Monday, May 25, 2015

Big Oil: Bring on the Carbon Tax- Poseurs Pembina & Desmog blog

 Saw this coming a mile away. All the talk of ‘big oil’ being against carbon taxes from the likes of Greenpeace and other environmental pretenders- Big Oil, Big Banks & Wall street walk hand in hand, side by side. As for Greenpeace, keeping you believing, keeps them in the 'green' money! Simple as that! They provide a business service that you believe in- you support it and the business of Greenpeace, keeps on going. It's that straightforward.

Initially I too believed the AGW hype but then I became aware of facts, not spin, that enabled me to see past the lies & bullshit.

So Big Oil: Bring on the Carbon Tax
“"We think climate change is happening," Williams, Suncor's chief executive, told reporters. "We think a broad-based carbon price is the right answer."
Of course climate change is happening. It’s always happened and always will happen
BUT AGW is not happening. Not in the way it’s been sold to justify this tax grab, impoverishment and total control via carbon. When AGW didn't pan out as sold, then the rebrand 'climate change' took it's place. But what is climate change really, but something that occurs, has always occurred and will continue to occur- with or without us.

In backing the idea of a carbon tax, Suncor's Williams repeatedly noted that since 80 per cent of emissions come at the point of combustion, any strategy trying to take on climate change must include end users people turning ignition switches and flipping on lights at home.

Suncor is pushing the greatly expanded carbon tax onto the back of the little people- you and I. The always intended mark (target) of the banks, wall street and government.
It's a message that puts the oilsands giant on the same page as green groups such as the Pembina Institute.

BTW: Pembina has been receiving money from agenda pushing governments, Rockefeller foundation money etc., globally-

Alberta: Funding both sides of the illusory debate
“This is now two departments in the Government of Alberta that we have found shovelling money to anti-pipeline political activists,” said CTF Alberta Director Derek Fildebrandt. “It’s absolutely ludicrous for the government to be out fighting tooth and nail for the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipeline, and than to be giving questionable contracts and grants to the very people who are opposing these pipelines.

US Foundation Money funding Pembina
“ For example, the Rockefeller Brothers paid US$425,000 (2001-2003) to the David Suzuki Foundation to “organize” First Nations on the north coast of B.C. In 2004, the fund also made a small grant to the Suzuki Foundation “to campaign to support a moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration” on the B.C. coast.
Rockefeller (oil and banking)  money funneled through David Suzuki , manipulating First Nations people

Pembina: Environmental Faker- Playing offense and defense- which is oxymoronic!
Or is just plain moronic!

Anti-oil sands think-tank being funded by U.K.

Pembina and that other faker ‘DeSmog blog’ walk hand in hand?
A couple of examples: Here or Here
I have a way back post on the sham  that is “DeSmog blog”- Dirt I dug up myself

From Al Gore's Investment Management to DeSmogBlog :Helping to make bankers richer and you and I poorer, in every way, every day.

Finally: Stephen Harper was NEVER opposed to carbon taxes or carbon markets. Never. Ever

August 30/2010 and yes that's nearly 5 years ago...Canada can forge ahead with green house gas emmissions trading, without the US
 The carbon/cap and trade market has, for now, been stalled in the US.
How to circumvent that problem?
Might one way be to have Canada start their Carbon market up?
Rather then Canada following suit as usual, Canada will set the tone and the US will just have to 'sing along". In NAFTA Harmonization, of course!
Of course PM Harper led then as he does now!

Stephen Harper says Alberta's carbon pricing could 'go broader'
In a 2014 interview with CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge, the prime minister has indicated for the first time a willingness to accept a price on greenhouse gas emissions.

Speaking favourably about the merits of Alberta's carbon-pricing system, Harper said it's a model that could be implemented on a "broader" scale.
Same as the guy from Suncor is saying in 2015. Harper spoke in 2014 of implementing carbon taxes on a broader scale
"It's not a levy, it's a price. And there's a tech fund in which… [the] private sector makes investments.
"So look, that's what Alberta has done. That's a model that's available. But you know, as I say, we're very open to see progress on this on a continental basis."
Stephen Harper has been pro banker, oil, wall street, wealth extraction, pick pocketing all along
Cause I have other posts here on that too!


  1. I'll be back with more later, hopefully!

  2. Good post Penny... David Suzuki is an utter Whore. Disgusting. Oddly, was shopping the other day and (like you) I chat with strangers - well ran into two in less than ten minutes who both hated Suzuki as I do!! to me this signals 'hope' for our land.

    Carbon is the next bubble and a really great one since everything on this planet depends on carbon in one way or another... cha ching $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Well, back to planting tomatoes for me! Penny I got some lovely heirlooms this year and have beets that date back 1000 years!! Tomatoes are my Italian Romas, Russian Purples, Black plums, Reisetomatoes, blondkopfchen, Zarnita, and hungarians (I think i likely forgot some lol)

    How is your garden doing sweetie?


    1. I despise Mr Suzuki, I can't even watch his mind control show 'the nature of things' I've no respect for the man whatsoever
      See he takes Rockefeller money for his NGO to organize protestors aka pay them off- pathetic
      And Pembina totally owned, same as Desmog scam blog

      as for the garden- the Russian purples sound very intriguing
      We have two rows in cold weather stuff- this week end we will do tomatoes
      We may still wait on the peppers though and eggplant, I want to get some brussel sprouts too

      Oh and cucumbers! -yummy- we have to get some of those- buy plants for those

    2. Hey Buffy, are you going to save seeds?
      If so, can you spare some for me?
      The beets sound particularly intriguing
      a question are beets biannual? we're thinking they are so it would be two years for seeds? let me know

  3. Of course - I will save a bunch for you! Yes beets are biennial, I never got the to seed because I ate them all :O I will def save some seeds, in fact I will email you and should be able to send some this year as I dont' think i will use all my seeds and we are still early enough for a couple more seedings.

    Ahh Penny, you know I would love to send you seeds! Will email a list of other things I have, some old squashes and herbs, some freaky peppers :)

    Finally we can start eh?

    Buffers (kinda burnt)