Friday, September 25, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Strikes Again- Who Is The Target?

Hebdo Satire- Shaming and Blaming European Christian Society for Israel's Refugees?!

"Welcome to Migrants" reads the headline and under that 'so close to the finish …'. Right next to the drowned toddler is a McDonald's hoarding: Two Children's-Menu for the price of one.
And for one long uncomfortable moment, the cartoon grabs you by the collar and spits in your civilised eye. But it doesn't stop there; a second cartoon holds you by your scruff and rubs your face in the very abrasive sands of Juvenalian Satire.
"The Proof that Europe is Christian" it proclaims. The cartoon this time is a Christ-like figure standing on water and next to him a drowned child. Arrow labels point to the former with the text, 'Christians walk on water' and the latter with, 'Muslim children drown'.
The proof of Europe's Christianity (decadence and selfishness) is demonstrated by the death of the boy on a beach. See, satire? Hahaha.

Flashback! “Boy on a Beach” Narrative Riddled with Inconsistencies & Agenda Pushing
 The purpose of satire is to invoke deep moral repugnance at what we, as a society, have become. And to that extent, with this image, Charlie Hebdo serves the purpose with an efficacy that is hard to ignore or deny. The juxtapositioning of Alan, the welcome banner for 'migrants' and the obscenity of McDonalds as an aspirational symbol for people fleeing their homes, grabs us by neck and forces us to deal with the hypocrisy of our 'Christian' kindness and charity.

"We as a society have become"? I beg to differ a great deal here!  What this is about is serving the interests of Israel in it's expansionist agenda.

"forces us to deal with the hypocrisy of our 'Christian' kindness and charity"

 What it should force us to deal with is the many problems Israel's presence in the middle east has created. Not just for the Palestinians- But for all the surrounding nations. Perhaps it's time for the Western Christian nations to stop being so dam kind &charitable when it comes to Israel's destructive ways. Enough turning the other cheek, so to speak.  Let the exploitation and guilt end now. No more tax payer dollars to Israel. And would the christian zionist wackos please come to their senses?

 If this cartoon doesn't reinforce the very theme I was referencing yesterday, then, I throw up my hands in disgust at the fact that people can't see that which is right in front of them.

Barbara's Spectre: Israel's Refugee's Materialize in Europe

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