Saturday, June 13, 2015

US Probes Reports of Kurdish YPG Militias PURGING Arabs

No doubt the US will completely down play or obfuscate the ethnic cleansing being conducted by their Kurdish allies as part of the intended remaking the Middle East agenda:

 The Purging of Syrians by the Kurdish(is) tells us very clearly the Kurds are NOT fighting ISIS- their partners in crime. The Kurds are doing that which they have done before. Stealing other people's land, raping, pillaging etc., along the way
So much for the western media spin/lies/fabrication about the other perpetual victims

The United States is looking into allegations that Kurdish forces in Syria are taking advantage of the fight against Islamic State to drive Arab residents out of areas under their control.
U.S. State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke told reporters Friday, “We are aware of the reports and we are concerned by them and we are seeking more information about them.”
 Thousands of people crossed from Syria into Turkey this week.
A Turkish official said the majority of fleeing refugees appeared to be Syrian or Iraqi Arabs.
“A significant demographic change is taking place in the area. Arabs are being pushed away as Kurds flow in,” he said.
“We are trying to obtain more information about what is happening on the ground,” said Rathke. “And we have raised with the PYD [Democratic Union Party] our concerns about their human rights record, including intimidation of rival Kurdish political parties in the past. “
Clearly the US has long known the Kurds are ethnically cleansing the Christians, Arabs, Druze etc.,

Targeting the Arab populations alongside whatever Christians remain in the area, no doubt!

US Expresses Concerns About PYD Human Rights Violations in Syrian Kurdistan
Washington raises concerns with PYD

Kurdish Militias/ethnic cleansing outfits
  If the Kurds are so 'busy' fighting ISIS, it would seem sensible, they would be far to preoccupied to forcibly drive many thousands of  residents out of their homes.... Keeping in mind, that of course, the coalition is assisting in this ethnic cleansing.
 The United States government has said that they are concerned about the human rights record of Syrian Kurdish fighters after recent media reports claimed they forced thousands of Arabs and Turkmens to move to Turkey.
The PYD’s military wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), with the help of US-led coalition airstrikes carried out operations in the northeast Syrian cities of Tel Abyad and al-Hasakah in Syrian Kurdistan to push back Islamic State (IS) militants.

Since the operations began two weeks ago, almost 15,000 civilians from adjacent villages and towns have crossed the border into Turkey’s southeastern Sanliurfa province, official sources told Anadolu Agency on Friday.

Turkish officials said the refugees are Syrian Arabs or Turkmen rather than Kurds.

“Ninety-eight percent of the region is made up of Arabs and Turkmens, but the PYD is changing the demographics of that region with aims to establish a Kurdish state by forcing Arab Syrians to migrate to Turkey,” said Sanliurfa governor speaking to a Turkish TV.

That my friends is exactly as was done by Israel. That is an ethnic cleansing

 All those that took their shots at me for pointing out the obvious can now eat their own words! 

Just a few Flashbacks regarding KurdIShIS symbiosis/duplicity and ethnic cleansing 


  1. Fixed the video, not sure why I can't see the image of Kurdish fighters?
    Let me know if you are having difficulties with image also?
    And yes, I feel vindicated :)

  2. What a load of bullshit. Most of these lies come from sources in Turkey! What a surprise that the Turks, big supporters of ISIS and AQ/JN, are pimping this propaganda rubbish against the Kurds, who they hate with a passion.

    The truth is that the YPG & FSA are advancing on ISIS in Raqqa province and any Arabs who collaborated with the takfiris are fleeing as they know their guilty asses will be caught. The FSA are ARABS!! Do you think they are 'ethnically cleansing' themselves!?

    1. Okani:
      simple thoughts for simple minds?

      Read through everything I have posted on this topic and you will see this has NOTHING to do with Turkey and everything to do with duplicity between Israel, the US, NATO and the Kurds

      The so called "kurds" have been systemically stealing the Assyrian history..
      The so called "kurds' along with Israel/US/NATO are working to create Kurdistan

      The Kurds are also members of the "tribe' and go way, way back with their Zionist friends

      Now, if you have nothing of value to offer.....

  3. btw: the Kurds and the Turks killed many an Assyrian....

  4. Your quote (in bold RED font) is from "Turkish sources in Sanliufra, reported by Turkish TV".

    It is very clear why the Turks are desperate for ISIS not to lose the border crossing at Tel Abyad to the YPG/FSA. The Turks allow jihadi fighters to cross at will and have given plenty of logistical and military aid to ISIS and Al Qaeda since the start of the war. The Turks are horrified at the thought of Kurdish control of Syrian Kurdistan for fear of igniting their own Kurdish population's desire for freedom.

    You're right that the Kurds are fighting for Kurdistan, either independence (unlikely in the short-term) or at least autonomy in any future Syrian state (more likely). It's high time the Kurds had full Independence imo, the Syrian government have no right to expect Kurdish loyalty having done nothing but persecute the Kurds for years.

    Your claims about "raping, pillaging, stealing land" etc are just transparent ISIS/Turkish propaganda. The Euphrates Volcano command, which is closing on Tel Abyad, consists of Arab FSA fighters as well as Kurdish YPG/J. So why would those Arab rebels fight alongside Kurds who were persecuting their fellow Arabs?

    Arabs/Turkmen that joined/supported/collaborated with ISIS have no grounds for complaining now that the tables have turned. The innocent civilians from Tel Abyad will have nothing to worry about from the YPG should they take it. There is no ethnic cleansing from the Kurds, as least nothing that remotely compares to what ISIS have done.

    1. "Your claims about "raping, pillaging, stealing land" etc are just transparent ISIS/Turkish propaganda"

      That is absurd. And also adhominem- equivalent to name calling

      Then you engage in a 'shoot the messenger' fallacy

      "Your quote (in bold RED font) is from "Turkish sources in Sanliufra, reported by Turkish TV"."

      Because it's from a Turkish source doesn't mean it wrong or even Turkish..

      I see you jumped in first time ever at Ziads.. to rebut the link to my post
      Smells like a public relations type move..
      Can't have the Kurds being portrayed as anything but the other victims?

  5. Penny, Okani is a regular on Yahoo news as well as other sites, his style of writing is the dead give away.


    1. Thanks Chevi- I saw his first post ever at Ziad's was to attack mine
      then he/she whatever came over here to attack in the same manner

  6. 'Okanis' Blogger profile is blank. Do you know his ISP or location or is he just one of many hasbara trolls?

    1. Hey Greg:
      Yes, I noticed his profile is a blank, on since 09 and only two views when I first looked at it, then three when I took another look- which means of the three I had made two- suggests a profile to be used as a needed?
      I mean in 6 years this individual has nothing to say, anywhere, ever on google?
      I suspect troll too, given the timing of it's appearance and am going to see if I can find his locale
      keep you posted

  7. Hello readers here:
    Particularly the people who are + this out on google plus
    thank you all so much for doing this- be sure to share all three parts of this ever expanding series of posts- There is a concerted effort being made to keep this information about Kurdish abuses of their own and other persons
    Kurdish duplicity wrt the destruction of existing nations
    Kurdish participation alongside NATO and Israel- treachery abounds
    And the western media has been covering this up and google makes my blog disappear when ever I post about Kurdish duplicity
    Truth seekers will appreciate our cooperative effort to get another more honest perspective out
    thanks again :)