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Lion Cubs of the caliphate? Who is really recruiting children?

I'm posting this "analysis" because it's an exemplary demonstration of spin. Propaganda. And general nonsense. ( representing the best of its kind)
Opening sentence: "ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The capture of Tal Abyad, or Gire Spi in Kurdish, last week by Kurdish forces caused thousands of residents to flee the strategic border town"
Rudaw which is more or less a Kurdish news, opinion, spin site is ADMITTING that thousands of residents fled the Kurdish forces when they took Tal Abyad

The article then goes on for several paragraphs afterwards informing the readers about how this provides us all an opportunity to become aware of life in Tal Abyad under ISIS occupation.

This spin job is necessary to deflect attention away from one big FACT- The residents of Tal Abyad were still residing in Tal Abyad until they fled the ethnically cleansing Kurdish forces

I generally call the spin that follows in the footstep of the fact that Rudaw doesn't want you to think about all those residents fleeing the Kurdish forces "dazzling with bullshit" 

The entire narrative for life under ISIS occupation is provided 3rd hand by some person from British Channel 4- She informs us all of what these young men are alleged to have said.
 "What happens to these children has become clear in Turkey just across the border from Tal Abyad, where Lindsey Hilsum of British Channel 4 caught up with some refugees. The young men of a family she spoke with told her why they approved of ISIS"

This is by it's very definition hearsay.
noun: hearsay
information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiated; rumor.

That type of information can't be taken as fact. It is rumour mongering. Likely entirely fabricated. And can in no way be verified. Accounts such as this should be disqualified out of hand unless one can find additional verifying information. And lots of it. And I mean lots of it!

The only fact we can take away from the entire article. The one sentence that we know is a fact, because, it was made in the form of a factual statement
The capture of Tal Abyad, or Gire Spi in Kurdish, last week by Kurdish forces caused thousands of residents to flee the strategic border town"
The capture of Tal Abyad by Kurdish forces caused thousands of residents to flee from the town.

Before ending this post, I will make mention of another agenda at play in this Rudaw article.

This article spins ISIS's recruit of children- However there have been multiple reports of Kurdish forces recruiting children- It would seem to me this article serves the additional purpose of spinning Kurdish child recruitment away and framing ISIS-
 By using a propaganda technique known as Transference
Transfer is a technique used in propaganda and advertising. Also known as association, this is a technique of projecting positive or negative qualities (praise or blame) of a person, entity, object, or value (an individual, group, organization, nation, patriotism, etc.) to another in order to make the second more acceptable or to discredit it.
So, the Kurdish spin site is transfering their negative attribute (child recruitment) on to ISIS

Reports on Kurds recruiting children:  These reports do not constitute hearsay- these are first hand reports, which can be verified.

July 2015:Kurdish YPG militia recruiting child soldiers in Syria: HRW
 A Syrian Kurdish militia is using child soldiers despite international law prohibiting its practice, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday.
The New York-based body said it documented at least 59 children under 18 recruited by the People's Protection Units (YPG) militia and the YPJ, its female branch. 
Some of the children died in combat in June, it said.
“The YPG promised to stop sending children to war and it should carry out its promise," said Fred Abrahams, a special adviser at Human Rights Watch (HRW).
 Some Kurdish Forces Still Recruiting and Using Child Soldiers: Witnesses
Kurdish forces continue to recruit school children as child soldiers, despite a public pledge not to do so, according to witnesses and relatives.
It had previously emerged that the Kurdish Democratic Union Party’s military wing – the Public Protection Units – had been recruiting at schools under their control since the start of 2014. Later the same year, Human Rights Watch also issued a damning report on the many groups involved in the fighting that recruit child soldiers.
Yasser al-Hassan, 46, an engineer in the oil fields of Rmelan, a town in the northeastern al-Hassakah Governorate, told Syria Deeply that armed boys and girls man checkpoints between al-Qamishli and Rmelan.
“Many children died at the fronts in Ras al-Ein, Yarubia and Hassakeh,” he said, adding that he had personally attended the funerals of a number of child soldiers.
“The recruitment is still ongoing under the excuse of defending the area and claims these children volunteered by themselves. But that’s not true, because most teachers in schools are members of the Public Protection Units and they brainwash children and convince them that joining and fighting with them is a sacred matter and that everyone must volunteer to fight with the units.”

My nephew, Butan Taj al-Deen … dropped out when he was in elementary school due to the lack of teaching staff … [he] wasn’t good at school so when he quit his parents didn’t care much and they sent him to work in the vegetable market in town, which is ruled by party members. Every day he brought back with him lots of vegetables and 200 Syrian liras (about one dollar).
“It was a very good salary so his family didn’t pay much attention to the threat their son was under. We later heard he joined the Public Protection Unit.
”We didn’t take this seriously and his family thought he was just going to guard the market along with other members of the party, but three months later we received the news of his death.
“I still can’t believe he was killed. I have no idea how he and his younger friend Hassan Ibrahim joined the party together and both got killed together too. How could a 13- or a 14-year-old child carry weapons and fight?
Going back to 2014: Syrian Kurds recruiting children for military wing, rights group says
 Human Rights Watch said it had found that children had been recruited into the PYD's police force and armed wing.

Transfer is propaganda intended to mislead- Beware of these types of manipulations


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