Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Obama OK's Arctic Drilling! Greenpeace can see their coffers grow

Obama OK’s Drilling for Oil in the Arctic-

Big non surprise- Really. This should not be a surprise. All manner of environmental destruction is wrought to benefit the oil/banking cartel. War being a huge destructive force for profit. Those facts are the very reason I have  repeatedly stated- if you believed that the AGW scam was ever going to impede or harm the oil/banking/pharma/chemical/war cartel in any way shape or form, you have been duped.
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Monday gave conditional approval to allow Shell to start drilling for oil off the Alaskan coast this summer, a major victory for the petroleum industry and a devastating blow to environmentalists.

This is not a blow to ‘environmentalists’ like Greenpeace. Though it is appalling to someone like myself and many others who actually care for and tend to this earth. This will be a $$$$ cow for Greenpeace and other coopted ‘Big Green” organizations They can send more emails out, pleading for your hard earned dollars to fight this decision and continue to accomplish absolutely nothing. Same as they have done so far.
Shell has sought for years to drill in the icy waters of the Chukchi Sea. Federal scientists believe the region could hold up to 15 billion barrels of oil.

“We have taken a thoughtful approach to carefully considering potential exploration in the Chukchi Sea,” Abigail Ross Hopper, director of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, said in a statement. She said that the administration recognized the need to establish high standards for the protection of the Arctic ecosystem as well as the cultural traditions of Alaska Natives and that the offshore exploration “will continue to be subject to rigorous safety standards.”
The Interior Department’s approval of the drilling was conditional on Shell’s receiving approval of remaining state and federal drilling permits for the project, including permits from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and authorizations under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Curtis Smith, a spokesman for Shell, called the approval “an important milestone” for Shell and said it showed the administration’s confidence in Shell’s commitment to safety.
The Obama administration had initially granted Shell a permit to begin offshore Arctic drilling in the summer of 2012.
However, the company’s first forays into exploring the new waters were plagued with numerous safety and operational problems. One of its oil rigs, the Kulluk, ran aground and had to be towed to safety. In 2013, the Interior Department said the company could not resume drilling until all safety issues were addressed.
In a review of the company’s performance in the Arctic, the department concluded that Shell had failed in a wide range of basic operational tasks, like supervision of contractors that performed critical work.
The report was harshly critical of Shell management, which acknowledged that it was unprepared for the problems it encountered operating in the unforgiving Arctic environment.
But the administration said that since then, the Interior Department has significantly strengthened and updated drilling regulations. And outside experts said that while the challenges of Arctic drilling were steep, the new plan surmounted them to some extent by allowing drilling only in the summer months (when there is way less ice, due to the 24/7 sunshine)  and in shallow waters. (Where ice would melt the quickest and return the latest- so much for the Arctic being devoid of ice?)
“It recognizes both the economic and energy potential of the Arctic seas, but also the environmental sensitivity of the area and the challenges of responding to spills and other incidents in such a harsh climate,” said Thomas Lorenzen

Harsh climate!?!? What!?! According to AGW mythology- It's a beach up there.

A Typical email from GreenPeace

Here is a copy of the last email I received from Greenpeace- Cause like I told you all, I used to be a fool for their tripe-
What do you notice about their email?


We may have as little as 68 days before Shell begins to drill for oil in Arctic waters. The consequences of a spill in the Arctic would be devastating.

Help keep the pressure on Shell to halt Arctic drilling. Make a donation today.

Here in Canada, we have big plans to take on Shell all summer. I can’t go into much detail right now, but I promise that these plans are strategic, accessible to people all over Canada and creative!

We may not have Shell’s billions, but we know that there are people across Canada committed to protecting the Arctic. A donation from you can give us the security we need to make these ambitious plans happen.

In the past month, I've witnessed some amazing acts of courage from my colleagues, volunteers and the public.

Image with "Donate Now"

You've probably heard about the six volunteers on the Greenpeace ship Esperanza that climbed aboard Shell’s Arctic-bound Polar Pioneer drill rig as both vessels crossed the Pacific Ocean.1 For six days these courageous activists camped out on the rig, bringing international attention to our shared goal: No Arctic drilling!
I am so moved to see that the courage of the six is multiplying, daily. Seattle is the Polar Pioneer’s next stop before heading to the Arctic. Just over a week ago thousands of Seattle residents gathered outside the Port of Seattle to deliver a red kayak full of messages from protesters saying “Shell no to Arctic drilling”.2

In May, when the rig is expected to arrive in Seattle, members of the public are preparing to meet the Polar Pioneer with a wall of people-powered opposition. The movement against Arctic drilling is growing, but only with your help can we keep up the momentum.

Help us keep the pressure on Shell this summer, donate today.
Remember Shell’s last attempt at Arctic drilling? It was a fiasco from start to finish, with crashed oil rigs, damaged equipment, failed safety tests and even criminal convictions for its sub-contractors. Amazingly, Shell is eager to go back again this summer.

Let’s work together this summer. Let's build a movement of opposition to Arctic drilling that's just too big for Shell to ignore. Your donation today will fuel the movement and help preserve the Arctic from reckless oil drilling. Please give today.

Say it with me: “SHELL NO!”

Sarah & the team at Greenpeace Canada

 And in the fine print beneath the letter another mention to donate. In one letter Greenpeace asks for money 6 times. What solution is proposed for dealing with this issue of Arctic drilling? Publicity stunts to draw attention to Greenpeace. What have years of publicity stunts accomplished?
Judging by the Obama administration decision? Nothing.


  1. Sorry if anyone is offended by my criticism of Greenpeace, I understand they are revered, I am just no longer sure what they are or should be revered for.
    Publicity Stunts?
    PR campaigns?
    Asking for money to subsidize PR stunts and campaigns while accomplishing nothing at all?
    I can't hold that up as a model of social responsibility.
    (it's no different then what we see in destabilization campaigns with lipstick/umbrella protestors)

    The power lies with us as individuals to make changes necessary for a better world for future generations- money for greenpeace is passing the buck and abdicating your own responsibility- that's how I see it.

  2. From a fellow greenpeace 'sucker' of days gone by, I'm glad to see anyone tell it like it is about them, their politically motivated 'protests' and never ending pleas for donations.

    Another NGO who people are wising up to.

    1. Whew!

      Karin, I was expecting to be called every name in the book along the lines of identity politics as opposed to just the acceptance of the facts that are plain and obvious.

      Greenpeace is more then happy to go along, to get along.
      I expect another email in my mailbox any day now asking for more money...

      Meanwhile oil drilling in the Arctic has been going on for at least a decade now, off and on- I had a big post -still in draft- on this fact and what has been the hold back on full scale drilling
      It's due to the ice and the lack of icebreakers- a problem Russia has overcome- but the US lags on
      Greenpeace is as aware of this as all the rest, because it is their business to be aware of this fact

    2. correction- longer then a decade, If my recall is correct were talking 20 years minimally..

  3. Sorry if anyone is offended by my criticism of Greenpeace.

    To tell the truth I'm upset about your criticism but only because you left out this group the Sierra club. They're just as evil and amazing enough I never gave money to either;)

    1. jo6pac
      yes, they are from my reading of their so called activities
      and you should be proud you didn't get sucked in like Karin and I both did

      btw jo, I was just wondering where you had gone off to
      glad your still around :)

    2. I've been busy in my little orchard and trying to get the garden planted. We now have cottontail rabbits so I'm have to do some extra fencing and it Sucks.

      I'm also feeding a baby Magpie that can't fly yet. I'm afraid it might become my new pet;)

    3. Yah, rabbits can be a problem- fencing helps
      And a baby Magpie?! How did that happen?
      I must go and look them up- cause birds, I lov'em

    4. Here baby Blue Jays, Magpies live on the ground for few days but the parents feed them. There was no parent doing that so I did, the little thing is now in the trees around the house but still no parents. They're fun to watch. They also spend part of the day bugging the Prairie Falcons.

      My favorite wine person on your wines.

    5. All those wines are from BC- British Columbia
      btw: I've had one very good wine from BC- but, can't recall the name!

      I'm right near wine country Ontario
      Check it out
      Some of my fave wineries are listed there- I think too many for me to put here- but, If interested I would think about it and narrow it down for you-
      I'm up on ontario wines and wineries...
      IN fact I've had lunch at a few of the ontario wineries and the food is always delicious- hubby and I went to one for our anniversary too
      after that we set out for a hike- here

      good place to go after a big lunch

    6. your welcome jo :)
      take good care of the bird

  4. Greenpeace protests only against Russians drilling!

  5. after destroying unesco certified natural treasures in okinawa, jeju, diego garcia ....the pentagoon turns its beady eyes to the last frontier.

    1. hey denk- see today's post # 2
      the war games have begun...
      and they will expand