Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kurdish PKK Claim Responsibility for Murder of 2 Turkish Police Officers

 Exactly as implied in yesterday's post: Attack in Suruc,Turkey - KurdIShIS: Destabilizing Turkey The police officers were killed by the NATO/Israeli backed Kurdish militias
 *Two Turkish police killed close to Syria border
Close to the Syrian border- Hmm...- what group of people are just across the border stealing the land of a nation, stealing the  property and ethnically cleansing the people of Syria- Of course, the Kurds.
What ever their irrelevant excuse making for undertaking the hit on the two police officers, the PKK are owning the killings.  As their brothers in arms owned the bombing in Suruc. 
Obviously, I don't believe the retribution spin. It's utter nonsense.

PKK claims murder of Turkish police officers

 "Kurdish militants on Wednesday claimed the murder of two Turkish police officers as revenge for a suicide bombing.
The authorities had earlier appeared at a loss to explain the deaths of the police officers, who were shot in the head at their shared home in an apartment block in southeastern town of Ceylanpinar near the border.
But the military wing of the PKK -- outlawed as a terrorist group by Turkey and its Western allies -- said the attack was a reprisal.
"A punitive action was carried out... in revenge for the massacre in Suruc," the People's Defence Forces (HPG) said in a statement on its website, accusing the two officers of cooperating with IS.
It described the attackers as an "Apoist team of self-sacrifice," in reference to the PKK's jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan, whose nickname is "Apo" or "uncle".

Ocalan: The 'jailed' leader? With plenty of influence. As I have theorized the PKK functions as a stay-behind army. My opinion hasn't changed.


  1. Penny,

    This is just something out there, but it might be worth looking into. It is about Tsipras.
    Israeli journalist & expert on Jewish mafias Barry Chamish, reports that Greek Syriza Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is like US Secretary of State John 'Kohn' Kerry with hidden Jewish father, Tsipras son of Jewish oligarch Pavlos Cipra (note spelling change game), a construction magnate heavily involved in human trafficking of Africans in slavery conditions to work in Greece. Seems cabal is 'poisoning' this info by having it on 'Christian rapture crazy' & similar sites.

    This goes along with Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis being son of key exec of Greece's Halivourgiki Steel & working for Bill Gates, & both Tsipras & Varoufakis being backed by George Soros, & also by Greek oligarchs such as George Angelopoulos (shipping, steel) & Spiros Latsis (petroleum, banking).

    Syriza leaders seem cabal goons engaged in cabal looting of Greece. With their fake 'Far Left' rhetoric, they are astonishingly managing the Greek default / collapse in ways utterly rapacious, impoverishing & devastating to the Greek people. Yet even Greeks themselves seem only partly woken up to this so far.


    1. Hey Paul

      I noticed when I put up the post on Tsipras

      Family, personal, details were sorely lacking
      even wikipedia

      no mother, no father, no education- but he joined the communist party...