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Sales of US (and British) Arms FUEL the Arab State Wars

First a bit of a rant:

As has been said previously, if not ISIS, the western warmongering nations will simply create/conjure some other 'terror' group/enemy to justify the very actions they themselves have already planned for.

 One very strong motivation to create the conditions for near endless war is of course, the generation of profits for the military, industrial, oil, banking complex.

That obvious, goes without needing to be said, FACT, is made abundantly clear in the article below:

Sales of US arms fuels the wars of Arab states via CNBC
It's quite clear conditions are being created for a vastly larger conflict

Of course, I will highlight the interesting bits. 

 To wage war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is using F-15 fighter jets bought from Boeing. Pilots from the United Arab Emirates are flying Lockheed Martin's F-16 to bomb both Yemen and Syria. Soon, the Emirates are expected to complete a deal with General Atomics for a fleet of Predator drones to run spying missions in their neighborhood.
As the Middle East descends into proxy wars, sectarian conflicts and battles against terrorist networks, countries in the region that have stockpiled American military hardware are now actually using it and wanting more. The result is a boom for American defense contractors looking for foreign business
 Last week, defense industry officials told Congress that they were expecting within days a request from Arab allies fighting the Islamic State — Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt — to buy thousands of American-made missiles, bombs and other weapons, replenishing an arsenal that has been depleted over the past year.
 The United States has long put restrictions on the types of weapons that American defense firms can sell to Arab nations, meant to ensure that Israel keeps a military advantage against its traditional adversaries in the region. But because Israel and the Arab states are now in a de facto alliance against Iran, the Obama administration has been far more willing to allow the sale of advanced weapons in the Persian Gulf, with few public objections from Israel.

Israel and the Arab state in a de facto alliance against Iran- The GCC nations and Israel have long been in a defacto alliance!
 "When you look at it, Israel's strategic calculation is a simple one," said Anthony H. Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The gulf countries "do not represent a meaningful threat" to Israel, he said. "They do represent a meaningful counterbalance to Iran."
The Gulf countries, like their NATO/Israeli/Sunni Kurd irregular fighters, are no threat to Israel.
They have been allied for a good long while now. All talk of Israel being surrounded by hostile neighbours, perpetually threatened and portrayed as 'victim', are total perception management claims to justify Israel's barbarity.
 The region's turmoil, and the determination of the wealthy Sunni nations to battle Shiite Iran for regional supremacy, will lead to a surge in new orders for the defense industry's latest, most high-tech hardware.
 Saudi Arabia spent more than $80 billion on weaponry last year — the most ever, and more than either France or Britain — and has become the world's fourth-largest defense market, according to figures released last week by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which tracks global military spending. The Emirates spent nearly $23 billion last year, more than three times what they spent in 2006.
Qatar, another gulf country with bulging coffers and a desire to assert its influence around the Middle East, is on a shopping spree. Last year, Qatar signed an $11 billion deal with the Pentagon to purchase Apache attack helicopters and Patriot and Javelin air-defense systems. Now the tiny nation is hoping to make a large purchase of Boeing F-15 fighters to replace its aging fleet of French Mirage jets. Qatari officials are expected to present the Obama administration with a wish list of advanced weapons before they come to Washington next month for meetings with other gulf nations.
 The money spent on mass destruction, redirected, could ensure that not one child on this planet ever went hungry- And we're supposed to believe the psycho elites we allow to lead us, really care?!
Come on people!
American defense firms are following the money. Boeing opened an office in Doha, Qatar, in 2011, and Lockheed Martin set up an office there this year. Lockheed created a division in 2013 devoted solely to foreign military sales, and the company's chief executive, Marillyn Hewson,(I always wonder if she is related to Mr Globalist:  Paul Hewson aka Bono?) has said that Lockheed needs to increase foreign business — with a goal of global arms sales' becoming 25 percent to 30 percent of its revenue
American intelligence agencies believe that the proxy wars in the Middle East could last for years, which will make countries in the region even more eager for the F-35 fighter jet, considered to be the jewel of America's future arsenal of weapons.
 But with the balance of power in the Middle East in flux, several defense analysts said that could change. Russia is a major arms supplier to Iran, and a decision by President Vladimir V. Putin to sell an advanced air defense system to Iran could increase demand for the F-35, which is likely to have the ability to penetrate Russian-made defenses.
 "This could be the precipitating event: the emerging Sunni-Shia civil war coupled with the sale of advanced Russian air defense systems to Iran," Mr. Aboulafia said. "If anything is going to result in F-35 clearance to the gulf states, this is the combination of events."
At the same time, giving the gulf states the ability to strike Iran at a time of their choosing might be the last thing the United States wants. There are already questions about how judicious Washington's allies are in using American weaponry.
"A good number of the American arms that have been used in Yemen by the Saudis have been used against civilian populations," said Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association, an assertion that Saudi Arabia denies.

If the US was even slightly concerned about massive civilian casualties, in any country, their arms makers would not be selling weapons. The US would not be refuelling the Saudi planes that drop the American made bombs. The US would not be supplying logistical assistance to aid the strikes with American made weapons, on civilians.

Video that accompanies the above article:


  1. @The Gulf countries, like their NATO/Israeli/Sunni Kurd irregular fighters, are no threat to Israel.

    Neither ISIS/ISIL/DAESH!

    Secret Documents: ISIL Planned Occupation of Syria Long Ago

    The German magazine “Der Spiegel” revealed that the religious fanaticism, which ISIL presents as its ideology, is not the group’s central focus. Their main goal was to conquer Syria and this move was planned by ISIL members long ago.
    The papers revealed a number of highly complex intelligence methods, based on widespread espionage, surveillance and murder... Hundreds of pages contain records of planned espionage operations, intelligence activities and methods to maintain their grip on the occupied areas.It does not require too wide a stretch of the imagination to guess who provided complex intelligence, planned complex espionage operations.

    Now, that the plan has a wider scope:

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The risk of militants from the Islamic State (IS), al-Qaeda and Taliban merging into one group in Afghanistan is still in place and poses a serious threat to Russian national security, Alexei Arbatov, head of the Center for International Security of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said Saturday....
    According to the political scientist, the United States failed to fulfill its mandate in Afghanistan because US and NATO aggression in Iraq undermined the possibility to promptly stabilize the situation in the region."

    It become understandable why the failure. It is the Great Game all over again.

    BTW, you would excuse me if I indulge in another of my extravaganzas. The Mr. Aboulafia that you quote is Richard L. Aboulafia "Vice President of Analysis at Teal Group.
    The surprise (if any) is that he is a descendant of family of Sephardic Jews from Spain, the Aboulafias (which means "Owner [of] the Power"). Among prominent Abulafias in Spain were the kabbalists Todros and Abraham Abulafia, the powerful Toledo rabbi Meir Abulafia, the poet Todros Abulafia and the royal treasurer Don Samuel Abulafia, for whom the Transito synagogue was built in Toledo; it remains one of the city's most beautiful monuments... The Abulafias, as with most other Sephardi expellees, settled mostly in the European portions of the [Ottoman]Empire, ....Today, Abulafia is a well known Sephardic surname in Israel, and it is also present in France, the United States, Australia and Latin America... in Tiberias, the synagogue of Haim Abulafia is still the principal Sephardic synagogue, and the rabbi's tomb is a place of pilgrimage. Haim Nissim Abulafia was chief rabbi in Jerusalem in the nineteenth century and had close dealings with Moses Montefiore. Palestine was also under Ottoman rule at that time. It has been claimed that some of the Abulafias who settled in the Land of Israel would later convert, adopt Arabic as their primary language and assume Arab ethnic identities, today identifying as Palestinians and Arab Israelis. Other Abulafias were closely involved in the foundation of Tel Aviv at the start of the twentieth century." (Wikipedia)
    Louis Abolafia (February 23, 1941 – October 30th 1995 was an artist, social activist, and folk figure. His candidacy for President of the United States under the Nudist Party on the Hippie 'Love Ticket' various times in the 1960s and onward was a form of political theater or performance art.
    The son of a New York City florist, Abolafia may have coined the phrase, "Make love, not war!", and was part of the Greenwich Village art scene in the 1960s. He became a sort of hippie poster-boy.
    Abolafia inspired the creation of the Exotic Erotic Ball in 1979 in San Francisco, which was held annually for more than three decades until it was canceled in 2010.
    Abolafia was a "descendent of the Abolafias—writers of the Kabbala"
    He died of a drug overdose in 1995.

  2. After Saudi says it is pumping at record highs into April, terror wanrings around Aramco (which recalls the "Iranian" hack of Aramco few years ago (which recall prompted Saudi to warn on US, German and Israeli software)

    Saudi Ministry Alerts Aramco to Possible Terrorist Attacks

    Saudi chemical weapons claims..

  3. thanks for the comments- sorry for my tardiness :)