Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Fall of Ramadi Mirrors the Fall of Mosul: ISIS "bigger threat then ever"

Mirror: : Something that shows what another thing is like in a very clear and accurate way

 The fall of Ramadi is an almost EXACT REPLAY of the Fall of Mosul. It appears to be the same tactic replayed in another city. That is way beyond coincidental or happenstance. 


 U.S. officials, including Carter, have said Iraqi forces fled the ISIS advance on Ramadi without fighting back, leaving behind weapons and vehicles for the extremists.

 The fall of Mosul: Who benefits? And who does not? Updated!  From 2014

Troops allegedly fled as ISIS advanced in Mosul too. Same as in Ramadi.  Some stripped off their uniforms and changed into other clothing (I'll bet that occurred in Ramadi)   As I had stated back in 2014, once fighters were 'uncostumed' free of their military uniforms, wearing ordinary street clothing or even an alternative form of camoflauge the so called ‘cowardly military men’ could blend right in with the advancing ISIS brand fighters leaving Ramadi to fall. Same as Mosul

And just like in Mosul, the convenient fall of Ramadi allowed for the capture of all kinds of weapons and vehicles! 

This is an almost exact replay! And that is beyond coincidental. It reads like a tactic that was employed successfully previously so it was used again- Hey, if it ain't broke, it don't need fixin!

Also interesting the coalition did nothing. Where Mosul was concerned the Americans were stationed very near by. In the case of Ramadi, I'll let this Iranian fellow make the point:

In Iran, the daily newspaper Javan, which is seen as close to the Revolutionary Guard, quoted Soleimani as saying the U.S. didn't do a "damn thing" to stop the extremists' advance on Ramadi.
Gen. Qassim Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds forces in Iran's Revolutionary Guard, accused the U.S. of having 'no will' in fighting ISIS.
"Does it mean anything else than being an accomplice in the plot?" he reportedly asked, later saying the U.S. showed "no will" in fighting ISIS.
 An exactly replay- How much more obvious does this have to get?

Considering the collusion between ISIS & the NATO nations, including but not limited to choosing to stand down while ISIS advanced on Ramadi... How should we really interpret this news from today?

 ISIS poses bigger threat after nearly a year of coalition bombing
To date, we in the West have been given a regular tally of the airstrikes that coalition aircraft are undertaking, the targets they attack. And we have been told repeatedly that the airstrikes are having "considerable effect" on ISIS's movement.
I interpret the success of ISIS as the success of the NATO coalition. Hand in Hand.

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  1. How should we interpret it? Another proxy war between Russia and the US...Iraq and Iran have always been Russia's clients in the ME. The effort is being made to either turf them out or scorch earth,

    1. That's one aspect
      then you have the sunni shia divide
      control of pipelines
      redrawing the border of the ME for Israel's benefit
      including the Kurdish 'nation' which looks to be a taking of the Assyrian historical lands and their history- Its not a coincidence the attack on Palmyra
      But Ramadi and Mosul
      and that is beyond a coincidence