Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ships awaiting rescue in the Thick Ice of Lake Superior, Finally On The Move

No, this is not the Arctic. This is the ice of Lake Superior.

So, the Great Lakes-NOAA

There they are. The land between Erie and Ontario is the place I call home.
And Erie in particular is full of ice, still. (I'll update you all)
When I tell readers I am further south then many American States in the north, I’m not kidding.

But today, we are talking about Lake Superior

From the Janesville Gazette- today

Ships are moving again after U.S. and Canadian crews worked to clear the way through ice on eastern Lake Superior.

Windsor Square

Vessels carrying commodities to and from ports throughout the Great Lakes wait on eastern Lake Superior while U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard ice breakers create tracks for the vessels to continue transiting April 7, 2015.

Last year, 2013/2014 which was also a very frigid, icy, long winter cost jobs & revenue in the shipping industry- Detroit News

The brutal winter of 2013-14 cost the economy more than $700 million and nearly 4,000 jobs, according to the Lake Carriers’ Association.

The winter of 2014/205 is shaping up to be as difficult for the area with, as mentioned a delayed Welland Canal Opening.  And all those freighters trapped in ice. One freighter was damaged.

Eighteen freighters stuck- One damaged by Ice

One ship, the Kaye E. Barker, tried to make some headway but the ice put a hole in her side, meaning she had to dock in Waiska Bay and transfer her cargo to another ship.
Stuck in the middle with you: Freighters trapped in ice are shown in this photo on Tuesday near Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior northwest of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley is shown in this aerial photo near Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior. The icebreaker was participating in an effort to free eight freighters from heavy ice

The ice breakers on the scene include the US Coast Guard cutter Alder – the largest US icebreaker, according to the Tribune.

The ships desperately need a path cut through the lake by Canadian and US ice breakers, which have themselves been hampered by the extreme weather conditions

My brother caught sight of the Canadian ice breaker going through the Welland Canal on the opening day- Most likely the same icebreaker pictured above. Crazy cold and ice, still lingering as we continue on with colder then normal temperatures thanks to all that ice

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