Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stefan Verstappen- Psychopathy & Societal Conditions creating that Pathology

SOTT Radio interviews Stefan Verstappen
This week we're talking once again to Canadian author, artist, and martial arts expert, Stefan Verstappen. Stefan has a professional background in communications and business management and has travelled extensively throughout East Asia, where he has studied oriental art, culture and Kung Fu.
Stefan is the author of 'The art of urban survival' from which the viral YouTube video documentary 'Defense Against the Psychopath' was taken.
We previously spoke to Stefan about the video he produced on the topic of historical cycles of human civilization and the manner in which they appear to repeat. In his video, Stefan makes the case that we are currently in the final stage of our cycle of history, defined, like all others, by widespread chaos. Historically, only small groups of people survived the periods of destruction that defined the end of a cycle, and they did so by forming themselves into tight-knit communities with specific organizational structures.
Very interesting interview- Good to know I'm not the only person who sees the big city as the human factory farm----- A place humans willingly choose to live. I haven't a clue why?
Packed into small spaces like  factory farmed chickens, caged in the confines of their tightly sealed buildings- Pecking at one another in a vicious manner AND completely dependent on the largesse of the 'keepers' of the factory farm- Stefan mentions an incident in Toronto, regarding a minimal weather incident which threw Torontonians for a loop. The lack of electricity that left them  completely at the mercy of the system. Yuk! He calls the garish condo buildings: concrete coffins.
Tombs. And they are.

The mouse experiment discussed was certainly an eye opener and I can see why he equates the large city with the mouse experiment-

Anyway...give it a listen.  Definitely worth the time. At least in my opinion

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