Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Worst Summer Ice Arctic Conditions in 20 Years!! Summer Ice/Arctic

CCGS Amundsen re-routed to Hudson Bay to help with heavy ice

Worst ice conditions in 20 years force change of plans to icebreaker research program

  The CCGS Pierre Radisson escorts the oil tanker Havelstern to Iqaluit July 17. Tough ice conditions in area have delayed this summer's annual resupply, and have now derailed the CCGS Amundsen from its carefully planned summer research program.
Tough Ice Conditions?  The sun has been shining long and hard in the Arctic for the past couple of months- And still the ice persists? How is that possible? When we human have been warming the planet? Allegedly?  BTW: despite all the focus on hot temps in the west- All of eastern Canada has been colder then normal. Including where I live in Southern Ontario. Hudson Bay is located in the Eastern half of Canada- 

A carefully planned, 115-day scientific expedition on board the floating research vessel, the CCGS Amundsen, has been derailed as the icebreaker was called to help resupply ships navigate heavy ice in Hudson Bay.
"Obviously it has a large impact on us," says Martin Fortier, executive director of ArcticNet, which coordinates research on the vessel. "It's a frustrating situation."
During the summer, the  Amundsen operates as a floating research centre with experiments running 24 hours a day. This year it was scheduled to reach North Baffin Bay.

 But the icebreaker has been rerouted to escort commercial ships en route to resupply communities in Northern Quebec on the eastern side of Hudson Bay.

Worst conditions in 20 years

Johnny Leclair, assistant commissioner for the Coast Guard, said Tuesday conditions in the area are the worst he's seen in 20 years.
With only two icebreakers available in the Arctic — the CCGS Pierre Radisson has been escorting resupply ships through ice-choked Frobisher Bay — he said the only option was to re-deploy the Amundsen
Leclair did say there should be two more icebreakers headed to the Arctic in the next week, which should free up the Amundsen to return to its scientific mission.
Fortier is hopeful the season will still be productive.
"The people planning the large expeditions have a plan B," Fortier said. "We have already curtailed or either moved to a later date some of the stations and some of the areas we were suppose to sample."
We're also supposed to believe the Perch are dying off in Lake Erie because of the 'warm' temps.
Which is a load of baloney- Lake Erie was completely frozen over for the past two winters- Warm temps are not an issue- No mention of any other possibility for those fish deaths.. Just AGW.

Read here

"Scientists studying the lake and fishery say there are numerous reasons why. They include changing water quality and clarity and the effects of recent warming trends. Yellow perch are a cool-water species."
 Common sense tell's us all the perch should be doing very well- Lake Erie being nice and cool.
Recent study findings, however, also suggest that Lake Erie’s booming white perch population has had more of an impact than previously thought. They prey voraciously on tiny yellow perch.
Dwindling numbers due to predation. Then of course there are the endocrine disrupting chemicals... but hell, promote the agenda at all costs.

From earlier today:

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  1. Hee hee hee... I love it when mother nature bitch slaps those damn warmistas!!


    1. How many times can the AGW agenda pushers get it wrong before people stop buying what they are selling?
      It's early, early am here and the temp for July 23 is 56F or about 10 C
      Many, many mornings have been that cool and cooler this summer
      We have had two days of 'heat warnings' that had more to do with excessive humidity then very high heat
      If this was the early to mid '90's we would have had entire weeks of heat warnings and by this time would have been on our third our fourth heat warning of the summer
      And rain! 7 rain barrels full and not used because we've had plenty of rain.
      In fact the mosquitos are the worst they have been in a heck of a long time, because of all that rain- plenty of breeding water
      but hey, I'm sure it's hot somewhere so that's what the news focuses on

  2. Yes Penny... it is cool (I am thankful). Same here with the rainbarrels - all full, we've had lots of rain, cool as well and mosquitoes??? Damn... hell of a year for them!

    The won't relent though, they are so tied to their belief - it really has become a religion.