Monday, July 27, 2015

Turkey: ISIS/Kurds & the Good Vs Evil Narrative

Turkey, striking ISIS, hits Kurds- It seems so contradictory and yet it's not
Sample news item: Turkey accused of shelling Kurds in Syria
Turkey denies claims it shelled Kurdish fighter positions in a village in northern Syria, as Ankara continues its campaign against so-called Islamic State
Image from linked news story. ISIS or Kurds? (Check link for answer)

“A Turkish foreign ministry official denied on Monday that bombing of Kurdish positions in northern Syria had taken place. A government official has said that the claim is being investigated.

"The ongoing military operation seeks to neutralise imminent threats to Turkey's national security and continues to target Islamic State in Syria and the PKK in Iraq," the official said.

"The PYD (the political wing of the YPG), along with others, remains outside the scope of the current military effort."

Just by reading the latest news we can spot far too many contradictions in the presented narrative. Too many contradictions indicate falsities.  Turkey is hitting ISIS.  Kurds says Turkey is striking the villages they hold. Western NATO allies seem pleased that Turkey has FINALLY joined the fight against ISIS.  Their approval confirms that Turkey is striking ISIS targets. What’s going on!

How can we reconcile the contradictory claims? How can we make sense of nonsense?  How can Turkey be striking ISIS, to the alleged glee of their NATO allies, who are ‘fighting’ ISIS, while at the same time Kurdish militias  are claiming to be hit?

KurdIShIS is the simplest, most obvious, explanation.

The whole Kurdish/ISIS, White/Black or Good vs Evil, is a full of nonsense, fairy tale and utter bullshit.

*Weapons dropped to ISIS, intended for the Kurds, of course that was“accidental” -Not credible

*ISIS resistance practically melting away when the Kurds come to town. Again on more then one occasion is not credible when on considers the over the top hype of the ISIS threat.

*ISIS releasing Kurdish ‘hostages’ out of the goodness of their hearts, of course! Again, on more then one occasion.

These seeming contradictions clearly demonstrate a cohesion rather then a contradiction.

The Kurds vs ISIS is a classic good vs evil narrative. We love to believe that good will triumph over evil.

"Every time you tell yourself a good vs evil story, you're basically lowering your IQ." Tyler Cowen

I don’t agree 100 percent with that quotation but, I’m using it to make a specific point, with clarification. Every time you allow yourself to be taken in by a presented, simplistic, good vs evil narrative you will be made more foolish for it. Yes, there is good & evil in the real world. That is abundantly evident. And the fact of good & evil’s existence makes it easy for us to be taken in by a patently false, good vs evil, as presented narrative that has nothing to do with the real world.
This false, good vs evil narrative, is the ISIS/Kurd narrative.
Stop believing it.

The agenda pushing media is also spinning via their headlines that Turkey is striking Kurdish territory in Northern Syria. To be clear: There is NO Kurdish territory in Syria. There is only Syrian territory taken over by Kurdish “fighters” while tag teaming in their symbiotic, mutually beneficial, relationship with ISIS and ultimately with the NATO/Israel global war machine.

Truth is simple, it is lies that are complicated.

By that I mean, the official contradictory and complicated narratives make the lie obvious.
Pull the layers back and the truth is apparent.


  1. Apologies to many readers here, I just spent a week end reading a ton of white Kurds/
    Black ISIS stories regurgitated by the war mongering media and I'm just fed up and annoyed with it all!

    brief rant done

  2. It may be relevant here that russia leaked out that it is in process of selling systems better than the 300 to Iran which follows a russian story that the 400 was snapped in Algeria. Also that us drone went down in northern Syria months ago. Finally the assad push in the north and the south meant it was a matter of time before the trioka launched strikes against the latest counteroffensive which appears to be making some ground amidst the latest assad move to grant leniancy toarmy deserters (Scmp reporting assad admits lack of troops and losses). Summing up it looks like the latest rebel offensives in the south and north have again failed precipitating the most recent round of airstrikes and safe zone talk which all along was merely securing the long logistics tail. Iraq reporting also that the Kurds are ramping up oil exports as dispute with baghdad lingers over payment. The armenia and azer flaring again inside a Baku and russia detente whilst Georgia pro Nato faction fan the flames makes the Kurd moves all the more critical. Israel appears to be fanning the flameswith mosque moves after rejecting kerrywarning that of dire consequences if they move on Iran unilateral. That of course goes back to brez. Warning that the us ouht to tell israel if it moves the us would shoot down the planes.

    1. thanks for the comment, I wasn't ignoring it, i was just venting on gatekeepers and limited hangout sites- preventing discourse when one is not trouble making or trolling reeks of censorship

  3. Left this comment at MoA- in the latest posting from b
    Don't know why? I must like the punishment?

    "The plan is disjointed because the US and Turkey are paying lip service to one another- this isn't difficult stuff!

    They are creating a perception managed idea of working together while the US creates Kurdistan which will inevitably destroy Turkey
    And Turkey knows they are on the NATO hit list

    Turkey plans to pour all the displaced Syrians back into Syria- where they belong- back to their homes and land.

    Or don't the displaced Syrians matter?
    In order to push the super warrior Kurd meme?

    "the most successful force against the Islamic State so far, under the bus"

    Oh, yes the Kurds are so successful...And yet we are supposed to believe that ISIS is omnipotent- Do you find a contradiction in that?
    A big glaring contradiction?

    Posted by: Penny | July 27, 2015 at 01:23 PM"

    I recall varying commenters here telling me that moa was a limited hangout place
    james @ wp , wasn't it you and AP? think so?
    And now I fully, completely understand why!
    And when nobody called out xymphora- he was right on the money
    man I used to be gullible!