Friday, July 17, 2015

Greece & EU: There is NO Agreement. EU and EU2 ?

Flashback:  Greece : The Straw that Breaks the Euro Area- Full Integration or an Amicable Split

 Can't be sure. However, I'm sticking with what I see at this time. Greece (Tsipras) is being used to put pressure on the EU to fully and completely integrate or split into two factions. EU  & EU 2 the poor cousins

 No Agreement, still- Only an agreement to negotiate. Tsipras doesn't 'believe' in this deal. Schauble doesn't believe in the deal. The IMF, of all entities, does not support this deal. Still thinking this has all been designed to fail. Not sure why the talking heads are leading the audience to believe there is a deal pushed on Greece by Germany- As of yet, there is no agreement, no deal.

Europe has given its consent for formal talks on a third Greek bail-out package to begin

Greece news: Europe gives go ahead for third Greek bail-out talks - As it happened 17 July 2015
Europe has given its consent for formal talks on a third Greek bail-out package to begin


Germany about to give approval to negotiate third Greek bail-out

After a few hours of speeches and debate, German politicians are now preparping to vote on whether to approve talks a third bail-out package for Greece.
They're expected to wave it through, and are the last European country needed to do so, after Austria gave its consent earlier today.


Time for another change in Greek Government

Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister, managed to survive Wednesday's vote on tougher austerity measures. They were passed, but he's not been left unscathed.
Many of his own cabinet rebelled, and he's now expected to shake things up.
In total, 38 of his own party dissented to vote against him, including his energy and welfare ministers. A reshuffle is now expected in the next three days.

Still not comprehending the excuse making on behalf of duplicitous Tsipras. That's how I see his actions. He should not have gone back to the EU to grovel after all his inspirational but misleading talk.Instead he Sacks His Own Party Rebels in Shuffle

 ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sacked left-wing Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis and two deputy ministers on Friday as he reshuffled his cabinet following a party revolt against a tough new bailout deal adopted this week.

The 40 year-old prime minister moved to clear out the rebels after 39 Syriza hardline lawmakers refused to back the government over the measures, which were demanded by European partners as a pre-condition for beginning talks over a new bailout.

The main economic ministries remain unchanged, with Euclid Tsakalotos remaining in place at the finance ministry and George Stathakis staying at the economy ministry.

But Labor Minister Panos Skourletis, one of Tsipras' closest allies, will replace Lafazanis in the key energy portfolio, where he will be responsible for sensitive privatization dossiers
 Alongside Lafazanis, leader of Syriza's Left Platform, a faction that was bitterly opposed to the bailout, Deputy Labor Minister Dimtris Stratoulis and Deputy Defense Minister Costas Isychos also lost their jobs.

Stratoulis was replaced by Pavlos Chaikalis, a former comic actor from Syriza's right-wing coalition partners, the Independent Greeks, in a slightly reworked portfolio.
Flashback:  There is No Greek Deal ? Will the Greek government fall?
 Is a coup by any other name ("national unity government") still a coup?
Tsipras 'shuffles" Here come the technocrats?
 Former Deputy Finance Minister Nadia Valavani, another bailout opponent who resigned earlier this week before the vote, was replaced by Tryfon Alexiadis, a leading member of Greece's tax experts' union.

Christoforos Vernardakis, an academic, will become deputy defense minister
Any NATO affiliations for the academic? I wonder.
 The new ministers are expected to be sworn in on Saturday.

Tsipras has ruled out immediate early elections before a bailout deal is actually agreed, but Interior Minister Nikos Voutsis said this week that elections may come in September or October.
 From the No Greek Deal etc post- " A coalition of national unity, led by Tsipras, is likely to emerge by the end of the week with new elections in the autumn" Reads as if the new unity government is coming to fruition.

 German finance minister backs Grexit before Bundestag vote on bailout deal that no one believes in
Days after Greece appeared to escape crashing out of the euro, hawkish German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble has put Grexit back on the political agenda, raising tensions in Berlin and across the EU.

Speaking before a key Bundestag vote on Friday, Mr Schäuble said voluntary departure from the eurozone “could perhaps be a better way” for Greece than a proposed €86bn bailout package, which was painfully assembled at a marathon eurozone summit in Brussels over the weekend.
EU and EU2 the poor cousins- eventually taking in Portugal, Spain, Italy, likely Ireland. The private bankers can live with that.
Best case scenario, in my opinion, for all nations- Go your own way, because this economic bankers union can't work/won't work without substantial harm to all the people concerned- Definitely not worth the trouble.

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  1. As i've said before Penny, the E.U, NATO, UN U.S will all come to and end, it's going to happen, when you have injustice in the world due to a few evil doers nothing will come good of it and people will revolt.


    p.s, Arklight is a little sensitive on the kurds, he has a good heart, i have been at logger heads with him but he means well.

    1. Hi Chevi :)

      Those evil corrupt institutions couldn't come to an end soon enough!
      I do believe that what can't go on, won't go on. So hopefully the evil doers get theirs sooner, much sooner, rather then later

      as for Arklight?
      how he is, is the way he chooses to be
      I've been at Ziad's just reading- Don't have too much to say, don't really feel like getting into a name calling exchange- but I still read
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