Thursday, April 2, 2015

Yemen: Foreign Troops at Aden? Snipers! AQ Jailbreak redux. Location! UPDATED!

Yemen- A round up of news items


Very early and unverified reports of foreign troops landing in Aden

 Unconfirmed reports have emerged of foreign troops landing in the Yemeni port city of Aden. It is not clear what nationality they are.
 Looks like they could be affilliated with the Saudi/US/Israeli coalition 
Dozens of unidentified troops landed by sea in Aden in an apparent last-ditch effort by a Saudi-led coalition to shore up a foothold in the southern Yemeni port city
Dozens of troops disembarked at a port in Aden on Thursday, hours after Houthi fighters advanced into the heart of the southern Yemeni city, witnesses and port officials said.
Based on the info at hand it appears the NATO coalition landed some troops at Aden. I do wonder if they are Americans? Or Israelis?

The foreign troops certainly look to be a response to Houthi fighters reaching central Aden yesterday
Houthi rebels and allies backed by tanks pushed on Wednesday into central Aden

 One witness saw the bodies of eight Houthi fighters and three pro-Hadi militiamen lying on the streets of Khor Maksar amid sporadic gunfire, as well as snipers mounting positions atop homes.
Snipers targeting Houthi fighters?!?! Snipers?  There are some very familiar scenarios playing out in Yemen, right now. Not limited to just snipers. Certainly, not. How about Al Qaeda jail breaks, doesn't that sound very, very familiar? Does that 'ring a bell'?

Hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters freed from Yemeni Jail

Boy, oh boy, this is a familiar scenario! This exact scenario played out in Iraq. Libya. Syria. When the NATO nations needed more irregular fighters to shore up their fight.. AQ/ISIS, whichever brand name,  manages a jail break
Today we have reports of 300 AQ fighters freed by their cohorts- maybe Americans, maybe Israeli cohorts- I don't know? What is known is there are at least 300 additional fighters to take on the Houthis And that, my friends, serves Western allied/Nato/ GCC/ Israeli interests

Al Qaeda militants attacked a prison in the southeastern Yemeni city of Al Mukalla on Thursday, taking advantage of the deepening chaos in the country to free around 300 inmates, including one of their top leaders. At least two guards and five inmates were killed in clashes, a security official said.
The powerful al-Qaeda affiliate  (Whose affiliate?) in Yemen stormed a southern port city and freed hundreds of prisoners as it took advantage of mounting turmoil in the country. The New York Times reports that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) launched an offensive early Thursday against the city of al-Mukalla, targeting the security headquarters, government buildings and the central prison. Witnesses reported seeing hundreds of inmates fleeing, according to the Times.
Al Mukalla is a main sea port and the capital city of the Hadhramaut coastal region in Yemen in the southern part of Arabia on the Gulf of Aden close to the Arabian Sea
Location, location, location
Apparently the GCC coalition bombed the Russian Consulate

"There is not a single whole window left," the source said, adding that there is a possibility that the Russian consulate in Aden might be closed and all Russian citizens might be evacuated from the city, Sputnik News reported.
Saudi-led airstrikes against Yemen have damaged the consulate general of Russia in Aden, an embassy source said.
Previously Saudi warplanes  had prevented Russian passenger planes from landing in Yemen to discharge Moscow's citizens from the Arab country. It's been reported that one plane has gotten through after cooling it's heels in Egypt. A second is reported to be on the way to evacuate more Russians

Earlier in the day, the source said that the first Russian aircraft had boarded 167 individuals for evacuation from the crisis-hit country.
“The plane has landed at the Sanaa International Airport and boarding is underway, there are 167 [passengers],” the airport source said.
The first plane flew to Houthi-controlled Sanaa from the Egyptian capital of Cairo once it was granted permission to fly to the Yemeni capital

Dozens dead as airstrikes target local Dairy

Yes the dairy  was bombed by airstrike despite the media obfuscation
That fact is made very clear in the paragraph I will highlight!
The cause of the explosion could not immediately be confirmed, meaning it is unclear if an airstrike from a coalition led by Saudi Arabia who are trying to defeat Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen were responsible for the blast, or if it was caused by rebel forces.
In the paragraph below comes the admission the dairy hit was via airstrike:

“Airstrikes from coalition forces, which are fighting to keep Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi from being overthrown by the rebels, hit other targets on Wednesday as well.”
Airstrikes hit other targets as well on Wednesday- Therefore, besides the dairy, other targets were struck! Obviously the dairy was targeted by Saudi airstrikes aided no doubt by US intel

One last item: There were reports that the US was actively participating in striking Yemen.
Early reports had them simply providing logistical support, but, there was one news item I had seen yesterday that the US was actually bombing- So, there it all is!


Yemen's Shiite rebels capture presidential palace in Aden

Yemeni security officials say Shiite rebels and their allies have captured the presidential palace in Aden following heavy clashes in the commercial center of this southern coastal city.
Thursday's capture came despite week-long airstrikes in Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition trying to halt the advance of the rebels known as Houthis.

Very early reporting on this news!


  1. I've also read that the Chinese put troops there to help evacuate their citizens. The house of saud has done one great thing for Yemen in the fact that the tribal leaders are now against saud and not one another.

    1. I did see some reporting to that affect also jo
      worth keeping an eye on

  2. hi penny, be careful lots of disinformation. follow @HussainBukhaiti on twitter for the most reliable information concerning Yemen.

    1. thanks hans for the warning, I do try to be careful, always.

      Was there anything contained within the post you thought might be off?
      I used multiple resources etc., and tried to verify, so give me a heads up if anything seems off

  3. On Australian CMM TV it has been reported that US Navy ships have fired on Houthi positions on the Red Sea coast -- an extremely stupid move, as it means the Houthi land forces may well regard any passing shipping as a potential threat, fire on it, and bring this vital shipping lane to a close, with catastrophic results for trade and oil supplies.
    This is the very reason why the Saudis kept their thumb on Yemen in the first place -- their strategic overlook of the sea lanes. Now, the US Navy is causing the war to become one that will affect the whole world.
    More self-licking ice cream cones, Pentagon?