Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The ISIS Threat to Turkey? It's serious. Destabilizing Turkey continues apace!

The ISIS Threat to Turkey
Islamic State last week released a new video calling for a jihadist front in Turkey and encouraged Turks to “conquer Istanbul” and return the country to “true Islam”  
-Turkey was accused of offering direct or indirect help to Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria.  
-Turkey was also accused of not preventing the transport of supplies for IS leader  
-Turkey was also accused of allowing wounded jihadist fighters to be treated in Turkish hospitals in the south.
Flashback:  ISIL’s/ISIS magazine slams Erdoğan, Turkey for first time.

Flashback:  ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis: Conquer Istanbul/PKK Declares Autonomy Zone & US Silent

All actions attributed to Turkey, have been “accusations”. That fact is clear even from the above reporting. Unlike the case with Israel where we can find videos, interviews and multiple news reports demonstrating the collusion between the jihadis and the Israeli state, including but not limited to the military and the medical industry. Even though I had  believed Turkey itself was supporting destabilizers,  I had NEVER found anything of real substance connecting Turkey to ISIS in a manner equal to or as obvious as the provable connections between Israel/IDF and ISIS/AQ/Al Nusra. Connections that can be easily made and demonstrated via the war mongering media reports.  Considering the lack of  credible substantive evidence connecting Turkey's elected government  to ISIS, I too am left questioning the many, accusations of the media including my own suspicions of Turkey being heavily involved with ISIS.
Or as I like to call them KurdIShIS!

Back to the article:
Turkey has received a huge wave of refugees – a consequence of IS expansion – that has dealt a heavy blow to the economy and has impacted the fragile political situation in Ankara.
So what kind of threat does IS pose?
Even though it would be easy to exclude the creation of a new jihadist front inside Turkey, it is quite possible that the country will become the target of IS terrorist attacks. This was seen in Egypt, another strong state despite the fact that it recently emerged from its own Arab Spring and internal fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Suicide bombs and propaganda through social media will eventually become the only response IS can give to Ankara’s change of course. And, the damages to Turkey’s tourism and, as a result, to its economy will be difficult to reverse.

"Ankara’s change of course"I repeat!  "Ankara’s change of course" What change of course would that be? The only and most recent change Ankara has been made is to reign in the PKK terrorists!  PKK Ended Ceasefire Weeks Ago? A stream of the latest news
How or why would that bother IS? Isn't ISIS the "sworn enemy" of the YPG/PKK fighters? Don't ISIS & the Kurds fight one another? That's what we're supposed to believe.....
That's what we are told. New Europe's article is suggestive that it is the very change of course Ankara made towards the PKK, that has resulted in ISIS responding with threats?
Answer: KurdIShIS

Recall my mention of Patriot missiles being removed from Turkey by the ‘allies’

Flashback:Netherlands, US & Germany withdrawing Turkey based Patriot Missile Batteries
The New York Times reported last week that Turkish authorities were “livid” when they heard about the US's decision to withdraw two Patriot missile batteries from Turkey's Gaziantep province.

In order to operate the Patriot batteries in Turkey, Germany has deployed 260 troops in Turkey. Öymen pointed out that if the US and Germany decided to withdraw their troops from Turkey out of concern for their safety, then the relationship among these countries, which should be based on mutual trust and solidarity, may already be damaged.
 The relationship amongst the nations which should be based on mutual trust and solidarity may already be damaged- And of course it is- As mentioned here last year- The betrayal of Turkey is well under way.

Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey.

  • Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey
  • Pt-3: Destabilizing Turkey. Pre- Election Bombing/Explosion at Kurdish Rally

    But, here is yet another report highly suggestive that the NATO elites are set to take Turkey down! From VOA no less.

    Turkey's Regional Influence Wanes

    The second largest military in NATO has waning influence in the region? Or just the political leadership?

    FLASHBACK: NATO Bows Out on Turkey. Turkey and Article 4

    Assassinations abound

    Syrian FSA commander dies in attack in southern Turkey
    And lots of ‘bad Turkey’ news stories popping up all over the place. I expect that to increase, greatly, in the coming days!

    From earlier today:

    The "Heroic" Kurds: Syrian Kurds- The Pressure and the Penalties

    No Vaccine Mandates in Canada!


    1. See turkey denying it leaked the US trained rebels location
      Why is Saudi announcing it just captured the Khobar tower perp? Message? Saudi King going to Russia and the US.

      1. anon:

        I saw some reports that the us trained rebels had announced their entry into Syria on social media so it's doubtful Turkey leaked anything, however, it's a convenient demonization meme

        Saw a few stories about Khobar? Know nothing of this situation
        can you expand on that situation?
        thanks in advance

    2. Here's the link I originally came here to post today. After reading it, I wondered what Penny had to say about the Turkey 'situation', tried 3 times to post and ended up following vaccine links instead.

      Anyway, I don't know whether you follow Thierry Meyssan, but I found his scenario plausible:

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