Sunday, August 30, 2015

British forces hunt for Jihadi John in ‘combat burqas’ - SAS as ISIS, again!

And now onto today's pièce de résistance!: British Forces "hunt" for Jihadi John in "Combat Burqas" Hopefully you all recall the news  from August 1/15 , of British SAS Forces posing as ISIS?  SAS dress as ISIS fighters in undercover war on jihadis- Humour?!

Get a load of this latest news!
 Branded the "combat burqa", it is believed the outfits were funded with a 1.1 billion pounds war chest unveiled last year by David Cameron

British special forces are reportedly using stealth clothing dubbed as “combat burqas” in their hunt for feared Islamic State executioner Jihadi John in Syria.

British SAS are wearing the 'combat burquas' to create terror while avoiding detection as they do their dirty work

SAS and other elite snipers are wearing the suits which keep them hidden from sophisticated surveillance systems used by Islamic State extremists in Syria.
ISIS has "sophisticated surveillance equipment"?  I don't think so.
SAS is wearing this to avoid Syrian, possibly other nations surveillance

SAS teams are also wearing the black fatigues of Islamic State and using Toyota pick-up trucks to avoid suspicion from locals, the report said.
That claim just takes the cake- How would the locals know the SAS are the good guys then? ;)
If they dress like ISIS, drive the White Toyota trucks of ISIS/Kurd militias what suspicions would they avoid arousing ??
To combat the risk of so-called “friendly fire”, they attach the Union Jack to their vehicles when they return to coalition strongholds.
Wow, so the "real" ISIS could just stick a union jack on their white Toyota and get access to the 'coalition stronghold. As they are dressed exactly the same? How absurd is all this? And anyone with even half a brain is supposed to take this at face value?
The specialist suits are also being used by units deployed on reconnaissance missions, a source was quoted as saying.

“It is difficult to wear, but when you’re within range of radar it is a life-saver. It reflects infrared as well as disrupting the human signature so the enemy cannot see us on their radar. We know they captured some very advanced equipment from the Iraqis which the U.S. donated to them,” the source said.

“The clothing certainly has the capability to allow us to operate as ‘ghosts’, which has a major psychological impact on the enemy, who know we’re there but cannot see us,” he said.

The suits contain technology which disrupts electronic pulses used by surveillance systems to scan open desert and identify a “human signature“.

“It will both save lives and help capture some of the kingpins in Islamic State. Soldiers are actively searching for those behind a string of horrific beheading videos and they won’t stop until the job is done,” an insider was quoted as saying.

The SAS, special reconnaissance soldiers and other units are currently conducting hi-tech operations inside Syria and Iraq, which they hope will lead to the capture of extremists, including Jihadi John whose real name is Mohammed Emwazi.

Prime Minister Cameron last week ordered Britain’s intelligence network and special forces to redouble their efforts to kill or capture the London-born Islamic State terrorist referred to as ‘Jihadi John’, days after he warned to return to the UK to continue “cutting off heads”.

In my opinion this is just more proof that NATO soldiers/special ops are operating as ISIS. In ISIS uniform or 'combat burquas' Driving the same white Toyota pick up truck as the dreaded global terror group. The same vehicle the Kurdish militias drive. Now you tell me just who has been taking territory?  And when ISIS has terrorized, killed, raped, beheaded how do any of us really know it simply wasn't a British, US, Canadian or other NATO affiliated special forces officers? We don't! 

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  1. "We know they captured some very advanced equipment from the Iraqis which the U.S. donated to them,” the source said."

    Aaah so that's where they get their equipment. I wonder if they left any instructors around too.


  2. Check out Eni gas find off Egypt. BP deal? Russian control of Syrian offshore as Israel pushes for the Hamas deal and naval port "somewhere offshore Gaza". Eni has an incredible knack for finding massive offshore gas - Mozambique for which is sold chunk to China. Renzi just out blasting Russian sanctions again. Russia just made the case for moving away form Superjet 100 western part sourcing (a joint Russian-Italian JV). The number used was ~70% of parts western sourced. Italy also just blasted Merkel for being critical of Italian refugee policy (after German press commented on financial warfare being waged by the US against Europe and Russia). It would appear Italy is dancing on a pinhead in more ways than one...

    1. sorry anon:
      this was in spam:(
      Not I have much reading with my morning coffee :)

  3. "Russian control of Syrian offshore as Israel pushes for the Hamas deal and naval port "somewhere offshore Gaza""

    I did a post on the Israeli/Hamas deal

    Israel will come out the big winner in that one- while the Palestinians loose more and more- including the rights to their gas in the Med.
    Israel will steal more land and where are all the promoters of NATO's terror state Kurdistan on the topic of Palestine? OH yah, gone. Busy cheering the NATO destruction of four nations for that terror state creation- These idiots would have cheered on Israel in the day- how do these terrible mistakes happen over and over?
    Repeaters and regurgitators

  4. Glad American's are getting a piece of the action too!

    The American Veterans Who Fight ISIS - A former Army Ranger and a Marine veteran join Kurdish fighters against Islamic State in Syria :

    1. IMO, that is nothing to be proud of. Particularly when one considers reality vs spin, lies and war promotion