Sunday, June 7, 2015

Stealing an AKP win? HDP = Divisive Identity Politics- NGO's counting ballots

I've talked Identity Politics previously-
As defined :  Identity Politics just more divide and conquer:
- Win by getting one's opponents to fight among themselves.
- A way of keeping yourself in a position of power by making the people under you disagree with each other so that they are unable to join together and remove you from your position
Identity politics is a political style that focuses on the issues relevant to various groups defined by a wide variety of shared characteristics, including, but not limited to, race, social class, religion, sex, gender, ethnicity, ideology, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, culture, currency, shared ... using all these identities to drive wedges and destroy cohesion.
In yesterday's post regarding the destabilization of Turkey, I mistakenly identified the HDP party as Kurdish. Which in of itself makes it an identity politics group, but, it turns out the HDP isn't just about the Kurdish 'identity'- It's a party that shelters every wedge issue group under one big umbrella
 Wedge issues can be advertised or publicly aired in an attempt to weaken the unity of a population, with the goal of enticing polarized individuals to give support to an opponent or to withdraw their support entirely out of disillusionment. The use of wedge issues gives rise to wedge politic
 Political campaigns use wedge issues to exploit tension within a targeted population
It seems the HDP party is affilliated with "women's rights" and "LGBT rights" Making the HDP, potentially, a divisive party. Able to exploit or create tension within a targeted population.

Some interesting little clues come from two articles linked below:

The Guardian:
While recent polls suggest that his ruling Justice and Development, or AK party, will take the most seats in parliament..
The AK party would need to secure a two-thirds, or 367-seat, majority allowing it to rewrite the constitution without putting the changes to a referendum. According to opinion polls this looks highly unlikely.(Who says?) A three-fifth, or 330-seat, majority would enable the government to call a plebiscite on constitutional changes. Failing that the AKP needs 276 seats to rule without a coalition.
The outcome of the elections, however, will be determined by the leftist Peoples’ Democratic party (HDP), a group that runs on a platform defending the rights of minorities, women and LGBTs. If the HDP, co-chaired by this election’s surprise star Selahattin Demirtas, manages to get over Turkey’s unusually high 10% election threshold, they might put an end to the 13-year-long majority government of the Erdogan’s AK party
Surprise 'star' Selahattin Demirtas? A surprise star? I do wonder which western luminaries (NGO's etc) shine along side this 'star' When/If I have time I'll do some digging however if anyone has some information on the surprise star, do tell...
It is the first time that the HDP runs as a party in Turkish elections and does not send independent candidates into the race, for whom the election threshold does not apply. If they fail to garner at least 10% of the national vote, they risk not being represented in parliament at all. Recent polls show the HDP slightly above the threshold
Considering the margin of error inherent in any poll, this most likely tells us HDP, does not have the 10 percent support to meet the threshold- Keep that in mind.
“I am here to make sure everything runs smoothly and according to the rules,” said Nisan, 34, a volunteer for the civil rights platform Öy ve Ötesi (Ballot and Beyond). It is the second time he decided to stand as an election monitor. “In my experience ballot workers still lack experience when it comes to certain questions, for example when someone else wants to help an illiterate family member vote.”
Ballot and Beyond =  Vote and Beyond? An NGO formed out of the Gezi Park Protests.

Young Turks take charge (interesting? considering the historic reference to the Young Turks)

I acted as an official observer of the election along with 25,000 other volunteers across Istanbul. The group was formed thanks to Oy ve Ötesi (Vote and Beyond), an NGO founded in the wake of the Gezi Park protests to tackle electoral corruption.

 The NGO's -no good organizations/ foundation(s)- are in place making a legitimate election look illegitimate. This has happened previously- Think orange revolution Ukraine

 The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) is the dark horse in this race. The party became active on the political arena less than a year ago. Formally it is a Kurdish party, but it has been able to attract a large following from all kinds of opposition groups
Will there be protests surrounding the election? 

Certainly the HDP party can deliver all sorts of opposition groups to a protest, and it appears they intend to

 If the presidential party gets more than 45 percent of the votes and the People’s Democrats don’t get into parliament, then Erdogan will be able to change the constitution. But if the People’s Democrats announce that the vote was rigged, there might be protests, the opposition warns.
If they announce, without evidence, the protest was rigged, there might be protests


The AKP isn't polling high enough to take an outright majority. The HDP isn't polling high enough to make the threshold. If they don't make the threshold, the HDP will claim there was vote rigging. They have their affilliated NGO 'counting votes'. More trouble is brewing in Turkey. Certainly. Destabilization all around.
So, I've corrected my error regarding the HDP party, but, still stick to my claim from yesterday whatever happened at the HDP rally, it had nothing to do with AKP.

Let's see if there is any change in reporting within the next 24 hours or so..?

"Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Sunday that the AK Party was the clear winner in a parliamentary election and vowed to take all necessary measures to prevent harm to Turkey's political stability"

 "Everyone should see that the AKP is the winner and leader of these elections," Davutoglu said in a speech to supporters from the balcony of the AKP headquarters in Ankara. "No one should try to build a victory from an election they lost."

Some interesting words spoken
Independent-Turkey elections: President Recep Erdogan's party keeps control but loses seats ..
 Turkish voters appeared on course to return the ruling Justice and Development Party to power.
 With over 80 per cent of the vote counted, results gave the Justice and Development Party (AKP) more than 40 per cent of the vote, while the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) made it over the 10 per cent threshold needed to enter parliament.
 The Republican People’s Party (CHP) was set to retain its status as Turkey’s second largest party, while on course to lose a couple of percentage points compared to 2011.
 “I would prefer a coalition of the AKP and the CHP to having the HDP in government – they’re terrorists,” said 22-year-old Yasin

Identity politics from Deutsche Welle: Homosexuals in Turkey dread AKP election win

Where have all the humans gone? Humans who wish to advance the human condition?
-To free humans from elitist domination.
-To free the human race from global corporate tyranny
-To take back our home planet.  To take back our food. Our medical care.
Where are those sentient human beings? 
Too many are divided, by their wedge/identity politics. 
Further serving those that oppress us all.


  1. Selahattin Demirtas has links to Amnesty International and an interest in unsolvewd political murders (sounds a bit like some of the Russian Liberals Navalny/Nemtsov), is covered by the standard 'serious' MSM and VICE. He also stands for a 'third way' solution in Syria (hmmm 'third way' - shades of Tony Blair's infamous undeifned Third Way?), supports Turkey facing recognition of Armenian genocide, charismatic, telegenic, etc, etc.

    Sounds like a typical Western placeman, pressing all the right buttons.

    1. Yah, I saw his amnesty ties- he is also linked with a human rights NGO that has global affiliations
      Of course he himself is a human rights lawyer.... (which means 'he cares' LOL)

      Also there are many glowing media reports on this guy today, gushing stuff. Which is odd for a party that placed 4th overall in the election
      Saw a reference to obama

      Another curiosity from yesterday and today to a lesser extent- the media had picture after picture of HDP party supporters cheering, driving, waving flags etc- Strange for 4th place winners of an election

      It appears no one wants to make a coalition and a run off election is set to take place.
      Wait and see.....

      Oh yes I saw the interest in unsolved political murders?
      but then he is a 'human rights' guy right?
      So, that presentation goes together in a pr world