Friday, April 17, 2015

Serbian President’s Plane takes Harrowing Plunge- US concerns about Serbian/Russian Cooperation?

Serbian President’s Plane take Harrowing Plunge-

Happenstance? Or something more sinister?

An engine on an aging (perception management?) Serbian government plane carrying the president failed on Friday, sending the aircraft into a horrifying 60-second plunge over the Adriatic Sea, according to Serbian officials and news reports.

The plane, bound for Rome, safely returned to Belgrade, the Serbian capital, after the pilot managed to steady it

The aircraft, a Dassault Falcon 50, was carrying 10 people, including the president and four political advisers, and it took off from the Belgrade airport at 9 a.m. local time, Mr. Fatic said in a telephone interview. About an hour after takeoff, at an altitude of about 33,000 feet, one of the three engines on the plane stopped working, he said. During the next minute, the plane dropped over a mile.
Stanislava Pak Stankovic, another presidential adviser on board, seemed astonished to have survived the plunge. “Believe me, at one point we were literally dropping like a rock,” she told the newspaper. “We will be celebrating this day as our second birthday.”
Both said a disaster had been averted thanks to the pilot’s “great professionalism” and “exceptional skill.”
The French-built Falcon has experienced five serious malfunctions in recent years (How many recent years? Sufficiently vague reporting, of course)  Mr. Fatic said. He denied that any of the problems were the result of negligent maintenance.
Might the US and company have some concerns when it comes to Serbia?
Plane crashes are becoming more frequent and are often associated with assassination attempts
I'm just saying.....

Let’s read a few news reports that may have caused the US/NATO war machine some consternation!

US Vice President Joe Biden sped up the process of issuing an invitation to Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to come to Washington, after the decision by the Serbian government to take part in the May 9 Victory Day commemoration in Moscow, which this year will mark 70 years since the surrender of Nazi Germany at the end of World War Two.
Sources in western diplomatic circles told that the timescale of Vucic's visit to Washington, which was already slated for the coming year, was pushed forward due to US fears about Serbia's close ties and continued cooperation with Russia. 
According to the paper, the call is a reflection of a recent statement from US Secretary of State John Kerry that Serbia is "in the line of fire" between the West and Russia.  
According to the source, the catalyst for Biden's hasty invitation to Washington is the decision by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic to accept Russia's invitation to attend the May 9 celebrations and the president's April 6 announcement that members of the Serbian armed forces would also take part in the parade on Red Square
"Cooperation with Russia could “intensify” when a Serbian parliamentary delegation visits St. Petersburg for talks that will touch on the Russian-led alliance, said Milovan Drecun, a lawmaker of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party"
Interesting. Timely. Curious.
So, one last thought:

It's Friday evening! 
Had the pilot not been as capable as he clearly was & if the Serbian President had perished in the crash, how might the Western news cycle presented this incident, over this entire weekend?


It's being reported that Serbia has threatened to arrest or minimally detain the KLA terrorist- Linked back to Afghanistan & western backed Mujahadeen- Think Carter and Brzezinski, here!- 
Human trafficker. Organ Trafficker. Presides over the NATO terror state known as Kosovo...   

Hashim Thaci-
Relevant flashbacks :
Of course, out of the ashes of that conflict arose the Narco/ Child prostitute/ Organ trafficking state of Kosovo. The new country the US just couldn't wait to "recognize"
 Just days after Kosovo's first independent election since splitting from Serbia in 2008, the country's newly elected prime minister is being accused of heading a "'mafia-like' group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe." The Guardian has obtained an organized crime report from the Council of Europe which provides incriminating evidence that Hashim Thaci and his criminal group have been involved in the murder and selling the kidneys of several Serbs and have had powerful control over the heroin trade as well as the government for at least the past ten years, since the period leading up to the Kosovo war.
Oh what a tangled web we weave.......

From earlier today:

ISIS: Online Campaigns/Slick Productions and Western Connections!


  1. Hi Penny:

    Thanks for the heads up on this wannabe Friday media caper. Yes, we can just imagine what the media would have done had the assassination attempt been successful. What's with the US that they need to control who is going to a gathering that they, themselves, are boycotting. And what does this portend for the 2018 World Soccer Championship that will be held in Moscow?

    1. checked the news this am regarding this near catastrophic accident and it's MIA, completely.

  2. I don't know the plane and wonder if it was a fly by wire type?

    1. Hi jo
      the plane is of French manufacture and from my reading seems to be a good plane, holds it's value etc
      been in business for a long while

      I hadn't heard of it but my hubby knew the name

      Nothing flies like a Falcon. Nothing looks like a Falcon. And nothing retains its value like a Falcon in such a competitive market.

      Home site

    2. Yes they are great planes and was pressed for time earlier. They are fly-by-wire and there has been some talk about they aren't protected enough from outside influence.

    3. The Falcon-50 is NOT the Falcon-7X, the -50 is much older and has no FBW.

      This wiki page shows the Serbian plane in '84
      so, yes it is quite old, but that needn't be a problem. Apart from one plane that was shot down and another that was blocked on the runway by a snow-plow they have a good record.

      It seems odd that the loss of 1 engine out of 3 would have caused such a rapid descent. Perhaps the pilots over-reacted and followed some emergency procedure that called for an emergency descent?


      Thanks for the info Anon at 12:35

  3. I'm going to update the post with one more news item that may have raised the ire of the US/Israel/NATO nutters-- wrt Serbia

  4. Ok, the update is there- It seems Serbia had threatened to arrest Hashim Thaci
    He has been involved with NATO/Israel since Afghanistan-
    It would seem that Serbia has indeed caused much consternation in the recent weeks-

  5. Interesting. There is a drug connection / organ trafficking connection with Ukraine and the Nemtsov murder. A Lugnask militia leader was trying to clean up drug running through LNR to Ukraaine and was executed by unknown assailants.

  6. Google Albania Serbia soccer game. Then the alleged coup in Macedonia. Then the croatian president calling on the Serbs to back russia sanctions or.. Serbia has said unequivocally it is not a nato country. But with the alleged Russian Greece billion dollar "advance" it would appear that Putin shows he is playing the "long" pipeline game. Curious to watch the wall Streeter get in a dither over an amount of money amounting to a fraction of the daily open market operations whilst ignoring the obvious elephant on the chessboard.

    It would appear that czech is heading down a similar path

  7. Now they are saying that the plane's descent was caused by the co-pilot spilling coffee on the control panel and when he wiped it off he flipped (on or off) some switch.

    There's also news that 4 Macedonian border police were attacked and tied up by 40 Kosovo Albanians. The stole their weapons and other equipment, threatened them, filmed them, etc.

    Also, Albanians have been acting up and committing violence abroad. One example: Boy (Albanian Petri Kurti) aged THIRTEEN becomes one of UK's youngest murderers as he is jailed for killing woman, 47, after stamping on her face so hard it left a footprint on her cheek