Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Macedonia and the "Lipstick Protestor" Yawn

Previously we had the 'umbrella' protests.. And other prop/ attention grabbers I've likely forgotten!
I'm bored.Seriously, this nonsense is getting tired. Old. Stale. Yawn.
Something eye catching that spreads like wildfire via anti social media-
I'm not impressed. This is a very typical manipulative psyop.

One thing that is clear the police in Macedonia were less animalistic then in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the G-20

Who can forget Officer Bubbles?
Threatening to arrest the bubble blowing protestor. And yes she was arrested.


No social media, twitter twaddle heads thought her arrest was over kill. None spread their NED, Freedom House bought & paid for messages. Nope, just silence. And media demonization in freedom loving Canada.........Running down those protestors!

Apparently Macedonia has more restrained police officers then so called democratic Canada?
Says much about Canada. And the vast majority of Canadians.
But, I've digressed let's get back to the 'lipstick protestor' and her staged photo shoot.
Bolstered by the bought and paid for 'human rights' promoters

Back to Macedonia and the "lipstick protestor"

On that first day of protests, a police cordon was guarding the main government building in downtown Skopje. As hundreds of people poured past, a Reuters photographer stood perched on a step next to the building for a better view of the crowd. Below him, a young woman approached the police cordon, and as the crowd of protesters shouted around her, she reapplied her red lipstick using one of the riot police officer's shields to view her reflection. As the photographer pointed his camera at her and snapped away, she left a bright red kiss print on the officer's shield.

Completely staged photo- The photographer prepositioned and the 'activist' approaches, but not protesting,  applies her lipstick, kissing the officers shield while the already in position photographer from Reuters snaps away...
Her name is Jasmina Golubovska and the image of her reapplying her lipstick in the midst of an anti-government protest has wrapped itself around the globe several times over, getting play on viral websites such as Daily Dot and BuzzFeed as well as major international news outlets. To some she is a “badass”, to others “an icon” of the protests in Macedonia.
But Golubovska was not just a random woman touching up her makeup on the front lines of civic resistance: she is a rights activist and a representative of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Macedonia.
In other words she is a bought and paid for 'activist'- Which is why this shot was set up to be taken the way it was.

I've seen the name Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in 'Wherever a Destabilization is Necessary'  This group comes up time and time again. They seem to be tied into the NATO stay behind organizational structure

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights

Freedom House: Nations in Transit- Macedonia 2014

Unrest in Macedonia Follows ‘Regime Change’ Scenarios Used Worldwide

 "There could hardly be any doubt that current destabilization of Macedonia could happen without the will and even support of the same western factors. Statements from various western capitals, participation of some western ambassadors at the opposition rallies in Skopje, slogans and western propaganda, in general, is more than revealing."

Did Victoria Nuland hand out sandwiches in Macedonia?


  1. Might be of interest:

    US-Russia Round Three: Macedonia-

    "Interesting article, i remember when Moldova had a failed 'revolution' the soros media picked out 2 very attractive protesters to be the 'face' of the revolution. Seems like they are trying something like this again in Macedonia. Pretty cheesy stuff to be honest.

    Its rather amusing to see who always turns up to these types of protests: wannabe communist students, hippies, feminists and for this case SDSM supporters and shiptars. And of course the Soros/West "journalists'"

    1. Ah, yes, the feminists- so appealing to those indoctrinated and enamored with identity politics Despicable lot. The divide to conquer aspect of that game flies right over their vacuous heads.
      Of course their gain comes from their eternal victim hood (reminds me so much of another group of eternal victims)
      This from a woman!
      Why I must be a self hating woman ;)
      all joking aside... This divisive form of political game playing has been on my mind, so when I saw this woman- a feminist, but, shallow and vapid, still applying her sexy red lipstick- I was like yeah, promoting the feminist.