Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Moldova: Jihadi Stop & 1 Billion Missing Dollars- Advancing destabilization

Moldova: Is neighbour to Ukraine

Moldova: Has a breakaway province issue

Transnistria declared it's independence in 1990

Moldova does not recognize this declaration.
Some interesting happenings:

1 Billion dollars just disappears from Moldova's banking system- 1 Billion dollars = 1/8 of the countries GDP- Just disappeared..............

Where do you suppose that billion dollars went?
KYIV, Ukraine — When thousands filled the streets of Moldova's capital on Sunday in the little country's largest protest in years, their complaint was pretty significant.

Late last year, about $1 billion disappeared in an apparent banking scandal that’s mystified Europe’s poorest country.

To put that sum into perspective, it’s an eighth of the country’s GDP. In United States terms, that portion of the economy would add up to more than $2 trillion.
I suspect that money made it's way to what appears to be an impending covert operation, perhaps into Odessa? Crimea?  Russia? Via Georgia and the Pankisi Gorge?

Why might I be suspicious of some sort of covert destabilization operation?

Well the news posted below certainly raised my eyebrow!

Syria-bound British family to be deported from Turkey to Moldova

 Asif Malik, his partner Sara and the four children - who are aged between less than 12 months and 7 years old - were detained in Ankara just over two weeks ago after British police appealed for information on their whereabouts.
Asif Malik- A face we may see in the near future?

"The family will be deported to Moldova of their own will," the Turkish official said, declining to be identified because of the sensitivity of the issue

We know they made it to Moldova- Because Moldova is  now 'detaining' them

 British family detained in Turkey- Now in Moldova

 A British family held in Turkey on suspicion of seeking to travel to a part of Syria under the control of Islamic State have now been detained in Moldova, the UK Foreign Office has said.
A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We can confirm the detention of a British family in Moldova.
“We are working closely with UK and Moldavian authorities to help ensure their wellbeing. We will not comment further on cases involving minors.”
An unnamed Turkish official had previously said that the family would be deported to Moldova “of their own will”.

Brief trip down memory lane: Turkey has long been a conduit for Wahabbi wackos heading North-
To Chechnya. As part of the long planned destabilization of Russia, from 2012:
Keep that information in mind.

Don't want to take my word for it?

ISIL is Using Ukraine as a Forward Base into Caucasia and Entry into Europe

Like I said, the billion missing dollars from Moldova banks had to have gone to covert ops.
The British jihadi going to Moldova via Turkey is clearly heading to the next NATO job site.

Additional Reading:

 Moldova is building up arms
Recently, Moldova presented specific suggestions for a NATO initiative that could lead to defense improvements. Combat in Ukraine's civil war has consistently come closer to Moldova's border. "It is our wish that the Republic of Moldova take part in a solution to the problems ensuing from the current geopolitical situation," Cibotaru said. This includes training the military and technical assistance.
The minister announced that by 2018 a new military base would be set up that would "look completely different than the old Soviet barracks" remaining in Moldova, a former Soviet republic. The country particularly needs new artillery.
So Moldova's solution is importing jihadis? 

  Russia has transformed Black Sea military landscape, say foreign affairs MEPs

Solution:  MEPs stress that the EU must cooperate with NATO and the USA to ensure security in the area.

 Peace is definitely not in the planning


  1. Balkan Spring ramping up:
    19 injured in Macedonia anti-government protest. Police

    1. thanks!
      Definitely something is being cooked up
      1 Billion dollars can buy many jihadis