Monday, July 13, 2015

Tsipras & Bankers, Esp. the IMF, Enslaved the Greek People. It Was Not Germany

A round up of news items from earlier today:

Here’s What the Greek Deal Entails

So, what does the new deal entail? Well, to begin with, a lot of money.

Greece’s creditors figure the country needs between €82 billion and €86 billion in rescue funds. Immediate financing needs amount to €7 billion by July 20 and an additional €5 billion by mid-August, in large part to help Greece clear arrears to the International Monetary Fund and pay back other loans falling due.

That might sound a lot, but it’s only around a third of what Greece has already received in the first two bailout programs–it already owes an estimated €230 billion to the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and other European governments. Although much of the focus has been on German resistance to stumping up ever more cash to the Greeks, smaller eurozone countries that were given much smaller lifelines on strict terms during the crisis were also unhappy at the prospect of forking endless amounts of money to the Greeks.

As for Greek banks, they’re still in big trouble. Greece’s creditors figure they need a buffer of between €10 billion and €25 billion for recapitalization and resolution costs, of which €10 billion would be made available immediately.

That’s a broad range of estimates for how much money the banking sector needs. Maybe because the question of who takes a hit has yet to be resolved. By July 22, the Greek government will have to adopt the European Union’s Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD). The BRRD outlines how creditors take the hit in a bank insolvency. In other words, it suggests Greek depositors could be subject to bail-ins, i.e. losses on deposits above certain guaranteed minimums, as happened in Cyprus in 2013, during its banking crisis.
The bankers have made it so this can happen everywhere. You know globally?! 

So what does Greece have to do to get hold of the money? Value-added tax will be streamlined and go up. The pension system will undergo major reforms. The Greek statistics agency is to be made independent and reliable. A system of quasi-automatic spending cuts are to be implemented if Greece deviates from ambitious surplus targets. These have to be adopted by Wednesday.

Then, besides the adoption of the BRRD, the Greek civil justice system will have to be overhauled by July 22.
Overhaul of the Greek justice system? 
And then there’s a raft of other market reforms, including recommendations on Sunday trade, sales periods, pharmacy ownership, milk and bakeries and the opening of macro-critical closed professions like ferry transportation. The electric grid system will have to be privatized or subject to competition. The labor market is to be made more flexible. And the financial sector is to be strengthened.
On top of all that, Greece has to set up a €50 billion privatization fund half of which will pay for bank recapitalization

The Syriza government will have to reinstate policies on pension reforms agreed under previous rescue plans. Basically, the Syriza government has had to back down on almost all fronts relative to what it promised when seeking election in January. And the new bailout plan includes the IMF, a situaton Mr. Tsipras fought against in the talks overnight, but a battle he ultimately lost.

Greece is being prepped for complete plunder. In every way, shape and form.

The Perils of Greece’s Privatization Efforts
In 2010, when Greece got its first bailout, creditors demanded that Athens raise €50 billion by the end of 2015 by selling off state assets including banks, airports, ports, an electrical utility and land, including beaches and even islands. Since the economy was in a recession, this seemed like the best bet to raise cash fast.

But in the last five years, Greece has sold only a paltry €3.2 billion of assets, about 94 percent below the target. The choicest assets were bought at discounts by wealthy Greek businessmen.

Choicest assets bought at discount prices by wealthy Greek Oligarchs.. Sound familiar?
I notice a media  trend of demonizing Germany and Merkel. Why? Greece’s indebtedness falls on the shoulders of private debt based banking, the entire ponzi scheme and corrupt politicians practising crony capitalism So, why blame Germany?

 No mercy for Greece in Angela Merkel's Europe
Greek crisis strains Franco-German relationship

Germany Flexes Its Muscles in Talks With Bailout Ultimatum
The weekend’s power play also highlights the cracks among Greece’s creditors—especially Germany and the International Monetary Fund—as the cost of keeping Greece in the euro spirals out of control. The IMF has urged Europe to give Greece some debt relief, something Berlin has opposed. Part of the reason for Germany’s hard line now is that maximally tough austerity in Greece could reduce IMF pressure to write off Greek loans.
Berlin is opposing the IMF endorsed write downs. I believe Germany has a very good reason for this.

Greek debt crisis: 'Who will trust Germany after this?' asks Paul Krugman 
Paul Krugman- Go away
The Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has said the EU's demands of Greece are madness and accused Germany of killing the European project. 
I do believe Germany slowed down the so called European project. In the best interest of the nation of Germany. Hence the demonization. Of course, I have a theory! I'll share ASAP.

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  1. Berlin is opposing the IMF endorsed write downs. I believe Germany has a very good reason for this.

    Sorry but I feel this wrong. Germany is doing we they are told. Intersecting yes I'm drink but can still type

    1. Hey jo!

      I will explain my stance asap. Judging by the condemnation of Germany, I don't think Germany is doing as they have been told..
      So, come back by later today?
      And if your having wine, it's all good :)

  2. Simplistic view: EU to Greece workers..Lube up, and bend over.

    Nothing like the "New World Feudalism", Eh?

    1. Nothing like the "New World Feudalism", Eh?

      Certainly how the psycho class sees it!

  3. @Greece is being prepped for complete plunder. In every way, shape and form.

    This is the bottom line, and it always has been. There are not only the Greek oligarchs who want to get it on the cheap.

    1. "There are not only the Greek oligarchs who want to get it on the cheap".
      Hey WizOz

      I suspect more then just the greek oligarchs are drooling over the plunder

  4. Greece has to turn over control of it's 'energy transmission lines,' which to me means the proposed NG pipeline from Russia, which would kill that deal or maybe not, since now the banksters can make a fortune off the selling of the NG.

    1. Hey Greg

      Yup, the banksters can buy it up on the cheap and either make the deal themselves or sell it to someone who will make the deal anyway
      whichever? when the game is so rigged, the banking scum can't lose

  5. Why is it that in this entire charade there has been no extensive discussion of the German "bad guy" finance minister and his kohl legacy? Kohl apparently called Merkel a dolt in a late, interview. Might be worth exploring exactly who the finmin is?

    1. Can you shed some light on this subject?
      I would appreciate that greatly. I've been rolling a bunch of thoughts 'round in my head, but am of course limited by the information I have been exposed to.
      Can you provide some information regarding this finance minister?
      Thanks in advance

  6. Hi Penny,

    California recently mandated obligatory vaccines for children. Now it seems that adults are next on the list.

    I had to think of the Dead Kennedys California Über Alles, but I'd forgotten the lyrics. This is quite bizarre.

    1979 lyrics referring to then and now governor Jerry Brown.


    I am Governor Jerry Brown
    My aura smiles
    And never frowns
    Soon I will be president...

    Carter Power will soon go away
    I will be Fuhrer one day
    I will command all of you
    Your kids will meditate in school
    Your kids will meditate in school!

    California Uber Alles
    California Uber Alles
    Uber Alles California
    Uber Alles California

    Zen fascists will control you
    100% natural
    You will jog for the master race
    And always wear the happy face

    Close your eyes, can't happen here
    Big Bro' on white horse is near
    The hippies won't come back you say
    Mellow out or you will pay
    Mellow out or you will pay!


    Now it is 1984
    Knock-knock at your front door
    It's the suede/denim secret police
    They have come for your uncool niece

    Come quietly to the camp
    You'd look nice as a drawstring lamp
    Don't you worry, it's only a shower
    For your clothes here's a pretty flower.

    DIE on organic poison gas
    Serpent's egg's already hatched
    You will croak, you little clown
    When you mess with President Brown
    When you mess with President Brown

    1. Creepy, and doesn't that sound like the technocracy?
      What a creepy song. Talk about mind control via the music industry