Monday, June 8, 2015

Aha! - So,Google is fudging numbers.....


James Corbett is discussing the fact that Google is impeding alternative media. Alternative viewpoints. Alternative editorials etc.,  Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed
Green Crow picked up on that also
In a way, oddly enough, that's reassuring.It helps me understand the why of post reading counts, literally disappearing. Rather then scratch my head- I now know with more certainty it's just censorship, Meted out by google, as they carry out tyranny's bidding.


  1. Yes, I thought something was going on on that front. I had some discussion with my colleagues, both firmly in the mainstream lala-land, a Swede and a Pole (to situate), about the "gay right" issue of last year in Russia. It was nearly impossible to find a site presenting the Russian side of the argument in english on google. On the 3 first pages, only the western propaganda view. There was 1 link to RT (on page 3) that was ok. I remember very well that there were several alternative sites with a fairer view (i.e. that it was a law against LGBT propaganda targeted at minors) at the time it came out, the usual voltairnet, globalresearch and these kind of site. It is now nearly impossible to find them with google.

    1. Thanks for making me aware of that Gallier!
      Just last week, I went over to Greg Bacon and asked him if he noticed any reducing read numbers
      My AGW/ UN post- lost counts overnight from the last one I had seen it at the day before- so how many it actually lost I have no idea?
      But there it was.
      Also when I do posts on the Kurds. Israel etc
      The posts numbers drop off, drastically, also
      So it seems we have some perhaps,specific information, that is being hidden?
      Thinking about the LGBT information that is MIA
      It sure seems as if that is the case

    2. You mean those people at the do no harm are trying to control the message? How strange then again the start up money for googless came from cia front company in the silly valley. In fact almost every so-called self made billionaire has the same problem. Welfare for the well connected and if they like your idea it's money for nothing.

      Thanks for the link to GC

    3. Yup, those people that do no harm, are up to no dam good
      And your welcome for the link jo