Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cold Weather is Much Deadlier Then Extreme Heat

One would never know that from all the AGW hype and computer models that simply haven't panned out- This information was come by the hard way- Real world data was gathered over a period of time. Considering how dam cold the past few years have been in most of the North American continent alongside many other areas of the globe this seems a timely article

Digression begins: It’s late May here and guess what? Other then a few warm days in a row, our temperatures have been mostly below normal for this time of year.  To date we’ve planted our cool weather plants, but, nothing that requires warmer temps. That would be tomatoes, peppers & eggplants. Worst of all the furnace has been on, intermittently and this Friday coming is going to be quite cold for this time of year.

*Ottawa area: Birds still delayed by cooler than normal weather
* Natural Gas Futures gain..."The weather may be cooler than normal in most of the lower 48 states through May 24, according to Commodity Weather Group LLC in Bethesda, Maryland"

 Digression over, let’s get back to deadly Cold Weather:

Heat waves get more attention, but cold weather claims more lives, according to a new study analyzing deaths in 13 countries
I simply can’t imagine why ‘heat’ gets more attention then cold? Really, I can’t ;)

“After examining more than 74 million deaths that occurred in 13 countries from 1985 to 2012, researchers calculated that 7.3% of them could be attributed to cold weather and 0.4% to hot weather.”

The researchers collected daily data on weather conditions, air pollution and deaths from 384 cities around the world. For each city, they calculated the temperature at which deaths were least likely to occur. All other days were compared to days with this “optimum” temperature.

In all countries, the optimum temperature was close to the upper end of all temperatures recorded there. In the United States, for instance, 84% of days were colder than the optimum temperature and 16% were warmer. At one end of the spectrum, 93% of days in Sweden were below the optimum temperature and 7% were above it. At the other end, Brazil had 60% of days below and 40% of days above its optimum temperature.

The 2.5% of days that were the very coldest in each location were considered extremely cold, and the 2.5% of days that were hottest were examples of extreme heat.

With the bulk of the days in all areas being below the ideal temperature, days rated cold but not extremely cold were blamed for the most deaths — 6.7% during the study period
From earlier today:

Kosher Seal of Approval for PM Stephen Harper?


  1. Another plank of the big agenda-

    How to end boom and bust: make cash illegal

    and more detail here-

  2. Yah, I did a post on the push against cash
    And am encouraging everyone to keep on using it! As I am doing
    I am not here to serve banks or have the state tyrannize me even more then they already are:
    I have another new item marked regarding Germany, whose economy is in much better shape then Canada & the US and they use cash quite a lot still
    Very high cash use
    I will put it up tomorrow
    again, thanks :)

  3. Penny here some fun from Scott over at Saker.

  4. Hiya Penny - I had my basil (genovase and thai) outside hardening off with my tomatoes - damn almost lost EVERYTHING!

    Even my Russian varieties of tomato, usually really cold tolerant were not happy plants. My grapes are just now beginning to flower and only about half of the vine is budding. It is really cold.

    I cannot recall when I have had to boost the warmth in my house this late into the year. Everyone I talk to feels the same. Nothing is in sync - I have some things blooming and other things late it is all mixed up. We barely broke 60 for most of today, starting off in the high 30s this am.

    Crazy shit honey


    1. Mmmmmm..... Basil and my two favourite kinds
      I haven't even dared to plant basil yet, no way.
      Too cold- told my sister over the week end- don't plant your stuff, they did and it's dead
      though we are past our usual frost date- haha
      I know what you mean about the furnace!
      This week it's been on intermittently- get up in the morning and it's just about freezing!

      Yah, we had a few of those hot days too- like four in a row
      then down to the chill where we have stayed

      tonight, possible frost again
      were still bringing our plants in at night- when other years they were in the garden

  5. After being surprised by two weeks of temperatures around 70ish and hot sun back in March (unusual) our weather here in southwest England turned colder again, making for a late spring.

    "Met Office figures up to May 17 revealed that the UK has had 74.1mm of rain - just over the full-month May average of 70mm. It has also been colder than average so far this month with a UK mean temperature of 9.2C, which is 1.2C below the full-month average."

    The Swifts were the best part of week late arriving here, turning up on the 13th of May.

    1. Hey John: March was chillin here
      no above normal temps- May so far we had a small run of above normal, but, back to well below normal
      so it's up and down, which is more usual for March, but, not May

      Not sure what those are John, could you leave more info so I can look that up?
      And when you say swifts- chimney swift pops straight into my head- mary poppins style- sorry :(

      but glad the summer birds are returning- I know here the swallows have finally made their return, but, not a lot of bugs to eat, due to the cold.
      Barely any mosquitos, which I won't complain about, but, I know the birds will

  6. Hi Penny.

    Here are the Swifts - maybe you don't get them where you are, I don't know:

    Apparently there is a species called chimney swifts :)

    My ears always prick up when I first hear them of a year, as they herald the summer proper to me, and then the end of summer when they go again in September. Beautiful birds. They scream around the sky here and when low down almost tumbling round the houses at speeds upwards of 60/70mph.

    It's warming up here now but it has been cold, slow and late.

    Really bad news about Dave McGowan. His life has changed suddenly. I wish him all the best with his treatment, it's a terrible thing.

    1. Thanks john, for the link

      and yes, it is bad news about Dave :(
      But, he has many people rooting for him!

      btw: we had frost this am as temps hovered at zero 0.02 C
      that's too cold for this time of year
      we were at the market this am and the farmer was saying everything was behind because of the cold
      I know it- sigh

    2. Hey john
      I see they are in my area, just barely, but I've never seen one myself.

      I shall keep my ears and eyes on alert for them. I may ask some of the local birders if they have every been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse

  7. It is cold where you are! It's about 18C or 65-70F here today, warmer than it has been.

    This is what Swifts sound like as they fly past - It's an unmistakable song. Yes, ask some of the local birdwatchers there, they'd know if they're around in your area. Good luck!

    1. Hi john, yes, it has been, but it looks as if we are headed for a warm stretch
      tomatoes in the garden this week end- for sure
      peppers and eggplant we will still hold off on
      and thanks for the video, I am off to hear the swift song!

    2. by the tomatoes in the garden I mean this weekend coming perhaps June 29 even, but, that is late by all our usual history with our 23 years of gardening here-