Thursday, June 11, 2015

UN Peacekeepers Sexually Exploiting-Abusing Many Haitian Women & Children.

Despicable! Just Despicable

Readers here know, I have no use for the United Nations. Whenever there is abuse, the UN is there in some capacity. It’s a corrupt institution. It gives cover to war mongers, bankers and other abusers of the planet and all living creatures on the planet, including humans! In my opinion, the UN does this knowingly, willingly and in collusion with the military industrial complex. Only bothering to pay ‘lip service’ to the abuses to maintain the facade of credibility. Of which it has none. The UN should be kicked to the curb!!!!

Undoubtedly Canadian peacekeepers are involved in this abuse. Canada has a long and no doubt sordid history, considering this news, of peacekeeping in Haiti- A history that reaches back over 20 years

Canada's Peacekeeping History in Haiti

1993-96 UNMIH—United Nations Mission in Haiti. Canada contributes 750 military personnel and 100 civilian police.

1994: Operation Forward Action. Canada sends contingent to UN blockade of Haiti.

1996-97: UNSMIH—United Nations Support Mission in Haiti. Canada contributes 752 military personnel and 100 civilian police.

1997: UNTMIH—United Nations Transition Mission in Haiti. Canada contributes a contingent of 650 military personnel and 60 civilian police.

1997-2000: MIPONUH—United Nations Civilian Police Mission in Haiti. Canada contributes 22 civilian police and police trainers.

2004-ongoing: MINUSTAH—United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti. Canada is contributing 66 civilian police and 5 military personnel.

Reports of Abuse: I am using foreign media because North American media seems to be omitting the news of the numbers of children being abused

Source 1 AND  Source 2

UN peacekeepers deployed in Haiti engaged in “transactional” sexual relationships for food and medicine with over 200 women and underage girls. A sign that sexual exploitation remains significantly underreported in such missions, according to a new report (as stated -lip service, the most superficial attention paid)

Investigators interviewed 231 people in Haiti who claimed they were forced to perform sexual acts with UN peacekeepers in exchange for basic necessities.

: About a third of alleged sexual abuse involves minors under 18. Assistance to victims is "severely deficient." The average investigation by OIOS, which says it prioritizes cases involving minors or rape, takes more than a year.

For rural women, hunger, lack of shelter, baby care items, medication and household items were frequently cited as the 'triggering need,'" the report says. Those living in the city or in its vicinity had sex in exchange for “church shoes, cell phones, laptops and perfume, as well as money,” report says.

 The report, which should be released this month, makes no reference to the time frame of the alleged violations, but the 7,000-strong UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti started in 2004. The investigation also does not mention the number of peacekeepers involved. 
Leaving out the details allows for plenty of room to spin, lie and generally obfuscate.
The report says that the lack of any clear action is “demonstrating significant underreporting,” while noting that assistance to those that suffered is “severely deficient.” The average investigation by OIOS takes more than a year, according to AP.

The draft report doesn't say over what time frame the "transactional sex" in Haiti occurred. The peacekeeping mission there was first authorized in 2004 and, as of the end of March, had more than 7,000 uniformed troops. It (Haiti) is one of four peacekeeping missions that have accounted for the most allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation in recent years, along with those in Congo, Liberia and South Sudan.

Sexual abuse by peacekeeping troops, some 125,000 of which are currently deployed around the world, has undermined the credibility of their missions. A rapid increase in prostitution and abuse in Cambodia, Mozambique, Bosnia, Sudan and Kosovo were documented after UN peacekeeping forces moved in.

Earlier this year it was revealed that UN peacekeepers raped and sodomized starving and homeless boys in the Central African Republic, some as young as nine.
 Truly, the UN is garbage. Trash. I've nothing good to say about that organization.

UN Omits Israel from List of Nations that KILL Children

Rid the world of a litany of human abuses by demolishing the UN!

UN: Child trafficking on the Rise and UN intervention is at the heart of the problem!


  1. Penny, the UN is beyond contempt. Ditto the Red Cross who promised to build houses for 130,000 Haitians, collected $488 million in donations for this purpose and has built only 6 houses. See for example

    Off topic, I have connected some old and new dots concerning MH17 and posted them at Sakers site at Scroll down to my June 10 comment. It is long and has links for folks like you who are good at digging deeper.

    1. thanks singing sam- I'll pop over and look :)

  2. Hi Penny, really liked the way you put it a few days ago, re so called international community. Accretions of crypto fascist power always name themselves with garish declarations denoting their love of humanity. The better to eat you, my dear. Crypto goes equally well with communism, yummy.

    1. Thanks rubbell :)
      I like the way you are stating the obvious too!