Friday, July 24, 2015

Turkey: Jets Target "ISIS", Mass Arrests inc. PKK. Kurds Continue Their Ethnic Cleansing

 Keep in mind that ISIS/Kurds are KurdIShIS. They are the 'good cop/bad cop' show in action.
Kurds/good- ISIS/bad as always presented via the war mongering media. Though both parties have the same goal- Destabilization. Order out of Chaos And at the highest levels both sides of the dialectic are protected under the mass global NATO umbrella, which includes Israeli interests.

That is my perspective in it's simplest form- realizing it isn't that simple- but breaking it down for ease of understanding why the term KurdIShIS is used here. And why the Kurds and ISIS are just oppisames in more ways then one.

Turkey hits ISIS in Syria- From Turkish Territory- Different then the multiple Israeli strikes.
Just the facts:
Turkish warplanes pounded Islamic State targets in Syria and police detained hundreds of suspected militants across Turkey on Friday,
Turkey pounds IS targets AND detains hundreds of militants

“ the attacks on Islamic State targets inside Syria and the early morning raids across 13 provinces at home, which also targeted Kurdish militants”
Airstrikes launched from Turkey -
Three F-16 fighter jets took off from a base in Diyarbakir, southeast Turkey, early on Friday and hit two Islamic State bases and one "assembly point" before returning, the Prime Minister's office said in a statement.
One official said the raid has been launched from Turkish airspace.
 "Turkish fighter jets didn't cross the Syrian border during the operation," the official said, adding the targets had been across the border from the Turkish town of Kilis.
The Turkish forces have destroyed the Islamic State (IS) targets on the Syrian border that have threatened the Turkish security, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Friday.

Turkish war jets destroyed the targets within the national airspace, since they did not need to enter the Syrian territory for the attack

In the operation, three F-16 fighters took off from an air base in southeastern Turkey, bombed three IS targets on the Syrian territory for 13 minutes, and then flew back on early Friday.

The military operation came after an IS assault from the Syrian side that killed a Turkish soldier in gunfire on border in southern Turkey on Thursday.
Reiterating: Turkey launched a 13 minute assault on specific IS targets from it’s own territory after an attack by brand ISIS, NATO irregulars, on Turkish soldiers- As stated in yesterday's post, Is Turkey Invading Syria, presently? Incirluk deal. More Turkish Police dead, that was a definite provocation on the part of NATO’s irregulars- Why would they have undertaken that move at this present time? Has the destablization of Turkey moved into full swing?

Reuters continues:
“Turkey has suffered a wave of violence in its largely Kurdish southeast after a suspected Islamic State suicide bombing (by an ethnic Kurd. Kurds killing Kurds.)  killed 32 people, many of them Kurds, in the town of Suruc on the Syrian border this week.”
Mass Arrests- A rather large operation
Police rounded up more than 250 people in raids against suspected Islamic State and Kurdish militants in Friday's raids, the prime minister's office said, adding it was determined to fight all "terrorist groups" equally.
Local media reported that helicopters and more than 5,000 officers, including special forces, were deployed in the operation. Anti-terror police raided more than 100 locations across Istanbul alone, broadcasters CNN Turk and NTV reported.
*More on the raids:

 (ANSAmed) - ROME, JULY 24 - Over 290 people were arrested in a counterterrorism operation on Friday by Turkish police in Istanbul and 16 other provinces across Turkey, media report government sources as saying. Islamic State (ISIS) and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) members were targeted in the raid. ''Simultaneous raids have been conducted against a high number of people suspected of preparing operations against civilians,'' the prime minister's office said, adding that ''297 people have have arrested, including 37 foreigners, who belong to terrorist groups.''
37 foreigners?

*Turkey detains nearly 300

DIYARBAKIR, July 23, 2015 (Xinhua) -- Turkish police guard the attack area in the city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, on July 23, 2015. Two Turkish police officers were wounded in an armed attack by gunmen in southeastern Turkey Thursday
"Turkish authorities detained nearly 300 people as police launched large-scale raids to arrest suspected members of Islamic State (IS), the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and other militant groups on Friday.
The raids became necessary after a wave of deadly violence has recently gripped the country, claiming the lives of several security officers.
The police, which was backed by helicopters, raided addresses in sixteen of the country's provinces, Daily Hurriyet informs.
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that 297 people were detained in the raids, while a member of the banned Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) was killed.
The DHKP-C member was killed in a clash with police forces while attempting to resist an arrest by the authorities in the Bagcilar district of Istanbul"

Video available here

The US media is spinning this as Turkey stepping up in the US led “war on terror”.
However, that does not seem to be the case.....
Quoting a Turkish official:
 "This morning's air strike and operation against terrorist groups domestically are steps taken as preventive measures against a possible attack against Turkey from within or from outside ... There has been a move to active defense from passive defense."
Reads more like Turkey is defending it’s territory

Turkey has repeatedly said it would take any "necessary measures" to protect itself from attack by both Islamic State and Kurdish militants

As stated: Defending it’s territory.


As mentioned yesterday- Deal? No Deal? Does the US really want a deal to fly manned aircraft from Incirlik? Personally, I have serious doubts about that. I had mentioned in a post from Dec/14 that US drones are flying from Incirlik. (When I have time I will relink that post) Reuters verifies that earlier reporting
“U.S. defense officials   said on Thursday that Turkey has agreed to allow manned U.S. planes to launch air strikes against Islamic State militants from an air base at Incirlik, (not verified) close to the Syrian border. U.S. drones are already launched from the base” (As long term readers here already knew)
More on the 2 police officers killed yesterday- Definitely a hit!

Rear end another vehicle- Wait for the traffic cops to appear- Head shots. Obviously planned hits. The two police officers killed in their sleep were also shot in the head.- The PKK claimed responsibility for those hits- No doubt they were involved with the staged traffic accident.

"The policemen were targeted from 30 meters in a series of shots when they got out of their traffic patrol vehicle to look a car which had struck a garbage truck. Close to ten empty shells were discovered on the scene. Officer Tansu Aydin who succumbed to a head shot wound was pronounced dead by the Dicle University Hospital. The second policeman, Ali Karhan, remains in critical condition. Security forces have launched operations on the ground with support from air to locate and identify the assailants, according to Turkish press reports"
It’s Always Sunny in Ethnic Cleansing Kurdistan!

Around these parts- facts and truth reign supreme- There have been ample, varied & multiple reports that the Kurds are engaged in ethnic cleansing- There is nothing heroic about that type of action.
I can't condemn other persons for undertaking such attrocities and excuse the favoured Kurdish militias because the media wants me to!
It’s always sunny in Kurdistan. The Kurds remain the darling of the western media and politicians, who love the hard fighters who have scrapped for decades to try and carve out their own homeland along the ethnic faultlines for northern Iraq, Iran, and Syria. But now that they have the excuse to do so, are they pushing out Sunni Arabs in the guise of fighting against the Islamic State? FP contributor Sara Elizabeth Williams writes from northern Iraq that witnesses there say the Kurdish Peshmerga, the military force of Iraqi Kurdistan, “has an agenda that goes beyond fighting the Islamic State: establishing the boundaries of a future Kurdish state and moving the Arabs out.”

Destroying Homes for Kurdistan

There is growing evidence of a far uglier crime perpetrated by America’s closest allies in Iraq. For months, humanitarians working in areas wrested back from the Islamic State have quietly documented a pattern of Sunni Arabs, who were displaced during the jihadis’ advance, being denied the right to return home.
Witnesses — including a half-dozen aid workers, a European diplomat, and a terrified resident of the affected area — say the Kurdish Peshmerga, the military force of Iraqi Kurdistan, has an agenda that goes beyond fighting the Islamic State: establishing the boundaries of a future Kurdish state and moving the Arabs out.
It's time for some who have had their heartstrings pulled to face facts!

One European diplomat who had recently visited this stretch of land spoke of “deliberate, systematic destruction of Sunni Arab property at the hands of the Peshmerga, with only the most tenuous of security justifications.”
Not to mention the Christians & Shiites who have also been ethnically cleansed by the favoured Kurdish terror groups!

And Finally: Parallel State in Action
“Several parties, which benefit from bloodshed but endorse a rhetoric of peace and solidarity, have betrayed our country hand-in-hand with a [terrorist] organization, with its members managing to work at state organizations as insiders,” the Sanliurfa Police Department Head Eyüp Pinarbasi said on July 23
An obvious reference to Gulen

In recent days:


  1. I still could not find information on tanks entering Syria- And I looked long and hard while digging up news for the above post

  2. Hurriyet today

    Peshmerga the model for fighting isis per pentagon

    Us and turkey to set up safe zone on border in the latest recycling of an ide the Turks have pushed for years+

    1. I saw reports of the safe zone, but, then saw reports that the US doesn't want one- so I didn't include it
      It seems like news in Incirlik- yes, no maybe so

  3. Love the" good cop/ bad cop" analogy Penny. Just like our 2 party system here in the US....ben

    1. Hi ben

      thanks for the comment- I just call them as I see them. That's it.
      That's all it's ever been about-
      As for the two party system in the US- it's the same here- except we have three parties- pretty sure we will see the libs and NdP (I used to be a card carrying member) join and then it will be a two party system here to
      On second thought, perhaps they won't join- the two left parties vote right alongside side the one right party for war and humanity crushing trade deals and worse- it's a nightmare in this country

  4. The Kurds in a hundred years won't be able to come close to the ethnic treatment that the Turks have dished out. The Ottoman Empire was a multi-cultural empire of sorts, but everything since the Young Turks has been on the edge of genocide at any moment. Not saying that the current ethnic cleansing is good, but how much of it is under Western command? The brutal treatment of minorities in Turkey hasn't required any Western encouragement or pressure. And, of course, are any of these areas that were Kurdish till recent times that Hussein or somebody changed?

    Still, the question is if some kind of deal could be made to make autonomy work in countries like Iraq, Turkey, or Syria. It might, if not for the brutal nature of neighbors and the West. So we are back to brute force being the deciding factor.

    My limited time inside Turkey led me to believe that that was one seriously nasty country towards minorities or anyone who goes against power at all, even over small things. Erdoghan himself did time in prison, as have many Islamist figures over the last 40 years. Syria and Armenia would already be gone from the maps if he had his way, and that is being generous. The people might be extinct, too. The irony is all the talk of Iran and Syria being "brutal regimes". What a joke.


  5. Penny,

    One other thing to keep in mind in the current mess is that Erdoghan might want to demonize the Kurds for an upcoming election, one that he hopes will not have a strong performance by the pro-Kurdish party inside Turkey. A brutal enough war against the Kurds on and inside the border will radicalize the Kurds to the point where some of them will get violent, and then Erdoghan can play the strong man theme.


    1. Paul: go back to an older posts which included a newspaper clipping talking about Kurds at the time of the Ottoman Empire engaging in the exact same ethnic cleansing against the Assyrians and Armenians they are now engaging in- Alongside the Turks.

      Which means the Kurds were also the brutes at the time of the Ottaman Empire

      "The American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) is demanding an official apology from Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani for the murder of Assyrians by Kurds in the past. Thousands of Assyrian Christians were killed in the region in the last century.

      “Just as the Kurdish try to get recognition for the Kurdish genocide, we ask them to accept their responsibility for the killings of the Assyrians in this region,” says David William Lazar, head of the AMO in Los Angeles.

      Many of the Assyrians were killed by Kurdish troops working with the Ottomans'

      There is an image of an Assyrian monastery in so called "kurdish' territory

      This is, in my opinion, why history repeats- because most of what we are told and accept and history is lies.

      That misleadingly labelled 'pro-kurdish' party is just another activist party. Kurds, LGBT, feminists etc.,

      I've covered this all in previous posts-

      Plus you are ignoring the fact that the PKK has engaged in many terror attacks- for many years inside Turkey.
      The PKK is a stay behind army They fit the profile- their activities have made things worse for the Kurds and the Turkish population
      Ocalan, the man in jail, allegedly, seems well kept by NATO

      Also Erdogan's party has attempted to make peace with the Kurdish population for several years- Ocalan has been involved with those negotiations

      btw: the PKK claimed themselves they killed the police officers in their sleep assassination style- what agenda was that going to help?
      The peace agenda? The destabilization agenda?
      I would assume the Kurdish terrorists killed the other two police officers also. And it was a Kurd that did the suicide bombing.

      Erdogan 'might' want to demonize the kurds? Maybe? But aren't they doing a good enough job at that themselves?

      I will and do consider all those things, but, the Kurds are killing all manner of people- they are ethnically cleansing people in Iraq, Syria and will do so in Turkey- should I let them off the hook- Should I write well it's ok because Turkey has issues- particularly when the Kurds participated way back in mass killing alongside the Turks? I can't do it.