Sunday, May 3, 2015

US Led Airstrikes Kill 52 Syrian Civilians, 7 children inc. Completely missing ISIS

The fact that the airstrikes completely missed ISIS/L targets allegedly just two kilometers , should not be a surprise. Civilians are always the target. ISIS/L is not!

US Led airstrikes kill 52 civilians inc.7 children
A group monitoring the conflict in Syria has reported fifty-two civilians have been killed by a single US-led airstrike.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights at least seven of the dead were children.
US-led airstrike in Aleppo province

The group said the attack on Birmahle city in Aleppo province mistakenly killed members of at least six families.
Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch said the target of the attack, the group calling itself “Islamic State” (ISIL) was just “two kilometers away” and asks “what went wrong?

Ken Roth / HRW playing dumb!-

Salem al-Meslet, a spokesman for the Syrian National Coalition, a Western-backed umbrella opposition group, said it appeared U.S.-led strikes in the village likely killed civilians, though “it is hard at this moment to speak with absolute certainty.”

“Available information from activists on the ground, and the fact that the U.S.-led coalition has conducted airstrikes in the area, lend credence to reports that it was a U.S.-led coalition airstrike that caused the civilian casualties,” al-Meslet said in a statement. “It is absolutely vital, therefore, that such reports are taken seriously, and a full investigation into the incident is carried out immediately.”
Interesting about the target:
The strikes only hit civilians in their homes in Bir Mhali, a mixed Kurdish and Arab village, killing 52, including seven children and nine women.
So, were these neighbours not at odds with one another?

Also curious?

Shorsh Hassan, a spokesman for the main Kurdish militia known as the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, in Kobani, said he was not aware of any civilian casualties in the strikes. He told the AP that the village, held by Islamic State extremists, was emptied of civilians days before the clashes that preceded the airstrikes

Kurdish spokesperson, associated with YPG, knows of no civilian casualties. Or doesn't wish to acknowledge them? If the village was emptied of civilians prior to the strike, as the Kurdish spokesperson claims, what was this large group of civilians including children still doing there?
Who initially evacuated the civilians? Because they failed!  Why does Ken Roth says ISIS was kilometres away but Mustafa Bali  claims this village was occupied by ISIS?

Local journalist and activist Mustafa Bali, who was in a nearby village at the time of the clashes and the strikes, said he had only seen militants in the area around the village before the strikes.

 My question is this.. Was this large group of persons the intended target of the airstrikes?
Because that's the only conclusion I can draw from all these reports. It would be interesting to know just who these people were?

The US is going to “look into” the allegations.  Not to deeply, I’m certain. No doubt this will be a ‘regrettable’ mistake.

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