Thursday, September 3, 2015

27 Iraqi civilians killed by Canadian Airstrikes- Where is the hysteria?

Exploitation by the media, of the masses, is rampant and commonplace-
But today & yesterday the media manipulation is in high gear. Pretty sure everyone who reads here is more then aware of the story of the young child, washed up on a beach in Turkey. That story is being used for maximum manipulative effect. Here in Canada, it's being overplayed. Used in an unscrupulous fashion to push agendas. Point Fingers. And obfuscate reality.

I'm not here today to talk about that incident! 

 Today, we are going to discuss the fact that 27  Iraqi  civilians were killed in the name of Canada and Canadians. And these 27 deaths went unnoticed. Barely mentioned. Garnering no more then a handful of news items when the news was finally leaked, eight months after the 27 civilian deaths occured! Canada, like her neighbour to the south, always covers, hides, lies, obfuscates and downplays the many horrific atrocities done in this nations name.

And, if I may be so blunt? It's way past time for the majority of Canadians to ingest their big heaping serving of reality! 

Globe and Mail
 Newly released Pentagon records are shedding more light on an accusation against CF-18 fighter pilots first reported by The Globe and Mail last month. The Canadian military says it never investigated the matter because coalition forces found no evidence to support the charge.

An English-speaking Peshmerga soldier told the U.S. military that as many as 27 civilians died during aerial bombardment by Canadian pilots, American military documents show.
However, the Canadian military made it clear to the United States shortly after the alleged incident that it felt no obligation under the Geneva Conventions to probe what happened, the Pentagon records show.
“It should be noted that Canadian Joint Operations Command [legal advisers] opinion is that, under the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) there are no obligations for the Canadian Armed Forces to conduct an investigation,” the documents say.
The Canadian Armed Forces is refusing to discuss the details of the alleged civilian casualties and is playing down the matter, saying that “the source of this allegation had himself heard of these potential casualties through a second-hand account” and that nobody could corroborate it.
In other words, the Canadian Armed Forces is engaging in a 'shoot the messenger' tactic, rather then actually bother themselves with the fact they may just have killed a bunch of civilians.

The Globe has learned that Canada’s military is unhappy that the Pentagon has released information that recounts what it told its American ally in confidence.

While the Canadian military will not discuss the details of the alleged civilian deaths, it is defending its decision to tell American allies that it felt no obligation to investigate the alleged incident. The responsibility to probe the matter was left to the U.S.-led coalition headquarters.
“The Law of Armed Conflict, as embodied in the Geneva Conventions and the Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions, does not create a positive duty to investigate,” Forces spokesman Ashley Lemire said in a statement provided to The Globe.
 While the "positive duty to investigate" may not be embodied in these Conventions. Doesn't Canada have a moral obligation as an alleged decent democratic and often claimed "moral nation"  to investigate these civilian killings?

A spokesman for Central Command, which manages the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, confirms the Canadian military was advised of the allegation involving airstrikes that took place near Mosul on Jan. 21.

Globe & Mail August 28/15 :Canadian Armed Forces accused of killing civilians in Iraq air strike

“Canada is quite confident that with all the strikes that we’ve executed, there is absolutely no evidence of civilian casualties associated with our strikes,” the officer told reporters.
Defence Minister Jason Kenney also told reporters in early August that he knew of no cases in which there were civilian casualties caused by Canadian bombs in the war on the Islamic State – also referred to as ISIS or ISIL.
“All I can tell you is we’re not aware of any claims of civilian casualties as a result of the RCAF bombing ISIL targets in Iraq and Syria, and I believe the United States is only aware of one,” Mr. Kenney, currently running for re-election, said Aug. 3.
 Some civilian deaths are apparently much more USEFUL then others. 

Sept 2/15
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  1. The goal is to get everyone's hands as bloody as possible...for blackmail purposes.

  2. Hey GC:
    It just makes me sick. All of it. Everyone's hands are dirty. There are no 'good' guys and Canada is certainly as foul as the rest. I disavow myself from the deeds of the government- they are not a reflection of me nor am I responsible for these awful actions

    As for the media spin today, it's over the top. Apparently the picture of the child is being passed around on social media like some sort of twisted trophy photo wtf?

  3. Well, Penny, you can expect this and more like this:

    I found that link from a commenter at

    I'm with you - all of this death and destruction makes me sick. I was just thinking this morning, "the government I live under DOES NOT represent me."

    1. Hi Gwen

      Glad to know I'm not alone in feeling completely disenchanted. :)
      I read the link and would assume Canada will march in lock step with the Pentagon edicts