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Turkey: Opposition HDP Party Leader in Brussels Meeting PKK Representatives

The plot thickens:
I've previously discussed HDP party in the context of this party being an "Identity Politics" party. Completely divisive in their agenda. Until today, I had no idea of just how divisive this party is and worse, is planning to be. Stealing an AKP win? HDP = Divisive Identity Politics- NGO's counting ballots
"In yesterday's post regarding the destabilization of Turkey, I mistakenly identified the HDP party as Kurdish. Which in of itself makes it an identity politics group, but, it turns out the HDP isn't just about the Kurdish 'identity'- It's a party that shelters every wedge issue group under one big umbrella"
I despise identity politics. Everyone should despise identity politics. Identity politics is divide to conquer, given political legitimization & promotion in order to push for an acceptance of yet more societal divisions

HDP was also discussed in this postPt-3: Destabilizing Turkey. Pre- Election Bombing/Explosion at Kurdish Rally

First let's get a bit of necessary info out of the way?

The media, alternative and mainstream, has been pushing the idea that just about anything and everything going on internally in Turkey at this time is the work of Erdogan in his desperation to hang on to power. Of course, that can't be discounted. However- the very last thing Erdogan needs at this time is all this discord.  People are being killed by the PKK and this makes Erdogan look weak and ineffective. Not exactly an election winning perception for Erdogan? The recent events in Turkey really remind me of the early days of the destabilization of Syria- Police officers and soldiers targeted daily. With the same types of charges lobbed at Assad.

There was definitely funny business during the last Turkish election. From NGO's counting ballots to a conveniently timed bombing at the HDP rally, which, could have assisted with a pity vote.
Recently Erdogan has been suggesting that the HDP is linked to the PKK. He is correct. And the HDP party doesn't hide it.

HDP Party Leader heads to Brussels to meet PKK representatives.

Isn't it odd that PKK is based in Brussels, as is NATO? A designated terror group and the global  miltary tyranny having their base in the same city? Could their be a connection?
Keeping in mind my proposal/theorizing of the PKK as a NATO Stay behind Army

Agence France Presse
ANKARA: The co-chair of Turkey's main Kurdish party is to make an unscheduled trip to Brussels Wednesday, his party said, amid reports he will meet representatives of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Selahattin Demirtas of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) postponed his scheduled program in Ankara Wednesday, a party official told AFP, saying: "He is due to travel to Brussels."

The official did not provide details about Demirtas's itinerary. But Turkish media reports said he would meet Kurdish separatist representatives including Zubeyir Aydar, a leading figure in the PKK who is based in Brussels.

Aydar, among the top figures coordinating lobbying for the PKK in Europe, is an executive committee member of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) which is seen as part of the PKK.

The PKK, designated as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the EU and the United States, took up arms for self-rule in the southeast in 1984 in a conflict which has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

The visit comes amid a spike in unrest between the Turkish army and Kurdish militants, which has left a 2013 cease-fire in tatters.
  It has been revealed that Demirtaş will meet with former MPs from the earlier pro-Kurdish Democracy Party (DEP), which had been banned by court order in 1994, and other high-ranking officials of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has waged an armed separatist war against Turkey for over 30 years resulting in more than 40,000 casualties, but which had maintained a rocky ceasefire with Ankara since 2013 until last month.

Among the people Demirtaş will be meeting with in Brussels will be co-chair of the Kurdistan People’s Congress (Kongra-Gel, another incarnation of the PKK) Remzi Kartal and Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) Administrative Council member Zübeyir Aydar.

Former DEP parliamentarian Remzi Kartal had fled Turkey to avoid incarceration after the party was closed down in 1994. He established the DEP Solidarity Bureau while abroad and also established the Kurdistan Parliament in Exile (PKDW) in 1995.
The Kurdistan Parliament in exile? Like the Syrian, Libyan exile governments? NATO ties, again?

Speaking of HDP and their intent to cause chaos in order to sow the seeds of division

Daily Sabah

 Faysal Sarıyıldız, a newly elected deputy from the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), the party controlled by the PKK and promoted by German Green Party Co-Chair Cem Özdemir before the June 7 general elections, was recently apprehended at a border gate. Various weapons including three rocket launchers, four M-16 rifles, 25 hand grenades were found in Sarıyıldız's vehicle. He was present in the car with his driver and apparently was trying to bring the weapons and bombs from Syria into Turkey by making use of his identity as a deputy.

Fortunately, this terrorist deputy was apprehended and the weapons and bombs he tried to sneak into Turkey will not take innocent lives. Now it is evident whom the German Green Party promoted. They are terrorists, which is shocking. A deputy of the party supported by the Greens, whose four fundamental principles include "being against violence" carries weapons and bombs for terrorists. I wonder what the electorate in Germany thinks about this. A German party that promotes a party supporting terrorism is the fourth party in the Bundestag, which is a shame.
 3 Rocket Launchers, 25 hand grenades, 4 M-16 rifles and tied to Germany's Greens?

One last item of interest with regard to the HDP leader Demirtas.

 Besides his suspicious western connection and the fact that he is a 'human rights' lawyer- Identity politics. He is a Zaza Kurd, of the same tribe, from the same general area  of Turkey as the Kurdish suicide bomber. 
 Selahattin Demirtaş was born in a Zaza-speaking family[1] in Elazığ in 1973
Because contrary to promoted nonsense there seems to be no one defined Kurdish people. There are Zaza's. Yazidi's. And others. There are multiple languages and religious beliefs.

Information on the KurdIShIS suicide bomber can be found in this post

Attack in Suruc,Turkey - KurdIShIS: Destabilizing Turkey

 Curiouser and Curiouser



  1. I realize many readers here may be having a bit of cognitive dissonance wrt the spin we've been sold on the heroic Kurds-
    But the world isn't black and white- there are a ton of grey shades in between-

    I have a policy of following where the truth and facts take me- to the best of my ability with the information at hand. That's always the way it's been here and I hope readers understand that :)

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and being willing to have an open mind.

  2. I realize many readers here may be having a bit of cognitive dissonance wrt the spin we've been sold on the heroic Kurds-

    This made me LOL! We don't have a television and I don't read the newspapers' version of what's going on in the world. I only read select places on the internet and yours is one of them. So you can imagine the momentary puzzlement I had when a few days ago while looking for something else, I glanced at a "news" report that was talking about those plucky, heroic Kurds who are our friends. Then after a moment I realized that everyone else believes what they're told by the PTB. :)

    Thanks for all your work. I read here every day and often read aloud to my husband to keep him up to date.

    1. Hi Gwen

      While we have a television without cable or satellite, cause no one much cares to watch it. (I do use it for my daily at home exercise routine of pilates) So, I know what you mean, but, do truly KNOW I'm better of without Tell A Vision

      Oh, yes, the 'plucky heroic Kurds' (rolls eyes)
      The most effective fighters against ISIS (rolls eyes, again)
      Yet somehow the ISIS threat continues to grow???
      Despite literally thousands and thousands of airstrikes!!!
      How is it so many miss the contradictions?
      Kurdish militias: Our allies to the end, even when they gun Canadian soldiers, down-
      No worries- that inconvenient killing of one and injury of 3 went away
      You know that saying about having friends like that making enemies utterly unnecessary? (Soldiers know the risks, but, I'm certain the Canadian government would have lied to the family about exactly how their son died-)
      No matter, we are all about justice and democracy and all the other lies our media and government tell us- Disgust

      I consume so much news to write this blog, those memes are sadly burnt into my brain- however- I see them for what they are - memes, mind viruses, repeated over and over- in standard catapult the propaganda style.

      I'm tellin' you Gwen, burns me up when so many just repeat, repeat, repeat.
      How can they do that? I mean isn't that the problem with the war mongering media- Repetition. Repeaters, repeating the same stuff over and over?

      And how is the alternative really 'alternative' when much bigger sites then mine, appear to put no thought into what we are being told?

      And then there are the patterns that play out over and over?
      I can't be the only small time blogger our there noticing, can I ?

      And Gwen, I read your comment to my husband - whom I love dearly :)
      I bounce ideas and thoughts off of him all the time- And he said, redemption- There you go. Appreciation.
      I can't tell you how big of a smile I have and how it really does warm my heart.
      Thank you for stopping by everyday and reading yourself and to your husband- That is so wonderful! :)

  3. "I have a policy of following where the truth and facts take me- to the best of my ability with the information at hand"

    Well I know that's Un-Amerikan, then it looks like the truth except struggles across the boarder;)

    Thanks Penny

    1. Diane Francis! Argh.
      Sadly she is not entirely Canadian- She was born in the US.
      And she is a globalist through and through- She's despicable
      She wrote a book about how the US should just annex Canada and get it over with- This would be great for the US because it would automatically entitle them to make a claim on the Arctic
      She is sickening

      Here is a post I did on Ms Francis

      "Canadians should be unsurprised to see Diane Francis figuring large in this talk of annexation. Americans may not recognize the name? Francis is an alleged journalist. She is also American born with dual citizenship. Personally speaking, I could never stand the writings of this woman. She was and is clearly a toadie of the multinational banker class

      "“I am not Ukrainian myself, but we are all Ukrainians.”
      God, pushing the meme- sick
      Hey jo, will you take Diane Francis back- she has the citizenship already?

      As for Jason Kenney (grab a barf bag)
      He's another nut job- our government is full of them. In all parties.

      and thanks for always coming by here and also thanks for enjoying wine too ( hubby and I got out and had lunch at one of our fave wineries over the week end - beautiful day, great weather, delicious food and terrific wine: what a combination!)