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Turkey: HDP/Identity Politics Party Plays "Ceasefire" Card for Voter Manipulation

As the cognitive dissonance continues- Yup, even in the so called alternative media.  Why did I actually believe that alt media looked at facts to the best of their ability?  My mistake. 
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. 
 Yes, I'm frustrated with the repeaters. This meme: "The Kurds are the best fighting force against ISIS" has reached pandemic levels. The war mongering media has implanted & spread that mind virus effectively and efficiently!! The alt media continues the dispersal process, without even asking why the msm is promoting a simplistic version of good vs bad or  black vs white. Or inquiring if the meme has any basis in fact or truth? It's certainly been an eye opener for me.

 Promoters of said nonsense in msm and alt media? 

*Why on earth would the US/NATO/Israel want to effectively fight ISIS? When ISIS provides the pretext needed for  desired war expansion *Let alone have any other media presented hero/s actually fight ISIS in a move to eradicate ISIS/L?

Let's get down to the real nitty gritty:

Two days ago, I had book marked an article with the intent of using it for a post. I’m late with it. But, better late then not at all.  To get up to speed we have to backtrack ever so slightly. On August 5th  my post for the day addressed the news of the “human rights lawyer" who leads the identity politics party heading off to Brussels to meet up with the PKK leadership.

So we have a definite connection between the divisive identity politics party and a known terror group? And the repeaters don't find that odd?  As the repeaters beat the blame Erdogan meme to death? 

Turkey: Opposition HDP Party Leader in Brussels Meeting PKK Representatives

PKK is a terror group, that coincidentally, has it’s headquarters in the same locale as NATO- Yes, I'm being facetious with the coincidence reference. PKK & NATO rubbing shoulders is no coincidence.

In case anyone wants to engage in the logical fallacy of ‘shoot the messenger’ based on the references in the above post- Yahoo news also reported on Selahattin Demirtas and his visit to Brussels
Yet another image to manipulate- Poised, confident, reflective
During an unscheduled visit to Brussels, Demirtas told AFP he spoke by telephone last week with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and that he would meet with her top aide Stefano Manservisi here on Friday.”
Clearly Mr Demirtas went to Brussels as mentioned in my post from 3 days ago

On August 6/15 I book marked this article:

Decline in HDP support pushes Demirtas to visit PKK heads in Brussels

Fact:  Demirtas went to Brussels, unexpectedly. We can verify he was in Brussels because he conducted interviews spinning his sad saga with the war mongering media.
The sudden meeting with PKK in Brussels, it turns out,  was due to the fact his parties polling numbers are down- Oh, dear. Perhaps they can’t round up their vote counters as was done the first time around- I mentioned that in a previous post- NGO vote counters.

Here is what Sabah reported on the 6th of August:
“The HDP is expected to lose more votes, as the PKK unilaterally broke the cease-fire and started assaulting security personnel. Therefore, it is predicted that Demirtas will try to persuade PKK executives in Brussels to announce a cease-fire that will last until the elections. Furthermore, political sources claim that the HDP will commence a series of activities like public relation works to fix Demirtas's image and restore public confidence in the HDP. HDP spokesman Ayhan Bilgen's recent remarks support this claim”

Fact: the PKK broke the ceasefire. Covered previously, in this post : PKK Ended Ceasefire Weeks Ago? A stream of the latest news
When the PKK broke the ceasefire it caused polling numbers to fall for Demirtas & his party. Yes  the man and his affiliates are directly connected with a terror group. He was forced to meet with the terror leaders at their headquarters, in the EU, Brussels to be specific, to ask them to stop killing Turkish policemen and soldiers at least until the election. So he can spin a conciliatory tone with the voters

Today Demirtas the statesman is urging a ceasefire

Demirtas looking 'strong'- Media using all the right images to manage your perception

"Today we call to both sides: the PKK must immediately remove its finger from the trigger and declare it will observe the ceasefire," Demirtas said.”
PKK and Ocalan

Demirtas has regularly visited PKK leader Ocalan in his Imrali island jail south of Istanbul. Ocalan was arrested in 1999 and sentenced to life imprisonment.
So Demirtas, playing statesman, has called for a ceasefire as was predicted days earlier due to declining poll numbers many weeks after his terrorist affiliates broke the cease fire. It was not Erdogan. It was not the Turkish government. It was the PKK that broke the cease fire.

Will the PKK go along with Demartis’s ploy, just long enough for him to maintain his electoral standings? The last 24 hours in Turkey:
 Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants attacked a military outpost and a police car in southeast Turkey overnight, killing a policeman, officials and security sources said on Sunday, in further violence jeopardizing a fragile peace process.

Late on Saturday, PKK gunmen fired on a police car in the town of Midyat in Mardin province, killing one officer and wounding another, the governor's office said in a statement.

PKK fighters also launched rockets at a military outpost in the Bulanik district of Mus province, triggering a brief gunfight, security sources said. No casualties were reported.

Kurds from IB Times

A day earlier even more PKK instigated violence- As HDP leaders calls for ceasefire

Alarmed at the violence, Turkey's pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) leader urged the PKK on Saturday to "remove its finger from the trigger" and said the government should launch talks to restore calm.

Can he play smooth and suave long enough to save his party and possibly move the destabilization of Turkey along to it's next level within Turkey. And Iran.

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