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Israel's "humanitarian" play- Saving the Druze from Israel's own Islamic Terrorists

Israel: Presenting a narrative of " humanitarian intervention" in order to land grab
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Before we get to the latest news- keep in mind the info from two previous posts

1) Wider War in the Middle East: The Grim Reaper Smiles 
" empowering Israel, allowing Israel to steal more land- 
2)  Israeli Minister calls on World to Recognize Golan Annexation

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 Worries for the fate of the community have sparked an outpouring of sympathy among Israel’s estimated 130,000 Druze, who are concentrated in the Golan and the Galilee further west, with many calling on the government to intervene to save the besieged community.
Many calling on the Israeli government? How many? No number given. Nice spin, though.

"The show of support puts Israel in an awkward position. It is officially neutral in Syria’s four-year-old war and any action on its part could end up helping the Assad regime or its ally Hizbollah, which is Israel’s foe"
Israel has NEVER been neutral in Syria's war. What a lie. Blatant and outrageous!

But the involvement of Galilee Druze protests this week increases the pressure on the government of Benjamin Netanyahu to intervene. Israeli Druze — unlike Druze in the occupied Golan — serve in the Israel Defense Forces and other government structures, and can bring lobbying power to bear inside Israel.
We just don't know how many Druze protested- I saw but a handful in the image used by FT, close up shot- It appeared a bunch of useful idiots in the front and Israeli flags flying in the back.

Not an impressive protest, wonder why it got coverage?

“We the Druze of the Golan Heights and the Druze of the Galilee will take weapons from the Israeli army, then when we have permission, open the borders and go inside to protect the people,” says Hassan Abu Saleh, a man watching the fighting through binoculars.
Multicoloured Druze flags have been raised on houses and cars this week in Druze towns on hillsides along the Syrian frontier. Impromptu demonstrations in the area prompted the Israeli military to briefly declare the northern Golan a closed military zone this week for fear the gatherings could get out of control.
Did the flag waving have more to do with solidarity for the Druze in Syria being attacked by Israel's jihadists?

In response to the growing outcry, Israeli officials have said the country might be prepared to absorb some Syrian Druze refugees if their lives were in danger.
Israel doesn't want any Syrian Druze refugees.
Israel has also asked the US to increase aid to Syrian Druze, and raised the possibility of creating a humanitarian “safe zone” along the Syrian side of the Golan.

What has caused this display of Druze solidarity and Israeli "concern"

 Hadar is the last Druze town in Syrian government hands along the Golan ceasefire line and was surrounded this week by militants from Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda-linked rebel group.
Jabhat al Nusra- Israel's rebel group. Israel's terrorists. Israel's Islamist irregulars.

If Israel really wants to "save the Druze" they should just stop supporting their terrorists.
 The ones they have been arming, aiding, feeding & treating in their hospitals makeshift or otherwise for many years. Not to forget about the multiple aerial attacks Israel has made against Syria.  Israel's claims of "neutrality" are simply LIES

A bit more on the subject of Israel supporting anti-syrian rebels aka Al Nusra aka Al qaeda

During Syria’s civil war Israel’s military has given some discreet tactical support to anti-Assad rebels, according to members of a UN disengagement force in the Golan and local Druze. Since 2013 the IDF has treated about 2,000 critically wounded (Islamists- al qaeda al nusra) Syrians (??) picked up along the frontier and taken to hospitals in the Galilee.
Discreet? This is Financial Time so of course... it's obfuscating reality. Even labeling these Islamists fighters as Syrians is an attempt to cloud the issue.

The humanitarian aid has brought accusations from the Druze this week that the IDF is helping Nusra fighters. During a demonstration at the border on Tuesday, flag-carrying Druze youth surrounded army vehicles near the frontier and demanded to be shown whether Nusra fighters were being taken for treatment.
Of course the IDF is aiding their fighters. That's been very, very, very blatant & obvious for a long, long time!

Israel’s military says it is not singling out any group for help.-
“We don’t ask who the people are and who they are affiliated with,” says IDF. “Anyone who comes to the fence in dire need we will help if they need it.”
So says lying IDF spokesperson.
The fears among the Druze highlight the complexity of the Syrian conflict, especially in the border zone where southern Syria abuts Lebanon and the Golan Heights.

“If they control Hadar, we as a minority on our side will be face to face with terrorists who can threaten us all the time,” says Hamad Awidat, a Druze journalist and broadcaster. “The price for the Israeli military will be very expensive.”
Indeed, Israel will extract more then a pound of flesh...

Israel should get out of Golan, entirely. And stop supporting terrorists. Maybe then Israel's claims of wanting peace, as opposed to piece(s) of other people's lands, could be taken seriously.

Updating again- Washington Post doing the spin too!  

"For its part, the Israeli government is stressing that it does not want to get involved in the Syrian civil war; (LIES) at the same time Israel is warning combatants on the Syria side it will not permit a massacre of Druze on the border and will aid refugees if necessary.
Israel will happily permit a massacre on the border- Hell they are makin' it so! The war mongering media is so absurd
 The Israeli Druze point to a report earlier this month when more than 20 Druze were killed by the al-Nusra Front in a village in northwestern Syria, as a taste of what could come.
 See, Israel is quite happy to allow killing of the Druze by their Islamists.


  1. I have a bit more to add, but, will get to it later!
    see ya

  2. Ok, it's updated fully barring any new info-

  3. After nearly fifty years of occupation and in the middle of all the current turmoil in Syria, Israel wants formal recognition of its annexation of the Golan Heights. Why and why now?

    With the introduction of Iranian troops to Syria (which the western MSM is doing its best to ignore!) we are likely looking at a gamechanger. If Syria regains its sovereignty over its territory, it will weaken the positions of Israel and Its protector, the U.S. It is very likely then that Syria will begin to make serious efforts to regain possession of the Golan Heights.

    This then would be the beginning of the political end of Israel.

    1. Hi James
      I suspected there was a bit more to Israel's sudden "concern" and call for formal recognition of their theft of Golan.
      Here are some of my additional thoughts- That Syria and company were gaining ground in the area- I'd heard about the Iranian troops and then you of course have Hezbollah present- So, Israel would just have to get all whimpering and whiny about a 'threat' to their terror crew in the area
      Hence the crocodile tears for the Druze people- Israel could care less if they( Druze) died- then the land would be 'peaceful' for the chosenites

  4. Hi Penny,

    I grab a moment of respite to shed a few of my lights!
    @Israel wants formal recognition of its annexation of the Golan Heights. Why and why now?
    But when? "Mieux vaut tard que jamais". Grab the opportunity to implement another bit of the Oded Yinon plan.
    It would be interesting to see what kind of "anti-tehrhorhist" and "humanitarian" intervention would they invent for the re-occupation of Sinai. Of course, that's a much taller order, but the chosen are resourceful peoples and G-d wants it, as we know. They will find something, I have little doubts.

    1. "Grab the opportunity to implement another bit of the Oded Yinon plan"

      It sure looks to be their plan

      "It would be interesting to see what kind of "anti-tehrhorhist" and "humanitarian" intervention would they invent for the re-occupation of Sinai"

      I think it would be their standard MO- with their rebranded terror crew

      "They will find something, I have little doubts."

  5. Hi Penny,

    A little bit of high strangeness. Compare the poster for the French film The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc to photos of alleged Charleston shooter Dylan Roof.

    The likeness is bizarre and most likely intentional.


    1. Hey Anthony
      I'll check that out- I'd noticed the news had zero time to look at it, but, noticed stop story "John Stewart says Charleston is terrorism"
      and I thought what the heck- who the hell is John Stewart
      Other then an appeal to perceived authority aka celebrity also novelty he's a salesman and he is there to push an agenda
      Just seeing that was enough for me to suspect something was very, very off


    2. Hi Penny,

      A few months ago we were all supposed to be Charlie. Now the focus is on Charlie's town. Joan of Arc would be a link between Je suis Charlie and the latest PsyOp. Someone, including George Soros, is certainly trying hard to ignite a race war in the United States. Soros seems to be intent on igniting war across the globe.


    3. Hi Penny,

      Race war and gun control are clearly two of the goals of the pys-op mass shootings of recent times. The following statement by a Democrat political analyst is a must see because it reveals the cognitive dissonance of the anti-gun message.

      The man fakes horror at the thought of what might have happened if any of the churchgoers had been carrying a concealed weapon. Multiple targets, one gunman: What change could the possession of weapons by any of the targets have brought about?


    4. Hey Anthony
      I see the Joan of Arc imagery and yup charlies town
      without a doubt the powers that shouldn't be are working towards a divide to conquer strategy regarding the US- It's been obvious for a while now

      If one of the church goers had had a weapon- trained to use it properly I've no doubt lives would have been saved!