kurdistan liberation movement."
Kurdish leaders, starting with Barzani, have asked the West to recognize Saddam's killing of Kurds in the Anfal campaign as a genocide. But the Kurds themselves have much blood on their hands because many Kurdish clans actively participated in the murder of Assyrians during the Turkish genocide in World War One, as well as other massacres perpetrated before and after 1915. Some Kurds have apologized for these acts (AINA 4-23-1995). Most recently, the Kurdish Federation in Germany issued an apology at the unveiling of the Assyrian genocide monument in in Belgium (AINA 8-5-2013).
Assyrian organizations have asked for official recognition of the Simmele massacre (AINA 8-8-2013) and an apology by KRG President Barzani, who represents the Kurdish nation in Iraq.
Barzani had never before made a statement on the subject but on August 7, 2013, when the Assyrians in Ankawa commemorated the 80th anniversary of the Simmele massacre, Barzani sent a letter, which also was published in the KRG's official website. But instead of apologizing for Kurdish participation in the 1915 genocide and Simmele massacre (which was led by the Kurdish General Bakr Sidqi), Barzani rubbed salt in the wound.

The letter, translated, is available for you to read at the link embedded in the name Massoud Barzani

Barzani whitewashes the Assyrian massacres to Kurdify the narrative:
"What does Barzani mean when he says "martyrs of the Kurdish liberation movement?" The Assyrian martyrs in Simmele were not part of the Kurdish liberation. They were massacred not because they were Kurds, but because they were Assyrians.
By making such a statement Barzani is pursuing a campaign to Kurdify the Assyrian question. The attentive reader may ask why Barzani is using Assyrian denominational names (Chaldean, Syriac) when referring to the Assyrian nation. The answer is that this is Barzani's attempt to categorize Assyrians as Christian Kurds or just Christian citizens of the KRG.
For years we have seen a clear pattern among Kurdish leaders and intellectuals of an aggressive Kurdification campaign in order to create a false Kurdish history. They make it easy for themselves by simply replacing the word "Mesopotamia" with "Kurdistan" and thus claiming that "Kurdistan is the cradle of civilization." We find this message on a sign on the road to the Assyrian antiquities in Khanas, constructed by the Assyrian King Sennachereb in the 7th century BC. Kurdish intellectuals also write articles with the same message. A few months ago a Kurdish student in Uppsala, Sweden, Necati Kanat, wrote a propaganda article of this sort on Newsmill, where he said, among other things, "...civilization arose in Mesopotamia (Kurdistan). Mathematics, arithmetic, penmanship, irrigation systems, the wheel et cetera, were originated as part of the development of civilization. It started with small villages along the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in Kurdistan and moved to cities, cultures, kingdoms and empires."
Barzani's letter shows that not even our Assyrian martyrs escape Kurdish falsification of history. The offense is of course so much greater when the perpetrators of the massacres of Assyrians were often Kurds. Here are just a few examples:
  • In 1843 and 1846 Kurdish clan leaders Bedr Khan Beg and Nurullah murdered tens of thousands Assyrians in Hakkari and Turabdin. They were the henchmen of the Turkish sultan. Bedr Khan Beg's cousin's sons, Izaddin Sher and Masur Beg, continued the killings of Assyrians in Tur Abdin in 1855.
  • Sultan Abdulhamid's Hamidiye troops, who killed some 20,000 Assyrians and Armenians 1894-96 in the towns of Omid, Urhoy, were also Kurds.
  • 20 years later, in 1915, various Kurdish clans actively engaged in the genocide of World War One, and many tribal leaders also became wealthy landowners after taking Assyrian lands by force. They also took captured Assyrian women and girls as wives"
 I did say way back, here on the blog, the Kurdish narrative presented by the war mongering media, felt too contrived to be taken as fact. My suspicions were solid  and are now validated!

There is ample information to support the claim that Barzanis are a Jewish tribe of Kurds. Though most Kurds are Sunni Muslim. Kurds either Jewish and/or Sunni Muslim have a history of killing Christians. Looking back through time we see much commonality, despite an illusion of divergent groups. And we realize how very little has really changed.

This hidden, unacknowledged history both clarifies and validates why it is I  had detected a symbiotic relationship between the Kurds/ISIS and of course Israel. Though I connected the dots prior to having this background knowledge it has been clear for sometime now that the Kurds & ISIS are  partners in crime. While every person involved may not be aware of these long term relationships, this history- the puppeteers and main players, surely are.

Just a few of the previous posts written on this topic:

  • Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis: Maliki has evidence of Kurdish collusion when Mosul fell

     And finally- WizOz left a comment that should also be read, entirely

    @Why do we not speak of the Kurdish role in both those genocides?
    Is it because it runs against the grain of the perception management when it comes to the 'heroic Kurd' meme?

    Penny, spot on like always.

    But the 'heroic' Kurds were just recidivists:
    (from WikiIslam):
    "The tools used by sultan Abdul Hamit were the Turkish army and the Turkish police, and the Kurdish people, who are Muslims. He equipped the Kurds with modern rifles and gave them the relevant military skills. Serpouhi Tavoukdijan writes in his book “Expatriate” that in return for their weapons their task was to murder Armenians. They were given the right to rape Armenian women free of penalty and took Armenian houses and shops belonging to the murdered.


  1. i posted this 3 days ago on SyrianPerspective.com

    Is there a pattern to this madness currently going on in Syria, Iraq, Yemen. why are the Assyrian, Yemenese, Babylonian areas being targeted. Why has this Jesuit Pope suddenly got involved in the Armenian controversy, is this a red herring to what is the real motive. People there is a pattern to this madness, according to Dr. Ashraf Ezzat.

    You can read her analysis here

    i have mentioned to you Penny, there is plenty more to come wrt the Khazars, thend is near for them.

    1. Hi Hans
      read it, very interesting and thanks!
      And yes, there is a pattern to this madness- it's obfuscated but it's there
      I'm hoping this post helps to clarify this fact

    2. She is a he -

      Which reminds me -

  2. Good work Penny!
    Perhaps some clarification of the connection between the Armenians and Assyrians would help.

    Some Wikipedia links help a little although of course we know they always omit certain un-PC details-
    and the Greek Pontic genocide, also of Orthodox Christians-

    and then there is the really big genocide that Wikipedia dare not mention - the Russian Orthodox genocide of the Bolshevik Revolution.

    So, that's 4 interrelated genocides of Orthodox Christians all in the same time-frame (with some precursors that you mention). Also these genocides around the 1915 period were just a few years after 'Young Turks' revolution of 1908.

    The Young Turks - apparently were a Judeo-Masonic confection fronted by Sephardic Jew Emmanuel Carasso along with Donmeh crypto-Jews and B'nai B'rith.

    Clearly the same 'hidden hand' is behind all these genocides of Orthodox Christians. Clearly the hidden hand is Jewish.

    Penny since you like RIC so much-

    Beware the LaRouchian doctrine of Joseph Brewda who is much quoted and would have us believe this was a British conspiracy, particularily of Palmerston. The British Empire at the time was a much Jewish controlled as the American Empire is today.

    1. thanks gimlet eye
      "So, that's 4 interrelated genocides of Orthodox Christians all in the same time-frame (with some precursors that you mention).

      and that goes way beyond the realm of happenstance or coincidence!
      Hoping readers understand that...

      for other readers hans link was good and I have thus far taken the time to read the link left by gimlet eye- worth reading


      " The British Empire at the time was a much Jewish controlled as the American Empire is today"

      It certainly appears that way and yet I still feel there is a bit more to this then just that.... Yet, I can't put my finger on it.
      Something just below the surface...

  3. Speaking of Turkmen:
    Today Turkish press touting the training effort in runup to Mosul campaign
    Turkish officers provide training for Iraq's Sunni, Turkmen fighters

    Add that to the rush to deploy advisors to Syria and Ukraine:
    Sweden, Australia and Canada deploy advisers (more) to Iraq
    Leak today about a chemical attack in North Syria, the area Assad alleges Turkey is backing offensive. It follows the refugee camp where the Palestinian leadership first backed Syria troop intervention then the PLO faction retracted its support...
    FT out with coordination story yesterday on Northern eastern rebel attacks in Syria
    Today ISIL has ramped up the attacks around Refinery (recalling the dam seizure which prompted the airstrike)

    Lavrov made an interesting comment last week where he urgently called for support for Syria as the rebel sponsors escalated.

    "Lavrov Calls for Urgent Measures to Defend Syria From Terrorists: The situation unfolding in Syria requires immediate actions to shield the country from terrorists' and their accomplices aggression"

    The Lavrov comments come days before the alleged Saudi troops and Turkish airstrikes JV in Syria leaked (yest'd). Then came the Iran deal. Curiously (?) the Israeli media noted yest'd that the key Israeli concern was the re-export to Syria...

    It sure does seem like the major offensive is dawning...

    1. http://sputniknews.com/middleeast/20150316/1019573857.html

      Russia Sole Protector of Assyrians in the World - Assyrian Movement Chief

      Lavrov policy speech:
      Lavrov Proposes Conference on Christianophobia… He Sez Russia Looks After the Interests of Christians in the World

    2. It sure does seem like the major offensive is dawning...

      It's looked that way for a while now- a slow unfolding

    3. But the economy is dictating pace at this point

  4. Going to try to comment yet again. I just can't seem to hold my mouth right to post a comment here ;^)

    This is one of your best expose' pieces Penny. I tweeted it and probably made some people mad, but I don't give a darn anymore.
    Truth rules out in the end IMO

    Anyhow, I won't say much and hope this time I can do the process correctly.

    Want very much to get you this link on Kurds from 1948 CIA It's a PDF link

    The Kurdish Minority Problem

    wish me luck I do it right

    1. Interesting report.

      Much talk of the alliance of the USSR with the Kurds. Many today confuse the USSR with Russia, but the USSR was at least as much Zionist as it was Russian (in terms of power not population). Many Zionist Jews left the Soviet Union for Israel-

      So are we now seeing a continuation of this alliance but with Israel taking the place of the USSR?

      Also I noticed mention of the 'Young Kurd Society' (aka Jiana, p13). All the 'Young' societies were cut from a Judeo-Masonic template originated by Mazzini the successor to Weishaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati which morphed into the World Revolutionary Party. Mazzini was also the creator of the 'Sicilian' MAFIA which was in fact Mazzini's private army of crypto-Jews.

    2. Karin
      I was hooked by page 4- what an excellent document.

      So, there never was a Kurdish nation, the Kurds were largely nomadic, wandering about a general vicinity. In amongst a bunch of other peoples.

      The CIA was interested in them for the fact they could use them to keep 4 countries off kilter- interesting that even back then the CIA mentions that Syria never really impeded the Kurdish people-

      We already know the Kurds were quite murderous while colluding with the Turks at the time of the Ottoman Empire and this is interesting.....
      Gimlet Eye caught it also

      Little is know of the three most prominent Kurdish secret societies of recent years: the Kohybun society, the Komalla Kurd (Jiana or Young Kurd Society) and the Hewa Kurd Society
      The CIA document calls them "conspiratorial organizations"

      As if they exist in a vacuum? The CIA couldn't find anything more beyond their appearances? Somehow I simply don't believe that.

      I have always found the CIA's obsession with the USSR/ Communist concept- somewhat unhealthy- How much of the perceived threat or espoused threat was legitimate and how much was convenient, simply claimed to justify the continued existence of the CIA?

      Because the threat of communism, real and contrived, could be used to justify all sorts of destabilizing, meddling etc
      So real threat vs faked or lied about threat?
      Like the 'war on terror' today?
      To put it bluntly- was the CIA the communist threat it railed against?

  5. Gimlet Eye

    The Mafia meme has been used against all Italians for so many years. So, the Jewish connection is interesting, and I was aware of it, but it's largely glossed over to make Italians look bad, criminal and corrupt- As opposed to members of the tribe who happen to reside in that country

  6. A quick reply and then later today I will come back with replies to some excellent comments.

    The first thing that pops into my mind about the Kurds is a statement that Sibel Edmonds made about them after one of her trips to visit family in Turkey.

    The Kurds allowed israel to build a military base on 'their territory'
    She said they approached them with the "we understand better than anyone how you feel [ blah blah ] and will help you get a homeland in exchange for the base'

    The usual ploy and spin of lies to coerce that have worked for centuries. There is no greater evil in our world than jewry.


    1. look forward to your comments karin and thanks for the pdf, I saved it!

  7. Just a short reminder of some of the principal ideas of the Oded Yinon's Plan of 1982:

    "The plan operates on two essential premises. To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states. Small here will depend on the ethnic or sectarian composition of each state. Consequently, the Zionist hope is that sectarian-based states become Israel’s satellites and, ironically, its source of moral legitimation."

    "The idea that all the Arab states should be broken down, by Israel, into small units, occurs again and again in Israeli strategic thinking. For example, Ze’ev Schiff, the military correspondent of Ha’aretz (and probably the most knowledgeable in Israel, on this topic) writes about the “best” that can happen for Israeli interests in Iraq: “The dissolution of Iraq into a Shi’ite state, a Sunni state and the separation of the Kurdish part” (Ha’aretz 6/2/1982). Actually, this aspect of the plan is very old."

    Indeed the treatment of the Kurdish part as a separate entity has very old roots. They go, at the very least, to the time of the Great Revolt (Hebrew: המרד הגדול‎, ha-Mered Ha-Gadol, Latin: Primum populi Romani bellum in Iudaeos), was the first of three major rebellions by the Jews of Judea Province (Iudaea) against the Roman Empire. In fact the Revolt was less a revolt against Roman taxation, as the received wisdom alleges and more a paranoiac attempt, fed by Messianic dreams, to become an "imperial regional power". Some few excerpts from our search friendly (sometimes) Wikipedia would complete the picture:

    In the first century AD the royal family of the Kingdom of Adiabene (in the region of actual Irbil) Izates II, the son of Monobaz I and his wife Helena became a Jew. His conversion to Judaism took place before he ascended the throne and while he lived in Charax Spasinu. At about the same time his mother, Helena, was also converted. Queen Helena (known in Jewish sources as Heleni HaMalka) moved to Jerusalem where she built palaces for herself and her sons, Izates bar Monobaz and Monobaz II at the northern part of the city of David, south of the Temple Mount. According to the Talmud, both Helena and Monobaz donated large funds for the Temple of Jerusalem. King Monobaz sent assistance to the Jews in their rebellion against Rome in the late 60's and early 70's CE.

    In the year 116 AD, new Jewish revolt sprang up simultaneously in Cyrenaica - today's Lybia, Cyprus, Egypt, Judaea and Mesopotamia, while Emperor Trajan was at war with the Parthian Kingdom. Trajan reconquered Nisibis (Nusaybin in Turkey), the capital of Osroene Edessa, and Seleucia on the Tigris (Iraq), each of which housed large Jewish communities. Although the historical sources are sparse, there is a consensus that this revolt had a "messianic" character, in other words it was an attempt at building an imperial power for the Jews. A central role played again the regions which today form "Kurdistan".

    After the repression of the revolt of Bar-Kochba, which led to the erasing of Jerusalem, the center of Jewish life moved to Babylon and the adjacent regions. For the Jews of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, the yeshivot of Babylonia served much the same function as the ancient Sanhedrin. That is, as a council of Jewish religious authorities. The academies were founded in pre-Islamic Babylonia under the Zoroastrian Sassanid dynasty and were located not far from the Sassanid capital of Ctesiphon, which at that time was the largest city in the world.[3] After the conquest of Persia in the 7th Century, the academies subsequently operated for four hundred years under the Islamic caliphate.

    1. So, to put it in short succinct terms?

      The followers of whichever version of Judaism was prevalent at the time had delusions of grandeur and the usual idea of entitlement to everything whilst everyone else does without?

      Is that about it?
      And if so, then nothing has changed?
      And that is what really, still takes me by surprise, even though I have some awareness of the irrationality that is behind this all.
      Or maybe it is insanity-

    2. Yes, it is so. Now, there are no "versions" of Judaism. Judaism is precisely this delusion of grandeur and idea of entitlement, which stems with the sects of the Pharisees and of the Zealots. This is precisely what Christians did without and that's why Judaism considers them heretics and traitors to the Great Cause. To wit, all Jewish revolts were accompanied by horrific massacres of Christians.

      Let me add another little piece of the history of this delusion of grandeur, directly linked to Kurdistan. The story of David Alroy, the "King of the Jews".
      David Alroy (fl. 1160) was a Jewish pseudo-Messiah born in Amadiya [Amadiya (Kurdish: Amêdî, Arabic: اميدي‎, Amediyah), is a town along a tributary to the Great Zab in the Dahuk Governorate of Iraqi Kurdistan] , David Alroy studied Torah and Talmud under Hisdai the Exilarch, and Ali, the head of the Academy in Baghdad. He was also well-versed in Muslim literature and known as a worker of magic....
      David Alroy led an uprising against Seljuk Sultan Muktafi and called upon the oppressed Jewish community to follow him to Jerusalem, where he would be their king and set them free. Alroy recruited supporters in the mountains of Chaftan, and sent letters to Mosul, Baghdad, and other towns, proclaiming his divine mission. He was born Menahem ben Solomon, but adopted the name "David Alroy" ("Alroy" possibly meaning "the inspired one") when he began claiming to be the Messiah.
      He was able to convince many Jewish people of to join him and Alroy soon found himself with a considerable following. He resolved to attack the citadel of his native town, Amadiya, and directed his supporters to assemble in that city, with swords and other weapons concealed under their robes, and to give, as a pretext for their presence, their desire to study the Talmud.
      What followed is uncertain, for the sources of the life of Alroy each tell a different tale in which events are interwoven with legend. It is believed that Alroy and his deluded followers were defeated, and Alroy was put to death.
      Benjamin of Tudela relates that the news of Alroy's revolt reached the ears of the Sultan, who sent for him. "Art thou the King of the Jews?" asked the Muslem sovereign, to which Alroy replied, "I am." ....
      Alroy's death did not entirely destroy the belief in his mission. Two impostors came to Bagdad and announced that upon a certain night they were all commanded to commence a flight through the air from Bagdad to Jerusalem, and, in the meantime, the followers of Alroy were to give their property into the charge of these two messengers from their dead leader. For many years afterward, a sect of Menahemites, as they were termed, continued to revere the memory of Amadia."

      About Amadia there are some few significant details:

      "The region in which the city rests is also believed to have been the home of the Magi or priests of Persian-ruled Assyria. Amedia is believed to be the home of some of the most significant Magi priests, the Biblical Magi or the "Three Wise Men", who made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to see Jesus Christ shortly after his birth".
      But also in the area of the Yazidis, the mysterious "worshipers of the Devil". On Mount Lalish is the location of the tomb of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir (Şêx Adî), the main figure of the Yazidi faith. This tomb is considered to be the centre of the chain of the "Seven towers of Satan". The persecutors of the Yazidis charge that in each one of these towers sat continuously a Priest of Satan, who by "broadcasting" occult vibrations controlled the destinies of the world for evil."