Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Is the US/Turkey "Safe Zone" the April Glaspie Handshake?

Last night's post: Surprise Announcement? Al Nusra Will Not Fight to Make an ISIS Free Zone-ended with this view expressed by myself:
"The US led alliance is not going to direct the battle according to Turkish priorities. NATO has already sold Turkey down the river.   It's a bit early yet to figure out what the US is up to in this situation- However, directing this battle according to Turkish priorities is not the US/NATO/Israeli goal"
As mentioned July 29/15 : NATO Bows Out on Turkey. Turkey and Article 4
NATO bowing out on Turkey certainly can't be lost on the Turkish government.
It's clear the PKK as a stay behind army has been unleashed to do it's worse to Turkey
Yes, I have mentioned on several occasions in multiple posts that, in my opinion, the  PKK is a functioning Stay Behind Army backed by NATO. I have gone so far as to talk this point up elsewhere too. Surely I can't be the sole person who realizes the connection?
 After I posted last night I saw the story (linked directly below)  thought about adding it to the end of yesterday's post, but decided against it- Militant Kurds launch attacks across Turkey
Attacks across Turkey- In a short time span, (roughly 24 hours) positively reeks of coordination.
-Two women opened fire yesterday at the heavily protected US consulate in Istanbul
 -While assailants exploded a car bomb at a police station then fired on police inspecting the scene.
- In the south-east of the country a roadside bomb killed four police
- Kurdish rebels attacked a helicopter, killing a conscript.
- Hours earlier, an overnight bomb attack at a police station in Istanbul injured three policemen and seven civilians and caused a fire that collapsed part of the three-storey building.

How is it that the PKK can undertake multiple attacks in varying locales in a short time span and the Turkish government is demonized? This doesn't remind the repeaters/regurgitators and gate keepers  of a multitude of other destabilization campaigns? Ukraine comes to  mind!
Yanukovych got the demonization treatment from the West while terrorists ran rampant  through Kiev The PKK is out for blood. That's for sure.   

Hey, I thought there was a global war on terror? Hm. Something just ain't right?

Now, I'll get to the point!
 NATO has already sold Turkey down the river- That's very clear. At least it is to me.
They've unleashed the PKK hell hounds, but, what about that safe zone or buffer zone?
The so called safe zone is nothing but the US and company paying lip service to Turkey's government, minimally.  But even worse, the safe zone may be a way to draw Turkey into a fight it can't win- In order to grind it down.

April Glaspie meets Saddam Hussein

This is where we will flashback to April Glaspie and the subtle encouragement to enter Kuwait,
while we think about the safe zone Turkey is readying. 

The safe zone , if successful, would enable Turkey to rid itself of it's huge refugee population, while preventing a hostile Kurdish terror state at it's southern border.

It seems the US has other ideas: Rudaw- US will not allow Turkey to attack PYD in Syria

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The United States will not allow Turkey to attack Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (PYD) forces in northern Syria, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner told Rudaw Tuesday.

Mark Toner

While Turkey's government claims Feridun H. Sinirlioglu, an undersecretary in the Turkish foreign ministry, said earlier Tuesday that the US and Turkey had reached an agreement to create a buffer zone along the Turkey-Syria border under the supervision of US-led coalition air forces.

Sinirlioglu added that according to the deal, if the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) or the Islamic State enter this zone, they will be targeted by both US-led coalition forces and Turkish air forces. 

  If Turkey's goal was to prevent a hostile Kurdish territory from forming at it's border, and I do believe that was their goal, the US will no doubt target Turkish military assets.  Turkey has to be aware of the duplicity of the US &  NATO. What is Turkey's plan?

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