Monday, August 3, 2015

US Expands Airstrikes and War on Syria- Period.

Caught wind of this ‘news’ early today.  This move has ZERO to do with supporting the alleged US trained rebels. The expansion of air over flights has EVERYTHING to do with the US expanding the war on Syria- That’s it. In a nutshell. The US has taken it’s illusory velvet glove off to begin striking Syria, harder, slaughtering more civilians then ever before.

Digression: The casualty count so far from US airstrikes sits at 459  claimed by Airwars, of course, that number is denied by the US and is likely too low anyway.

 This growing air campaign was planned by the US & company all along. Their intention had always been to expand the war. Divide Syria. Force the relocation of masses of humanity.
(Which benefits those that traffic in human misery? NGO's. Organ harvesters. Pedophiles. Pimps. The drug trade. Forced prostitution. Get the idea? The US war industry aids so many profiteers while harming humanity and the planet)

Here is one of the earliest news items on the US expansion into Syria
WSJ-US bolsters Syrian rebels with airstrikes

U.S. military aircraft carried out their first airstrikes in Syria in support of a Pentagon-trained rebel force, after the compound the fighters were using came under attack by unidentified militants, American military officials said.
Convenient! And alleged to be Nusra Front. Like I said, convenient.

‘The Pentagon has struggled to recruit and vet rebels for the program”
“Fewer than 60 fighters have completed the Pentagon training program, a far cry from the 3,000 that military officials said they hoped to train by year’s end”

No matter, the US has their YPG, PKK and other Sunni Muslim terrorists as boots on the ground.

“The incident also underlined the expanding role of the U.S. in the conflict”
“But the administration hasn’t said if it would provide similar support if the fighters come under attack from the Assad regime because that could pull the U.S. into direct conflict with the regime”

Of course they aren’t going to say that outright. Their just going to hint around it. But, don’t kid yourselves this is exactly what the US is going for! Attacking Syrian forces, on the ground in Syria, as they continue to defend themselves from NATO destruction.

Hat tip Anonymous
Sputnik is reporting the strike on the Idlib market was a US Cruise Missile

If this report is correct and yes I would like additional verification but this has a ring of familiarity that makes the news item quite plausible

“Original media reports of a deadly explosion caused by a military aircraft crashing near the northwestern Syrian city of Jericho in the Idlib Governorate were incorrect as the city was hit by a US cruise missile, the pan-Arabist television channel Al Mayadeen reported Monday, citing a source in Syria.
Earlier in the day, Syrian media reported at least 25 people killed and dozens injured in an explosion in a residential area.

"The reports of a Syrian fighter aircraft crashing in Idlib were false. A cruise missile of the international coalition led by the United States hit [the city]," the source said, quoted by the channel.”

What's interesting about this being a possible cruise missile strike on a market, in a residential area? Why even consider this report as quite possibly correct?
This type of strike is reminiscent of a 91 and an 03 attack on Iraq. The Syrian strike took place at a busy market in Ariha, Syria as people were out shopping.

Iraq 2003- Chicago Tribune- Liz Sly- That war monger was around all those years back?
March 27, 2003|By Liz Sly, Tribune foreign correspondent.

AMMAN, Jordan — The apparent bombing of a civilian shopping area in Baghdad on Wednesday marks the first public relations disaster for a U.S. military effort that has made avoiding civilian casualties one of its highest priorities.

Reports from Baghdad said 14 civilians died when two cruise missiles slammed into a residential area early Wednesday.
In the 1991 Gulf War, an RAF Tornado hit a market in the city with a stray bomb, killing a reported 130 people and wounding 78. 

Stray bombs and accidental strikes? No way!
Noticing a pattern of intentionally hitting civilians as they go about their day to day lives?

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    Off topic, but you might be interested in it:,Varoufakis-my-mother-was-a-right-wing-terrorist.html


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    "b, you can't do a post on what is occurring in Syria without mentioning the fact that Kurdistan is in the process of being created.

    The "Kurds", you claim, want to be a part of Syria are not the Kurds forming Kurdistan-

    Ignoring what is going on with the NATO backed Kurds is like pretending the giant pink elephant isn't in the room.

    The Kurds backed by NATO: PKK/YPG are forming cantons, governing them and connecting them into a unified territory as you and I type-

    With the assistance of US airstrikes

    When one speaks of the Kurds, one has to speak of the heavy duty ties with Israel. Kurdistan, Israel's home away from home

    b, there is a giant pink elephant in the room. It can't be ignored.

    As for the expansion of airstrikes, it was always the plan. Expanding war on Syria- all this talk of supporting their trainees was just the big distraction.

    Posted by: Penny | August 04, 2015 at 01:37 PM