Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Did “ISIS” Completely Destroy Palmyra Temple?

It’s certainly questionable.  NO, I don’t believe the lying, war mongering/whoring/child abusing  UN. Nor do I take their ‘satellite’ imagery as gospel. Satellite imagery can be fudged.
 Example: Did US Fake Satellite Images to Show Russia Shelled Eastern Ukraine?
The UN bolstering the claim of an alleged 'global terror group' ? The UN promoting the narrative provided by the NATO/Israeli proxy- ISIS, more succinctly, the UN is promoting the narrative of NATO nation special Ops masquerading as ISIS? 
Could it be to justify further intervention? More assistance in creating the expanded Israel, NATO terror state of Kurdistan?

    “An Islamic State operative told the Associated Press over Skype on Monday that the temple had been destroyed, without elaborating. He spoke on condition of anonymity because members of the group are not allowed to speak to journalists”

    Love how it is AP get’s reports from ISIS over Skype? How is it that AP has the know how and is able to get in  touch with the global terror group? That's not really a 'terror group' And if they can so easily contact them, why can’t NATO touch them ;) (Facetious)
     Not as much progress as hoped for in fight against ISIS, Harper tells rally
    "The intervention has had the effect of largely stopping the advance of ISIS, particularly in the north of Iraq and to some degree in other parts of Iraq and Syria -- not maybe as much we'd like," he said.
    Oh, I guess the Kurdish militias are falling down on the job.
    So much chaff   (worthless matter) to sort through, daily!

    Back to Palmyra
    DAMASCUS - A blast rocked the ancient ruins in Syria's Palmyra on Sunday but the site's famed Temple of Bel appeared to be largely intact, Syria's antiquities chief said.
    Maamoun Abdulkarim confirmed reports of an explosion at the UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, but said Palmyra's most important temple did not appear to have sustained major damage.

    "The frontal columns and the cella (interior) of the temple do not appear to have been damaged," Abdulkarim said on Monday.

    "According to the information we received from the town, the temple is still standing, but antiquities staff are not able to enter the site to see close up," he said.
    “On Sunday night, a monitor and activists said the temple had been partially destroyed by Islamic State group (ISIS) militants who detonated explosives inside the famed site.
    “An unnamed monitor and unnamed activists” said the temple had been destroyed by ISIS

    BUT: Maamoun Abdulkarim, named and quoted is saying "According to the information we received from the town, the temple is still standing, but antiquities staff are not able to enter the site to see close up

    Amr al-Azm, a former Syrian government antiquities official who now is a professor at Shawnee State University in Ohio, said he believed a very large amount of explosives was used in the blast near the Temple of Bel.

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    1. rumored tunnel under Jerusalem museum yesterday?
      Sumerian destruction in Iraq
      does all this antiquity destruction fit nicely with the Russian theme of revising history?
      There was that fire in the Russian library recently
      Which dovetails with the latest spin about the nazi gold train and the area now being on fire - after the stories about it not being located as the Poles walked back the initial story (F22 in the air)

      There is an overt Christian element being interjected rightly or wrongly to the Russian moves in MENA - latest Syrian deployment rumors - and Europe including the Vatican visits (Putin) and the calls for halting Christianphobia.

      And why exactly is Russia media reporting that the mothballed F117 is back in the air (a throwback to Serbia and the China embassy bombing no doubt)

    2. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/nazi-gold-train-fire-engulfs-suspected-location-of-vehicle-10480323.html

      I didn't believe this story as was presented- found it highly suspicious
      With good reason

      The mystery of a Nazi gold train said to be buried in Poland has taken another strange turn, after the location where the armoured train is believed to be hidden was engulfed in flames - after the Polish government cast doubt over its existence.

      The train has caught the imagination of locals in the town of Walbrzych and the international media alike, after two men told the authorities they had pinpointed the location of the train.

      The vehicle is thought to be packed with armaments and valuables, that reportedly went missing in the spring of 1945 in the final days of WWII.

      But despite the efforts of the authorities and treasure hunters, only rusty pieces of metal have so far been retrieved.

      The fire comes as Polish authorities have said evidence that the train exists is “no stronger than similar claims made in past decades,” according to Bloomberg.

      In the latest twist in the tale, the embankment by the of Wroclaw-Walbrzych train line in the southern- Polish town, which is thought to be the secret location of the train, went up in flames along with 216 square yards of forest and bush, The Telegraph reported"

      1. It is rather interesting considering the ISIS announcement of a Libya like gold dinar in wake of those Turkish sanctions to break the Dubai Iran Turkey gold/energy trade. MAybe more so the repeated German media leaks about US involvement in Ukraine and ISIS fit with accusations about economic warfare via refugees. Then came the SPD bomb scare a few days ago. German ForMin been very outspoken about US moves in Ukraine.

        Considering the BBG hysteria over Russia having to sell down its gold as oil collapsed which failed to materialize has been followed by equal hysteria over Venezuela having to sell down its gold, one might think there was an agenda.

        India private gold stock , not to mention Italy (3rd largest) moving close to the crosshairs. Crisis coming?

        China is selling its Treasuries, not gold, yet?

        Comex math?

    3. This whole Palmyra temple thing makes me wonder. How many times have the "baddies" destroyed a priceless outdoor monument. Having travelled a bit, I am aware that a lot of these monuments were taken, piece by piece and set up in indoor museums...because of concerns about theft and elements, etc. Is there a Palmyra Temple set up somewhere in a museum...and this just a copy?