Thursday, May 7, 2015

US Begins to Train & Equip "Syrian" fighters in Jordan

I will spare you the bogus claims of these killers being "moderate" Or even Syrian?
I will further spare you the absolute nonsense that these US trained killers will be fighting ISIS.
They won't be.
They will be fighting the brave nation defending Syrian Army
I will highlight the relevant facts in this news.

The U.S. has begun to train a group of approximately 90 Syrian rebels, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter confirmed Thursday, saying that a second group will begin training in the coming weeks.

“We're figuring out what the best training is, what the best initial deployment is,” Dempsey said at a joint press conference with outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Army Gen. Martin Dempsey. “We expect that to be successful and therefore to grow, but you have to start somewhere.”

It will take “a few months” to train each company of rebel forces before they can be redeployed to Syria, Carter said.
Redeployed to Syria? So these killers being trained were already in Syria. Not a surprise.
Knowing that we can figure out that the killers are being trained to use new weapons to harm Syrian civilians
The forces are being trained to combat Daesh militants, according to Dempsey, but in Syria’s constantly changing battlefield they are likely to run up against a myriad of forces, including those of the Syrian government.
In other words these forces are being trained to fight the Syrian Army- Period.
Once they return, Washington will defend the forces against Daesh, the defense chief said noting that the U.S. will also “have some responsibility” to protect them from Syrian government forces.
Once the killers who were already in Syria, go back to Syria, the US will "defend" their killer forces.
Clearly this means air support & clearly this means air support against Syrian Army. This also, quite likely means these killers are being trained to mark or tag targets for US/Allied airstrikes.
Amongst their other murderous duties.
The Pentagon has yet to establish the rules under which U.S. forces will defend the nascent force, but Washington will provide the rebels with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assistance, and potentially air support as well, according to Carter. 
“We have not decided yet in detail how we would exercise that responsibility, but we have acknowledged that we have that responsibility,” he said.
The announcement comes as opposition forces have made gains in northern Syria, capturing the longtime government stronghold of Idlib and increasing their hold in the northwest of the province.

“I do think that the regime's momentum has been slowed, and therefore you can certainly from that take that I do believe the situation is trending less favorably for the regime,” Dempsey said.
He warned, however, that Syria’s humanitarian crisis could worsen should President Bashar al-Assad quickly fall from power.
“What it might mean for the nation of Syria is further instability were power to suddenly transfer precipitously, and it could mean an even increased humanitarian crisis,” he said.

As if Dempsey gives a shit about the Syrians! Excuse my language, but, it's clear the US and company are prepping to expand the war further into Syrian territory.  Invading a sovereign country that never threatened the US or it's allies, including Canada. Killing more civilians, worsening the situation on every level and leaving a power vacuum, intentionally so.




  1. The raid on that border towns month ago out by Jordan - keyhole for the new rebels beingtrained? - coordinated with the latest rebel offensive in the north. Now the northern rebels have reinvoked the safe zones though carter backed off full us support. Turkish opposition saying erdogan and party going to false flag to intervene ahead of local elections. This as the kurd regional leader today said independence is near with the us cheering it on via direct support to the breakaway oblast (speaking of which Georgia "opposition" calling for the return of the indicted former president moonlight as a professor at tufts and Ukraine advisor. ) Yemen going back to aribya reporting that it was a us special munition employed in the Saleh assassination has every appearance of not being a saudi led operation. Current border developments replay of the 2009 events replete with the us launching tomahawks and airstrikes in support of failed saudi ground forces. The media floating talk of a coup in country is almost certainly not an accident. That Chinese nuclear sub offshore Aden and now the russia and china exercises in t:he med - echoes of the Russians naval assets in place during the us push for airstrikes back in 13 - a message to saudi or the us? Or both?

    1. Interesting comment
      And yes, shades of 2013 with the prepositioned subs etc

      I was just reading an article about Pakistan- you know not sending troops to shore up Saudi Arabia- and that curious helicopter crash, which TTP is now claiming they shot down?
      If the TTP did shoot the helicopter down- then you have US/Israeli?special ops fingerprints all over that....

    2. See Seymour Hirsch takedown of the OBL raid. Which means the Seal helicopter crash too.

      Observation: Philippinesalosy just came out surprsingly against the TPP push.

      Another typhoon hitting the shores.

      The Pakistan border kills in the runup to the Saudi request was telltale.