Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Attack in Suruc,Turkey - KurdIShIS: Destabilizing Turkey

So, the bombing in Turkey? I had intended to ignore it. Why? Because it was an inevitable occurrence. Bound to happen. Absolutely necessary to destabilize Turkey. And I’ve made it abundantly clear, here, that Turkey is going to be destabilized.

Location, location, location-
Always so important- Just 10 kms from Kobani(e)  Kurdish controlled Kobani(e). The border crossing controlled by those same Kurds. Keeping in mind the symbiosis between KurdIShIS. Also the fact that Kurds fight alongside brand  ISIS. This has all been covered previously here at the blog. So, I’m not rehashing it in any in depth fashion. I'll just relink a bunch of previous posts. Throughout this post and at the end. OK? OK!

The Suruc target was Kurds, resident in Turkey. In the south east of Turkey. Who would benefit from this bombing? Not the Turkish government. The bombing would certainly assist in unifying the Kurds against Ankara. So, who would benefit from this bombing taking place where and when it did? Of course the Kurdistan agenda would be the primary beneficiary of this act of terror.
Let’s look at who the suspected bomber is?

*  An ethnic Kurd, a Turkish citizen, who had gone to Syria to fight with KurdIShIS! 
Imagine my non surprise at that!

Necessary prior post Flashback:Kurds fighting & killing Kurds/Arabs & Christians.Kobane(i) attack benefits Kurdistan creators 

Şeyh Abdurrahman Alagöz, a 20-year-old university student registered in Adıyaman province, has been identified as the suicide bomber who carried out the deadly July 20 attack at a municipal culture center in Şanlıurfa’s Suruç district
‘The suspect, a 20-year-old ethnic Kurd from the southeastern town of Adiyaman, also had links with another alleged bomber who attacked a pro-Kurdish political rally days before a June 7 general election, the official said on condition of anonymity”
*Cyprus Mail
There was “strong evidence” to suggest the bombing in the border town of Suruc on Monday was carried out by a 20-year old man born in the southeastern province of Adiyaman and of Kurdish origin, the official told Reuters.

“He was active in a Syria-linked group supporting the Islamic State. We know that he went to Syria illegally. It was not possible to track him during his time there,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation.

He had links with another alleged bomber who attacked a pro-Kurdish political rally in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir days ahead of a June 7 parliamentary election, killing four people and wounding at least 200, the official said.

The Radikal newspaper quoted what it said was the man’s mother saying he was a former student at Adiyaman university who had worked as a painter with his 25-year old brother before going abroad.

“I don’t know what they were doing abroad, they never said. They were just telling me they were fine,” Semure Alagoz told the newspaper. “I don’t know where he is now. I don’t know if they joined ISIL, if they went for jihad. They are both good kids, they wouldn’t harm anyone.”

Linked to another bomber who attacked a pro Kurdish rally immediately before the June 7 election.  Yup, the destabilization is moving forward!
I covered the pre election bombing incident here:  Pt-3: Destabilizing Turkey. Pre- Election Bombing/Explosion at Kurdish Rally
Brief quotation below-
Explosion at a large Kurdish rally, immediately before election day.
Divide and Conquer: Cui Bono? Certainly not Erdogan or the party he leads.
So, who might have planted the explosive devices?
 I don't rule out the power grabbing Kurds , on their own, or partnered with Israeli allies! This works in  their favour, of course. Garnering sympathy for the 'people without a country'
It could also be any associated NATO special operative? Kurds included here again. Also operatives from the  US, Germany, Britain, Canada etc., Then you have your useful idiots.
Curiously? Or typically?

*Two Turkish police officers were found shot in the head. In another southeastern Turkish border city.
“Ceylanpinar is located on the border some 160 km (100 miles) away from the predominantly Kurdish town of Suruç”

*Two Turkish police killed close to Syria border
Close to the Syrian border- Hmm...- what group of people are just across the border stealing the land of a nation, stealing the  property and ethnically cleansing the people of Syria- Of course, the Kurds.

Compound police officers were assassinated in

Unsurprisingly,  Ceylanpinar is a divided town with Ra’s al Ayn, Syria-  Ras al Ayn, Syria controlled by  Kurdish militias- Kurdish controlled border
Ceylanpinar (Arabic: ??? ?????? Ra's al 'Ayn, Kurdish: Serêkanî?, Ottoman Turkish: ??? ?????? Resülayn[3]) is a district of Sanliurfa Province in southeastern Turkey. On the border with Syria, it is reached by a long straight road D.905 across the plain south from Viransehir. It forms a divided city with Ra's al-'Ayn in Syria and there is a border crossing.
Flashback: Heroic Kurds call for Airstrikes

     "Of course, liberating Tel Abyad is included in the YPG plans. I want to be clear that when the time and conditions are right, we will liberate Tel Abyad, too.”

    He added, “Those regions are between the cities of Serekaniye [Ras al-Ain], Kobane [Ain al-Arab] and Afrin"

My conclusion:
  The bombing in Suruc, Turkey was an act of Kurdish terrorism. Part of a plan to destabilize Turkey. NATO is fully participant. No doubt Israel was involved. Considering Kurdish Israeli collusion


  1. Hi Penny:

    Whenever a bomb goes off...anywhere in the world...I suspect "the usual suspects". Zioatlantists. Anyone who tries to bait Turkey is asking for trouble. Check history books. Kurds are just a proxy army. Another thing...everything that's going on is an effort to isolate Russia. Turkey recently did a pipeline deal with Russia...No?

    1. Hi GC!

      Yup, we have the isolate Russia issue too. The psycho elites plan on many levels- But, I can't cover it all,so appreciate you mentioning it.

  2. I agree with Greencrow. It's all about controlling the world's supply of oil and gas and their respective pipelines to extend the asset base for the petrodollar which has been shrinking in the last few years. This is a life and death struggle for the zionists and their banking system. To win, they must dominate Russia and its oil and gas fields. And their pipelines, hence, Ukraine.

    Isis and their various predecessors are a travelling circus of mercenaries that go where their Anglo/Zionist paymasters send them and then move on; Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and who knows where next.

    The Kurds (with the same paymasters) are like the resident circus who take up tenure and squat. The Kurds and Isis work a tag-team op. Isis comes in and cleans out the Assyrian Christians and other minorities then move on allowing the Kurds to come in and 'claim their traditional land'. Which, like everything else, is bullshit.

    1. Hi James:

      one more thing I would like to add to this entire KurdIShIS tag team
      their expulsion of the Christians serves the larger plan of Israel's to clear that area of Christians... Israel will take Christian money, but, it's residents really have little correction NO love for those who worship Jesus

  3. Just one thing to add to this, which is that Turkey has serious problems. Internal problems. The policies of Erdoghan and the AKP have taken things to a serious point. This doesn't make the issue of a Kurdish state go away, but it does mean that there can be more inside job angles from within Turkey that need to be considered.

    It is certainly possible that the negotiations with Iran were about more than side agreements on how Iran is to use its unfrozen money. Like what the map is going to look like in a year or three. Iran, Syria, Russia, the US, and KSA may not be particularly bothered if Turkey hits the wall. And Israel is backing the Kurds. So who, exactly, is Ankara's friend? On the bright side, they have a policy of zero problems with their neighbors.


    1. Hey Paul
      Would you be referencing the Gulen angle?
      The deep state apparatus that attaches to NATO?
      Not sure?

      See the internal problems and the election would suggest to me that Erdogan isn't looking for more strife. It certainly does not serve his personal interests or that of his party.

      And suggesting a Kurd did the bombing would not serve Erdogan
      The killing of the police officers, my goodness, we have seen that time and time again...
      Libya. Syria. Was it Yemen there was a whole batch of them killed?
      That suggests an attack against the state- the governing party-

      Who is Ankara's friend at this time?
      It looks as if they are on their own. More or less