Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Je Suis Valentina? Neo Nazi lovin TO Symphony Bans Pianist for Exercising Free Speech

If Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa had been 'tweeting' about big bad Russia, paraphrasing the usual spoon fed drivel/propaganda/ perception management promoted by our war mongering media, she would be playing with the Totalitarian (Toronto) Symphony
However, the Totalitarian (Toronto) Symphony, living up to it's correct name, has banned her from performing-
What a disgrace! 
She has absolutely every right to express concerns about her home country
Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa will not perform with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra this week because of what the TSO calls “provocative comments.”
In a statement written by the pianist and posted on Facebook Monday, Lisitsa said she has been accused of “inciting hatred” on Twitter because of her comments on the conflict in Ukraine.
Lisitsa, an ethnic Russian born in Ukraine who has lived in the United States and Paris, said she has been speaking out against the “atrocities” of the civil war, particularly those committed against the Russian minority in the country’s eastern and southern regions.
Lisitsa wrote about the people of Ukraine “raising in fury against their corrupt rulers.”
But she said “the ruling class doesn’t let go easily” and the “same rich people” remain in power amid misery and poverty, thousands of deaths and over a million refugees.
She accused Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk of calling Russian-speaking Ukrainians “subhumans,” in official documents, and called at least one member of the nation’s armed forces a “neo-Nazi.” She has also posted photos of what she calls “Nazi torchlight marches.”
She said she has been “watching helplessly” as her country slides “ever faster into the abyss” and had taken to Twitter to get the “other side of the story” heard, “the one you never see in the mainstream media – the plight of my people, the good and bad things that were happening in Ukraine.”
TSO president and CEO Jeff Melanson said in a statement Lisitsa has been replaced due to “ongoing accusations of deeply offensive language by Ukrainian media outlets.”
“As one of Canada’s most important cultural institutions, our priority must remain on being a stage for the world’s great works of music, and not for opinions that some believe to be deeply offensive,” he said.
One of Canada's most important cultural institutions? Promoting the war culture?
 She added that the TSO will pay her not to perform because she exercised her right to free speech.
 In Canada, there is  no 'free speech' there is only state sanctioned speech.

One last thought- It was the Toronto Symphony that politicized this issue- I would have never known about this incident had the Toronto Symphony not bent to the political will of the state and/or certain influential benefactors.

Ukrainian Neo Nazis

BBC on the Ukie Neo Nazis:

And of course the Jewish Oligarch, paymaster of the Neo Nazi battallions

Kolomoisky and his t shirt: Ukrainian Trident resembling the Jewish Menorah in the red-black colors of the Bandera flag.

Toronto Symphony. Pathetic.


  1. Well she looks dangerous to me and because she can think on her own she's dangerous to the overlords. I hope she can move on to some that are interested in her music.

    Yep the new way to keep people in line, fire them and scare the others.

    1. I changed the title to Je Suis Valentina- because you know after Charlie Hebdo the so called freedom loving nations inc. Canada got their pencils out for freedom and marched in solidarity for freedom of speech
      LOL so pathetic- I can't even believe it!


      Mulcair- phony NDP

      "Mulcair said it was important for him to come to Ottawa's National Press Theatre to "show solidarity with journalists and all those who defend freedom of speech around the world."

      PM Harper

      '“Canada and its allies will not be intimidated and will continue to stand firmly together against terrorists who would threaten the peace, freedom and democracy our countries so dearly value. Canadians stand with France on this dark day.”

      All of our so called leaders are as phony as 3 dollar bills
      hahahahahaha- The Toronto Symphony surely threatens freedom and democracy and the right of others to speak about their concerns in their own homeland..

    2. and yes jo, that is the new way to threaten people
      economic terrorism against individuals

  2. So glad I moved away from my home province, Ontario (born and raised in Sudbury) before the Neocon Ziofascist Globalist cabal took it over.


    1. Hey gc

      a place to live a place to grow?
      Born and still live in Ontario myself-
      Though in the former balmy climes of the southern area-
      Not so balmy since the Arctic inhabiting snowy owl moved in

    2. Sudbury, been there, if i remember it is a mining town, also went to Iron Bridge, nice little town, more like a one horse town but i've always loved them, say more of the real Canada than the commercial.

      A known Anon to Penny (ziad site)

    3. Hi anon from Ziads place :)

  3. Complete, utter bullocks.

    First of all; it wasn't the state that banned her performance. It was the Toronto Orchestra, and they have every right to do so.

    Secondly; when you post distasteful and prejudice crap like this (http://i.imgur.com/iKZlVMr.png) then don't expect a venue with a reputation to uphold to host you.

    1. Mean Mister MustardApril 8, 2015 at 5:12 AM

      LOL, is that the best you've got Nathan, and you had to dredge back to November for that meager morsel?

      Isn't it just so typical of Jewish liberals to feign righteous indignation on behalf of some supposedly disadvantaged group as a cover for their own tribal agenda.

      Nathan, can you provide some links to the howls of protest from those with genuine links to Down's Syndrome sufferers who were so deeply offended by that tweet back in November?

    2. MMM- Nathan hasn't anything good to give what so ever!

      His comment about the state is a diversion- Charlie Hebdo had nothing to do with the 'state' and our leaders fell all over themselves to proclaim their undying support of free speech- sick joke
      Yet fail massively when it's stymied in Canada

      His tweet mention is pure strawman- The TO symphony mentioned nothing of the sort- so it had nothing to do with whatever strawman Nathans wants to tear down

      If the Symphony didn't want her to play, it should have only, and I mean ONLY been about her musical ability- The TO Symphony made it political, themselves!

      Likely because they kow towed to certain benefactors in Toronto-
      FYI- Toronto has a large tribal community of Judaism's followers
      Certainly they are aware of Mr Kolomoisky's funding of the neo nazi in Ukraine, and would rather scapegoat Valentina expressing legitimate concerns then shine a light on the corruption of one of the tribe

  4. Nazis?

    http://www.politnavigator.net/evrejjskie-organizacii-ukrainy-rossiya-dolzhna-raspastsya.html (Jewish organizations in Ukraine: Russia should break up)

    And who was president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine? I think you guessed already. Zhidobandera!

    "Is this man the most powerful Jew in the world?
    Igor Kolomoisky became one of the most prominent figures during this year's Ukraine unrest, unafraid to poke the Russian bear – and especially President Vladimir Putin – with a big stick.
    By Anshel Pfeffer | Oct. 18, 2014 | in http://www.haaretz.com/news/features/.premium-1.620845

    1. Hey WizOz that article was linked here by me in October of last year-
      I'm familiar with it "the most powerful jew in the world"

    2. Sorry I missed it. In October I was sitting for some extended time on planes (I was doing some exercises, nevertheless).
      Anyhow it does no harm. Repetitio est mater studiorum.
      I was actually drawing attention on the link and linking it to the past.

    3. No worries WizOz :)
      I just wanted you to know I had seen that juicy bit of news.
      There is some stuff I miss, but, that one caught my eye right away
      I saved the entire article too

      lol- glad you were doing some exercise too- planes? cramped.
      some people wear compression socks when flying to prevent those
      or at least I've read that!

    4. @some people wear compression socks when flying

      Well, I do and I recommend it strongly.

  5. Only in Harpers Canada? Such a Pity!

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    1. Hi Steve
      left you a comment at your place- thanks for the input!