Thursday, May 7, 2015

Smart Locks make your home, you and your family, less secure

Not a surprise... Did anyone expect any different
Recall my post from last week?: What happens to Humanity when the Internet is in Everything. Everywhere. Always?? When the technology doesn’t serve you, the technology must be rejected.
So, security is incompatible with smart locks.
The problem with this type of technology is the FALSE SENSE of SECURITY. Creating an illusion of safety lulling you, the living breathing human, into complacency

Smart Locks could make your home less secure
They offer plenty of convenience, and new models with handy new features are hitting the market every day.

But what they don't offer is better security than traditional locks — in fact, they may make your home less secure, experts warn.

Vaughan warns that even smart locks that have been properly designed and tested don't provide better security than traditional locks.

"In adding a smart lock, you've actually created another attack venue for an attacker to break into your home. With these locks, there's actually no increased level of security."
That's right because no one is going to hack your deadbolt!
And it really is much  more noticeable when someone is kicking at your door to bust your deadbolt, or when someone is smashing windows But a tech savy criminal can silently hack your so called smart lock and walk on in
Smart = Spy = Insecure

Study: Majority of Smart Homes Vulnerable to Hacking

Millions of Kwikset Smartkey Locks Vulnerable to Hacking, Say Researchers

This 'Smart' Lock May Have Dangerously Dumb Security

An increased illusion of security does not equal security

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