Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Putin’s Mideast Gains Trump $ Loss From Iran Agreement


An interesting piece, but, as of yet I'm not convinced of the reality of the P5+ 1 agreement
Benefits to Russia may be just one reason for this agreement to fail.
-The U.S. and five other global powers, including Russia, aim to complete negotiations with Iran by the end of June
- The price (of oil) could tumble another $15 a barrel once sanctions on Iran are lifted after a final nuclear deal, the Energy Information Administration said on April 7.
- Oil at $40 a barrel could shave almost 2 percent from Russian gross domestic product, according to estimates by the Russian central bank last month before the Iran framework was announced
But, the lower oil price would be offset by other benefits

-  Lower oil prices could be offset by Increased opportunities in a sanctions-free Iran, according to Radzhab Sattarov, head of the Iran committee at the Moscow Trade and Industry Chamber.
-Gazprom, its oil arm, OAO Gazprom Neft, and OAO Lukoil have had projects in Iran interrupted by sanctions, and Rosatom is seeking further contracts at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran.
-Russian-Iranian cooperation on oil shouldn’t be underestimated, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday, according to the Interfax news service. Russia is already supplying goods to Iran in exchange for oil, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.
-“For Russia, it is more beneficial if Iran becomes a normal country you can have regular business with,” said Fyodor Lukyanov, head of the Moscow-based Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. “There will be more competition but still Russia will have more advantages compared to American companies in doing business with Iran as the U.S. will remain the symbol of everything they hate.”
 The political benefits may not only be in the Middle East.
-Iran could join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a group that includes Russia, China and Central Asian states, thereby boosting Russian ability to influence Iran’s policies in Central Asia and Afghanistan, Kozhanov said.
-“In Russia’s strategic thinking, Iran’s role is increasing,” Kayhan Barzegar, director of the Tehran-based Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies, said in a phone interview. “Russia and Putin have come to the conclusion that relations with Iran must increase.”
 So, will the P5 + 1 therefore fail?


  1. Its clear the world is already at war. Russia, China and Iran vs US, Isreal, and Saudi Arabia, and the masters of the Universe are threatened by a crack in the space time continum that has the potential to shatter the reality dysfuntion bubble.

    1. Hi Steve
      Yes, the world is at war.
      But keep an eye on Saudi Arabia, it looks as if it's going to get the double cross- sooner rather then later
      See comment in previous post- Israel has expansionism on it's mind

      Saudi Arabia has complied for sooo long with the british/us banking/war/oil empire- and is compromised so badly
      Like one crazy dysfunctional clan

  2. When the fantasy of Penny comes true "the dissolution of the west" Britsih Banking the USA Europe NATO Israel etc, what will the Penny asshole do? This Penny dreadful is a colonialist sponge.
    A liar and self deluded grotty lump. The Penny has not dropped yet. The slag will have to blow Iranian cock and serve Islamic assholes with her tongue. Hubby will be decapitated.

  3. I laughed my head off today when CBC said while Putin is persona non grata in the West he has 89% approval rating in Russia...


    We have been at war for a while. I think it is good Saudi Arabia is doing what they are, same as Israel - so many more people see that and scratch their sleepy heads. All the lies are being laid bare for all to see - ISIS and the whole Lybia debacle, the current shitstorm in Yemen... all of it. People do see it.

    I think all hell is about to break loose and I don't think Israel will be sitting as pretty as she thinks she will. I think many are sick to the teeth of her BS - same with the Saudis - and all this fiasco going on in Syria, Yemen, Iraq etc etc really exposes who the real bastards are.

    They had the rope and hung themselves. Looks good... keep going.


    1. Hey buffy,
      I have been on the CBC and getting censored heavily
      It's brutal over there- Meanwhile all the ad hominem trolls get to go to town and that shit hole- seriously.
      You can rail against the useless political parties but cut to the heart of any matter and you are shut down- meanwhile others get away with total abuse of the rules-
      I left a comment, actually multiple comments suggesting a class actions suit should be taken against that place for impeding our right to discourse- since we pay so generously for that place
      As someone said there- it's our house, cause we pay for it
      CBC - Censoring Because they Can

    2. "I think all hell is about to break loose and I don't think Israel will be sitting as pretty as she thinks she will"

      Israel carrying on fiercely about the s-300's going to Iran