Thursday, August 20, 2015

ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis: Conquer Istanbul/PKK Declares Autonomy Zone & US Silent

I've given up counting how many times the tag team of NATO backed Kurdish militias and NATO backed ISIS fighters have worked together to achieve the destabilization of a nation.  Iraq. Syria. Now we can see that partnership is moving onto Turkey. For that destabilization of Turkey my readers have known was coming since last year!

 As Turkey is being destroyed the seeds of Iran's destabilization are being sown through the PKK

ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis

  ISIS Video Urges Locals to Attack Tourist Spots in Turkey

LONDON: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has released a new video, urging locals in Turkey to attack tourist hotspots.
According to the Daily Star, the militants in the video called on Muslims in the country to “conquer Istanbul”

ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis strikes yet again!  PKK terrorists &  Kurdish militias want to conquer Istanbul. Coincidentally ISIS calls for terror attacks to "conquer Istanbul"
ISIS "called on Muslims" in the country of Turkey to "conquer Istanbul"
Of course, as my readers know, Kurds are LARGELY SUNNI MUSLIMS 

ISIS terrorists have urged Muslims to "conquer Istanbul" – a popular destination for tourist Daily Star

 The seven-minute clip comes after the United States and Turkey teamed up to carry out attacks against ISIS.
In the video, a fighter brands president Recep Tayyip Erdogan a "traitor" for allowing the US to "bombard the people of Islam".
He adds: "To the people of Turkey, you have to immediately rebel and fight against this Satan [Erdogan] who fooled you and made you a slave to crusaders and atheists."
The footage, which appeared to be shot in a desert, has been widely shared by sick ISIS supporters on social media.
It also includes archive footage of Erdogan at a press conference with Barack Obama and greeting King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile: The criminal syndicate of thugs, backed by NATO, the PKK,  have declared an autonomous region in Turkey- Hmmmmm... that news has such a familiar ring.

PKK declares autonomous region in Turkey’s Dersim province.

And somehow the Tunceli Province is now the Dersim province? Declaration of an "autonomous zone" and a rename?!
    The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has announced a democratic autonomous region in Dersim province, and established checkpoints on the main road in the province Tuesday.

    The above video released by the PKK purports to show the group’s fighters controlling the road and searching vehicles.

    “We as guerrillas, under the right of self-defense for ourselves and our nation, declare democratic autonomy in Dersim,” said a fighter in the video.

    "We declare our self-management," said Muhsin Kula, who claimed to be part of the new government. “Our villages and cities have been turned into ruins. The latest Varto case is proof that humanity is dead.”

Where is the outrage from NATO?

How come the US is NOT condemning this separatist movement?  

*How come the US is not condemning the self proclaimed seperatist state being proclaimed in Turkey? Thinking of Ukraine here...

Much hypocrisy on display for all to see!

US condemns eastern Ukraine separatist vote

US condemns new separatist attack in Ukraine’s Mariupol

US blames Russia for rebel ceasefire violations in Ukraine

Gee the PKK didn't even hold an election!

Also: some interesting comments at Rudaw
What exactly does the pkk hope to achieve with this? (1) They shoot and kill any kurds who dont support them: They shot a kurdish imam at a checkpoint a few days ago (of course, killing muslims is fully legitimate according to pkk supporters, no matter that 80% of kurds are muslim), they killed a bus driver who was trying to avoid a checkpoint last week (2) PKK wants the turkish military to conduct operations in kurdish cities precisely BECAUSE it would likely lead to civilian deaths. PKK IS ANTI-KURD

Will this pkk zone be as 'democratic' as their fellow commie 'democratic' republic of north korea?? Will people be able to vote on whether they wanted armed thugs stopping them every 500m? Will people get to vote on whether they want armed thugs occupying their children's school and turning it into a target? Think logically: what benefits comes from the pkk painting targets on kurdish villages


  1. It helps to understand that PKK are Communists.


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