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Israel: A Major Instigator in the Syrian refugee crisis.

Before we get to Israel's very large, one could say it's starring role in the Syrian refugee crisis, have you noticed that the 9/11 anniversary has passed and not coincidentally so has the overblown drama of Russia's "dirty forces" in Syria? I mentioned that as a possible factor in all the dramatics. Fear reinforcement

Cutting to the chase: Ramzy Baroud


Yarmouk was not established until 1957, and even then it was not an ‘official’ refugee camp. Many of its inhabitants were squatters in Sahl al-Yarmouk and other areas, before they were brought to Shaghour al-Basatin, near Ghouta. The area was renamed Yarmouk.
Many of Yarmouk’s refugees originate from northern Palestine, the Safad District, and villages like Qaytiyya, al-Ja’ouneh and Khisas. They subsisted in that region for nearly 67 years. Unable to return to Palestine, yet hoping to do so, they named the streets of their camp, its neighborhoods, even its bakeries, pharmacies and schools, after villages from which they were once driven.
But calls for ‘hiyad’ -- neutrality -- were not heeded by the war’s multiple parties, and the Palestinian leadership, incompetent and clustered in Ramallah, failed to assess the seriousness of the situation, or provide any guidance -- moral or political. 
The results were horrific. Over 3,000 Palestinians were killed, tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees fled Syria, thousands more became internally displaced and the hopeless journey away from the homeland continued on its horrific course.
Yarmouk -- a refugee camp of over 200,000 inhabitants, most of whom are registered refugees with the UN agency, UNRWA -- was reduced to less than 20,000. 
Much of the camp stood in total ruins. Hundreds of its residents either starved to death or were killed in the war. The rest fled to other parts of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Europe. 
The most natural order of things would have been the return of the refugees to Safad and villages like Qaytiyya. Yet, few made such calls, and those demands raised by Palestinians officials were dismissed by Israel as non-starters
In fact while countries like Lebanon had accepted 1.72 million refugees (one in every five people in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee), Turkey 1.93 million, Jordan 629,000, Iraq 249,000, and Egypt 132,000, Israel made no offer to accept a single refugee. Israel, whose economy is the strongest in the region, has been the most tight-fisted in terms of offering shelter to Syrian refugees. 
This is a double sin considering that even Syria’s Palestinian refugees, who were expelled from their own homes in Palestine, were also left homeless. Not surprisingly, there was no international uproar against a financially able Israel for blatantly shutting its door in the face of desperate refugees, while bankrupt Greece was rightly chastised for not doing enough to host hundreds of thousands of refugees.
Now let's consider how the war mongering/agenda pushing media has been blaming Syria's Arab neighbours for not taking refugees. While staying silent on the Palestinian refugees who have a right to return to the land Israel stole from them! The media is silent on Israel's failure regarding the Palestinians. The media is silent on Israel's failure to assist any refugees. The media likes to point fingers everywhere else, at everyone else, but not Israel! 
According to UN statistics, by the end of August of this year, nearly 239,000 refugees, mostly Syrians, landed on Greek islands seeking passage to mainland Europe. Greece is not alone. Between January and August this year 114,000 landed in Italy (coming mostly from Libya), seeking safety. Around the same time last year, almost as many refugees were recorded seeking access to Europe. Europe is both morally and politically accountable for hosting and caring for these refugees, considering its culpability in past Middle East wars and ongoing conflicts. 
Some are doing exactly that, including Germany, Sweden and others, while countries, like Britain, have been utterly oblivious and downright callous towards refugees. Still, thousands of ordinary European citizens, as would any human being with an ounce of empathy, are volunteering to help refugees in both Eastern and Western Europe.
The same cannot be told of Israel, which has alone ignited most of the Middle East conflicts in recent decades.
 Greece, Hungry, Serbia, Macedonia, the UK, Italy and other European countries, along with rich Arab Gulf countries must be relentlessly pressured to help Syrian refugees until they safely return home. Why then should Israel be spared this necessary course of action? Moreover, it must, even more forcefully be pressured to play a part in relieving the refugee crisis, starting with the refugees of Qaytiyya, who relive the fate they suffered 67 years ago.
Flashback to this post- Where I talked  about double standards and Israel.

Israel: Refugees not our problem -We make’em & You take’em!


  1. Israel won't take brown refugees, they're already trying to get rid of the ones they've got.

  2. The promised land, apt irony...

  3. Hi Penny,

    I recently watched a couple of pathetic world wrestling something promotional stunts with fake fights, overblown characters and every cliché in the book, and I was struck by the similarity to how news is packaged in the modern world.

    Another important factor is emotional arm twisting which leads to a kind of mental orgasm in many people, especially middle class women, that overrides all logic and reason. The following article on Lasha Darkmoon fits with the Israel theme and includes some very good examples of the emotional incontinence as someone describes it.

    It is clear that the process of preparing the (self) destruction of Christian Europe and it's diaspora across the globe has been in swing for a couple of centuries or more (back to the crusades?). The Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, two world wars and a host of colonial conflicts have continually harvested the best of western men. Recent decades have seen the psychological attacks on western minds reach the point where many westerners now willingly embrace their own end.

    One of the interesting observations in the article below is that when, for example, 40% of German women remain childless in a radical feminist environment it is easy to get them not only to feel a mother instinct to the media pushed refugee children, but has also led to a hatred in many of western men and a tendency to seek foreign men who are unscathed by political correctness, almost like something from a trashy romantic novel... the tall dark stranger...

    Someone mentions the "cuckolding" of entire nations, which has been seen especially in Sweden and now in Germany, but basically across all western european nations. Only the eastern european men and women still appear to have a sense of national pride and togetherness that prevents their womenfolk from undermining their own men. Eastern europeans seem to be far more honest with themselves and the outside world whereas westerners are permanently treading on egg shells.


    1. Hi Penny,

      Just a few minutes after posting a rather doom laden comment, I felt a surge of optimism.

      The Enemy, whom I will label satanists / luciferians, are very, very adept at manipulating baser human instincts. However, as they themselves are apparently incapable of feeling higher instincts, they have blind spots which they can only achieve through study and imitation / fakery.

      This is most likely one of the reasons they hate "Us" and desire to pull us down to their levels.

      "Us" would seem to be represented across all races and cultures especially in the "unsophisticated", "simple" and "uncivilized", which is why there has been a continuing program of genocide against cultures across the globe over centuries.

      Now my comment above was aimed at those "trophy hunting" men and "self-hating" women of whatever background. For example, men who produce children as sport or even as a demographic weapon.

      However, somehow, nature seems to have a way of producing beautiful people (in a spiritual / character sense) not only regardless of the background but sometimes especially in the face of adversity. I've met people with the most tragic and loveless backgrounds who are filled with love.

      And love is the key.

      The dark side, who can only see and predict the negative, are powerless to stop love from being born in what for them are the most unlikely situations. Every loving couple is a boon to the human race. Every child born and raised in love is a treasure.

      How can they destroy christianity if being a christian is a state of being and not being a member of a church? By destroying churchianity, they may actually be strengthening the true meaning of christianity.


    2. And love is the key. True!

      How can they destroy christianity if being a christian is a state of being and not being a member of a church? By destroying churchianity, they may actually be strengthening the true meaning of christianity

      An intriguing point that I'm going to think about. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the comments: I'll be back :)
    Anthony: I was thinking about you early this a.m. wrt to this situation- so glad your around and will get back to you

  5. A bit off topic, but, not too bad because I opened with the mention of what a difference a day or two makes concerning all the hype around Russia's involvement in Syria. Flippin & Floppin in the news cycle:

    Putin is willing to sideline Assad in Syria

    "Russia may be willing to sideline Syrian President Bashar Assad as part of efforts to combat Islamic State and in order to maintain its influence in the Middle East, according to US and Russian officials and Syrian opposition leaders"
    Russia Signals Shifting Syria Stance

    So we've gone from massive military expansion, boots on the ground, meme repetition of annexing Crimea= Annexing Syria, dirty forces etc
    back to Russia will throw Assad under the bus
    9/11 anniversary passed and the fear/trauma reinforcement faced away now were back to yet another repeating narrative- sigh...

  6. They are trying to survive, the muslims are in there back yard. The Jewish nation is fighting back against a ruthless enemy. our president is on the enemies side, which side are you on.

    1. "The Jewish nation is fighting back against a ruthless enemy"

      The Jewish nation is in their backyard , no Israel until after ww2, and the Arabs are fighting a ruthless enemy- Is more factually correct

    2. And of course no British occupation of Palestine until WW1 when the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour signed the Balfour Declaration addressed to Walter Rothschild.


      "The British did not know quite what to make of President Woodrow Wilson and his conviction (before America's entrance into the war) that the way to end hostilities was for both sides to accept "peace without victory." Two of Wilson's closest advisors, Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter, were avid Zionists. How better to shore up an uncertain ally than by endorsing Zionist aims? The British adopted similar thinking when it came to the Russians, who were in the midst of their revolution. Several of the most prominent revolutionaries, including Leon Trotsky, were of Jewish descent. Why not see if they could be persuaded to keep Russia in the war by appealing to their latent Jewishness and giving them another reason to continue the fight? ... These include not only those already mentioned but also Britain's desire to attract Jewish financial resources"

    3. Anonymous: Listen to Barbara Spectre speaking of the leading role played by Jews in making Europe multicultural and then reconsider your question. She says that Jews will be resented for their leading role in dismantling what she refers to as Europe's monolithic culture. Israeli fingerprints are all over the ISIS terrorist movement and the recent US policy of fighting endless wars in Israeli interests based on zionist controlled foreign policy.

      Israeli fingerprints are of course all over 9/11. If you are truly an American patriot then you should research Israels role in America's downfall. The murder of the men of the USS Liberty, the theft of US secrets. The book The Host and the Parasite is a very good read.


    4. This is why anonymous is anonymous . My guess is he is not an Arab

    5. 'Ruthless enemy ' with stones . Once upon a time Jews and Arabs lived in Palestine in peace . But there was a war and zionists fled to Palestine where they began to implement their version of hitlers dream if a race pure state

    6. Everyone blames Satan as the author of evil .. But long before he appeared on the scene, the one true god was committing genocide in Middle East

    7. brian- haven't seen you in ages! good to know your about still :)

  7. Edgar Cayce Was Right: The HALL OF RECORDS is the Single Most Important Story of the Millennium!!!

    ...a must read (mind-boggling).

  8. Anthony: thanks for those thoughtful comments- the anonymous is likely a hasbara troll- no doubt Israel has it's shills out in full force
    Germany and her people have every right to preserve their heritage, culture, customs and traditions- which are long and rich. Period.

    Syria had every right to preserve it's heritage, culture, customs and traditions- which are long and rich
    Israel respects neither nations rights while expecting all to respect theirs