Monday, April 27, 2015

Patrick Wood- Technocracy Rising

 H/T Henrik and Red Ice Radio

 A very worthwhile listen! Take the time, please.

Patrick Wood is an author and lecturer who has studied elite globalization policies since the late 1970's, when he partnered with the late Antony C. Sutton to coauthor Trilaterals Over Washington. Patrick is with us to introduce his latest book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation. This follow-up to his works on the Trilateral Commission details how the organization quietly adopted a modified version of historic technocracy to craft a movement it called a “New International Economic Order.” Patrick outlines where the technocracy movement took root, and how this ideology ended up producing programs such as Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Green Economy and Smart Growth. He defines the technocratic economic system that was born during the 1930’s Great Depression, designed to replace capitalism’s price based system with an energy based system and currency. We discuss the philosophy at the heart of technocracy, envisaging how this “rule by experts” becomes problematic when a few select people take over a movement and manipulate it for their best interests. 

If you are interested in a more extensive interview?

Caravan to Midnight

Skip the 13 minute intro and you're there!- I'm listening now..........

An example of the technocracy in planning-

"GM Canada is hiring an additional 100 software and controls engineers for its Canadian Engineering Centre in Oshawa, Ont., which will have a new focus on the "connected car" and green technologies"
Connected = Controlled
  "Plans to make the centre an innovation hub for the "connected car," including wireless systems that will help drivers navigate, avoid traffic jams and improve gas mileage as well as provide entertainment options"

This 'connected' car will clearly be the non human driver car, or there would not be entertainment options. When technology no longer serves my interest. I'm no longer interested in the technology.

So, there it is, unless you as a human are ok, with kettling & herding along with the inevitable human factory farming..... it's time to take a stand. Or be rolled right on over.

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