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Israeli/Hamas Truce: Splitting the Palestinian State?

The Secret Plan to Turn the Gaza Disengagement into a Coordinated Peace Effort Times of Israel July 30, 2015

A previously unpublished 're-engagement' proposal negotiated just before Israel's 2005 withdrawal from Gaza reveals some new twists in our understanding of the peace process. Over 10 years ago, many months before the target date set for Israel's disengagement from the Gaza Strip, a dozen Israeli and Palestinian experts convened secretly in a European resort. They were there in an effort to work out a joint plan to transform what was devised by late prime minister Ariel Sharon as a purely unilateral move -- evacuating the settlements there and pulling out the IDF -- into a well-coordinated initiative which would allow the parties to re-engage in the stalled peace process.

 The above linked article discussing the peace process of 10 years ago, appeared at the Times of Israel, just a few weeks back. Why? Might just be a historical recount. Or is some sort of new peace accord/truce afoot? It appears a new truce between Israel & Gaza may be on the horizon, likely resulting in two very weak Palestinian statelets and unfettered Israeli access to Gaza's Mediterranean riches
US/Palestinian/Egyptian Truce
Talk is rampant in the territory of 1.8 million of a prospective pullback from confrontation with Israel - a long-term ceasefire to cement further an Egyptian-brokered truce that brought an end to the Gaza war nearly a year ago.
That could allow Hamas to step up efforts to rein in radical Islamists, known as Salafis, who have claimed responsibility for recent rocket attacks against Israel, and open the way for more reconstruction aid to reach Gaza.

There are also signs of change along Egypt's frontier with the Gaza Strip.

The military-run government in Cairo, which accuses Islamist Hamas of backing jihadi fighters in Egypt's Sinai desert, opened its border with Gaza this week (See additional linked info below) for the first time in three months, permitting Palestinians to travel in both directions.
Raffah Crossing openedGAZA, AUGUST 17 - Egypt reopened the Rafah border crossing to the Gaza Strip for the first time in two months on Monday, local sources said. According to local sources, with the reopening the Palestinians will be allowed to enter and exit Gaza for three to four days. An estimated 20,000 Gaza Strip residents have asked permission to cross the border
"The new easing of measures results from the presence of a common enemy," said Akram Attallah, a Gaza-based political commentator.
A common enemy? Of course we're referencing ISIS! 
 Hamas insists Islamic State has no foothold in Gaza, where the Palestinian group's forces are dominant
It has described what Salafi groups say have been the arrests of dozens of their supporters as no more than action against "criminal elements".
But by mounting such operations, some in the wake of Salafi-claimed rocket strikes, Hamas has also shown a commitment to a truce with Israel and demonstrated to Egypt that it is fighting the same jihadi enemy, Atallah said.
Over the past few months, envoys from Europe and the United Nations, as well as the Qatari ambassador overseeing the Gulf state's Gaza reconstruction projects, have visited more often, strengthening the belief a new truce channel is active.
Some analysts have raised the prospect of a five-year ceasefire deal that would address Hamas's call for the opening of a Gaza seaport and an end to Israel's naval blockade, a measure Israeli officials say is aimed at blocking weapons from reaching the group.
  Splitting the Palestinian State: A Divide to Conquer that would benefit Israel a great deal!
Fatah: Hamas-Israel agreement would lead to separate Palestinian state in Gaza 

Fatah officials in the West Bank on Monday expressed deep concern over reports that Hamas and Israel are close to signing a long-term truce.

The officials warned that the agreement would pave the way for the establishment of a separate Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip.

The warning came amid reports that Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair have reached understandings regarding the proposed truce. Unconfirmed reports have claimed that Hamas was ready to strike a deal with Israel in return for the creation of a sea passage between Cyprus and the Gaza Strip.

Haniyeh: Hamas will not allow for the existence of a separate state in Gaza 

He addressed those who distort Hamas's position saying: "We will not accept a state on two per cent of the land of Palestine called Gaza; Palestine, all Palestine is ours, and we have set our compass towards Jerusalem."
"Hamas's strategy and projects are way bigger than that; by the comprehensiveness of our strategy we mean the liberation of all of Palestine, and when it comes to the liberation phases, the best example would be Gaza which we did not liberate through negotiations."
Haniyeh stressed that, despite all the pain it suffers from, Gaza cannot give up its role regarding liberating all of Palestine; Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Jerusalem will remain Hamas's top priority.
Hamas confirmed a few days ago that the former International Quartet Envoy and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will mediate a long-term ceasefire deal between Israel and the Gaza Strip.
However, Hamas leader Ahmed Yousef denied the rumours that final agreement had been reached and approved by the movement's Shura Council.
Tony Blair's involvement in this 'deal' can only mean one thing and that is Israel stands to gain at the expense of the Palestinians

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  2. It is always the same pattern for Israel and the U.S. - unilaterally impose an outrage such as sanctions or a blockade or outright bombing and then negotiate ceasing the outrage in return for concessions for the U.S. or israel and always to the overall cost of the target state or people.

    Over time, this (peace) process of two steps back and one step forward for the target state destroys this enemy of the US/israel. At no time is there a cost imposed on the perpetrator nations. So this incremental genocide will continue until a cost is imposed on the U.S./Israel or the target states wake up and refuse to negotiate and insist instead that all acts of war against them simply cease.

    1. Hey james
      Noticed the exact same thing.

      Why should the Palestinians have to make concessions at all?!
      To remove what is at it's heart, an unlawful/inhuman/illegal seige on the people and their home- It's absurd!

      And if this truce/ceasefire passes can you imagine the way this farce will be spun in the media- ?

      I can- Israel the great humanitarian nation blah, blah, blah...