Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Syria: The "Army of Conquest" moves towards the Mediterranean

Well, well, well... This is interesting.
How often can it be stated that geographical location is so important? And, what an interesting name for this NATO backed terror bunch! "Army of Conquest" 

First some much needed background:
  Let's view a map of  the alleged "Kurdistan-  a "geo cultural region" (that means lots of other people have always lived their too) where google claims Kurds have allegedly been in the majority- but that's not really true.  Kurdistan, as claimed, just happens to almost perfectly align with the land of the early Assyria. For comparison purposes, directly below the alleged Kurdistan, I will put a map of the Assyrian domain. Check the borders for yourself.


Early Assyrian Territory

The Darker Green area of the Assyrian Territory aligns nearly perfectly with "Kurdistan" and the expanded Assyrian Territory including Kurdistan looks to be everything coveted by modern day Israel- Curious isn't it?

Just some things to keep in mind..............

Now let's get back to the latest news!

Insurgents have launched a big offensive on government-held areas in northwestern Syria in a bid to advance towards a coastal region vital to President Bashar al-Assad’s control of western Syria, a monitoring group and activists said on Tuesday.
The taking of the coastal region in Syria would bode very, very badly for Turkey as it stands today. Look at the map of "Kurdistan" above and then you'll be clear on what I am suggesting.
If the Army of Conquest succeeds in taking this area, it will be a loss to Syria and Turkey.

 A Syrian military source described the attack as large and widespread. The insurgents are seeking to drive into the Sahl al-Ghab plain
 Supporters of an insurgent alliance fighting in the area, the “Army of Conquest”, said the insurgents had seized a power station in the area and listed a total of 16 locations captured from government forces in the offensive

Digression-  "Army of Conquest"- kind of says it all. I guess NATO's irregulars aren't even going to pretend to be about fighting oppression, human rights, democracy and justice. Straight up- CONQUEST!
noun: conquest
the subjugation and assumption of control of a place or people by use of military force.
Of course the control and subjugation of this area, via military force, plays right into the creation of Israel's partner nation Kurdistan- see map of Assyria.

 Insurgents including the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front captured government-held positions outside the town of Jisr al-Shughour and pushed into the northern tip of the Sahl al-Ghab plain overnight.
Sahl al Ghab plain circled
 Sahl al Ghab - very fertile farmland- home to 11,000 families according to Wiki

Insurgents including, but not limited to, al Qaeda... Gee, who else might be there alongside al Qaeda? PKK? Of course! PYD- The Syrian PKK? Of course they are alongside AQ!
Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Observatory, said government forces had launched a counter attack and had recovered some lost ground in Sahl al-Ghab.

The military source said: “The battles are ongoing in that area between the army and the militant attackers, the terrorists.”
More on this move to the Med: 

Big rebel attack in Syria targets area vital to Assad

Supporters of an insurgent alliance (AQ, PKK, PYD, ISIS, Chechens etc.,) fighting in the area, the "Army of Conquest", said the rebels had seized a power station in the area and listed a total of 16 places captured from government forces in the offensive.
The coastal mountain range, which acts as a buffer for government-held cities such as Latakia, is west of Sahl al-Ghab.
 The insurgents fighting against government forces also included the Islamist Ahrar al-Sham faction and groups including Chechen and central Asian fighters, the Observatory said.
 Chechens and Central Asians- two groups who have gone to fight alongside ISIS

The military has concentrated on defending Syria's west, a tactic Assad alluded to on Sunday when he said the army had been forced to give up some areas in order to hold onto more important ones during the four-year conflict.

This move towards the Mediterranean may explain Turkey's sudden concern with KurdIShIS.


  1. The empire I grew up in, gave loyalty to empire as the higher calling, than loyalty to country. So Kurds have a small calling that needs achieving, to get to the higher calling. Oh my God, another brick in the wall.

    1. "So Kurds have a small calling that needs achieving, to get to the higher calling"

      It sure looks as if that's the case!

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    Ziad's place is still down- I tried to get there and it's gone
    I suspect the speech Assad gave this past week end may have left him very disappointed if not heartbroken :(
    Hopefully he will return?

    1. Yes, I go by everyday but haven't received any e-mail updates from the site. I was going wait until this Friday to contact him again. I let you know what he says if he answers. I do miss him and most of the commenters.