Monday, May 11, 2015

Uppity Canadians & 'Revamping' the Temporary Foreign Workers Program

Recall Canadian fury over the temporary foreign workers program?
Business importing foreign workers, with help of our government & Canadian taxpayer dollars
The temporary foreign workers program is a subsidy to business, make no mistake about it!
The program aids business by keeping wage costs down when they would not otherwise be.
If not for the TFWP, wages would have likely increased  in order for business to attract workers
Can’t have that. That might make Canadians a bit more prosperous and our government is much more interested in keeping us down!


The Tories incentivized the TFWP buy allowing business to pay workers lower wages then would have to be paid to existing Canadians.

“The Tories changed the rules last year (this would have occured in 2012) to allow employers to pay five to 15 per cent less than the prevailing wage, if they employed Canadians at that lower rate”
From 2006 to 2012, the program has more than doubled in size, from 140,000 to some 338,000 workers.”
 No figures from 2012 to date. It seems sensible that the program expanded with the sweetened deal offered up by the Harper government.  Minimally we can be certain that more then 340,000 jobs, likely with a bit of a higher wage, would have gone to natural born Canadians, but, they didn’t.

The program was never intended to displace Canadians,” added Kellie Leitch, the parliamentary secretary to Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSDC) Minister Diane Finley.

Kellie Leitch lies. The program was intended to do exactly that. Displace Canadians.
Canadians born here. Canadian youth, their parents and their grandparents who have paid taxes generationally for multiple decades were the exact target of this program.

But then much negative press arose. And with an election pending Stephen Harper’s government is allegedly ‘revamping’ the program. Here’s a clue to one big change forthcoming!
From the mouth of Stephen Harper- I will highlight his own words. But first let me set the stage!

Stephen Harper has a solution. It’s going to be a blow to Canadians born here and their families.
Stephen Harper’s solution will surely cause more strife in this county. Undoubtedly it is completely INTENTIONAL - Read his words, he is telling us all exactly what his government intends to do ( An aside: I have no doubt the liberals and ndp will take the exact same action- this is an agenda that is bigger then just Canada)
Stephen Harper vows foreign workers will not be a permanent underclass
Ask yourself, how could he guarantee this will not happen- Only one way I can think of
Because of a four-year limit imposed on how long temporary foreign workers can remain in Canada, thousands of workers are now being forced to return to their homelands.

But Harper defended the changes when asked by a Filipino journalist, saying that the government doesn’t want immigrants taking jobs that unemployed Canadians are available to do.

“But just as importantly, we are making sure that when people come to this country to work and to work long term, they have the ability to move towards being permanent citizens of this country,” Harper said.

“This country is not going to have a policy, as long as I’m prime minister, where we will have a permanent underclass of temporary, people who are so-called temporary, but here forever with no rights of citizenship and no rights of mobility.

“That’s not the Canadian way we do immigration. So we’re going to make sure that that program does not drift in that direction.”
The government moved last July to even further restrict the use of foreign workers after a storm of criticism that an influx of foreign labour was driving down wages and leaving Canadian workers unable to find work.
Did you catch that? PM Harper flips natural born Canadians, from every province, the bird.
You dared complain about foreign workers taking jobs that could be filled by unemployed Canadian citizens- You dared complain those foreign workers were driving wages down! I'll fix you uppity Canadians-  We'll just make all those foreigners- Canadians- Just like that!
Wages will still go down, people will be without work, or have to work for less and less
Canada's government- not serving Canadians- ever


Be sure to not tell your family and friends about the plans our government has for us. 
Heck, don't tell anyone at all- Our government likes that much better.....
Serves their interests, fully and completely

FYI: Ontario youth unemployment among the worst in Canada: report
Government had warning about foreign workers and youth unemployment
 —The Conservative government knew the temporary foreign worker program was causing pressure on youth employment
 As you can read, the Canadian government fully intends to squander the future of Canada's young people- by giving Canadian citizenship to foreign workers..


  1. The part of this I love is the foreign worker becomes a citizen to earn high wages is then fired for the next for the next foreign worker who cheaper. Cycle-0-Paths run your country now. Sad

    The fake business plan in Amerika is they can't find trained workers so the need to hire labor from outside the nation. It's pure BS.

    Then if tpp passes this will be just how the world mobile work force will work. The workers of the world are about to be killed.

    1. Yup, you got it jo, the human workers of the world are about to be plundered, for ever greater corporate profits- And indeed the tpp will make this situation worse-

      the so called world mobile work force will move nation to nation chasing ever dwindling wages.. who wins in this scenario?
      big business
      NOT our human species- we are (not myself) working/zombifiying ourselves to that population reduction goal of the elites

  2. I put this comment at MoA
    Not sure if it posted- that place is funny sometimes- funny as in strange
    re: the Sy Hersh piece.

    "Is someone trying to apply pressure on him."
    Him being Salman and Saudi Arabia
    Or...has this story been created to further demonize Saudi Arabia- for when the tide turns. And Saudi Arabia becomes a less favoured nation.
    Along the same line of what we have seen the last little while with Turkey-

    The death of Bin Laden was necessary for the creation of ISIS
    It's pretty obvious in hindsight, isn't it?

    1. well 24 hours later and my comment is still not at MoA
      So.... not sure what to make of the censorship there?
      I get keeping trouble makers out- but, since I rarely comment and that comment can't be construed as trouble making I don't know what the reason is?

  3. nope it's not there- every comment I leave there, does not get posted until later in the day or the next day... so readers here can read it first.
    I haven't read the Sy Hersh piece entirely, but, I find him to be gatekeeperish
    Always to little, to late.

  4. The elite thinker (or planner?) Jaques Attali wrote a whole book on the subject of 'Global Nomads' 25 years ago-

    Jaques Attali - Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order, 1991, a snippet from pp 5-6:

    Severed from any national allegiance or family ties by microchip-based gadgets that will enable individuals to carry out for themselves many of the functions of health, education, and security, the consumer-citizens of the world's privileged regions will become "rich nomads." Able to participate in the liberal market culture of political and economic choice, they will roam the planet seeking ways to use their free time, shopping for information, sensations, and goods only they can afford, while yearning for human fellowship, and the certitudes of home and community that no longer exist because their functions have become obsolete. Like New Yorkers who every day face homeless beggars who loiter around automated teller machines pleading for spare change, these wealthy wanderers will everywhere be confronted by roving masses of "poor nomads"— boat people on a planetary scale—seeking to escape from the destitute periphery, where most of the earth's population will continue to live. These impoverished migrants will ply the planet, searching for sustenance and shelter, their desires inflamed by the ubiquitous and seductive images of consumerism they will see on satellite TV broadcasts from Paris, Los Angeles, or Tokyo. Desperately hoping to shift from what Alvin Toffler has called the slow world to the fast world, they will live the life of the living dead.

    1. WOW!!!! and exactly!!!!!
      - one only has to look around everyday, everywhere to see the 'living' dead.
      Particularly amongst the 30 and under crowd- who are not coincidentally, of that I am certain, the most affected by these manipulations
      It scares me, it really does

    2. Well Attali wasn't predicting or talking about the memerising influence of the 'nomadic devices' but about a global, stateless, disenfranchised, wandering, herd-like, lower class (the 99%).

      roving masses of "poor nomads"— boat people on a planetary scale—seeking to escape from the destitute periphery, where most of the earth's population will continue to live. These impoverished migrants will ply the planet, searching for sustenance and shelter

      Of course that is all 'unintended consequence', or perhaps not.

    3. hey anon
      I realized the boat people but applied it to the destitute periphery- that's why I was talking about the younger crowd here- jobless- but, not realizing their state of misery is intentionally created for them- by the elites- they do nothing because they are distracted by their digital gadgets-
      In the post I included a link to youth unemployment in Ontario- the worst in Canada
      It's not an unintended consequence, nor is it, blowback
      It's intended and created with nearly full knowledge of the outcome
      People know when they touch fire, the will get burned