Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rehousing Syrian refugees in Europe is an Israeli plan

 Algerian activist:

Abdul Razzaq Maqari, president of the Movement for the Society of Peace (MSP), blamed the west for the Syrian refugee crisis, accusing them of carrying out an Israeli plan, Quds Press reported yesterday.
Posting on his Facebook page, Maqari wrote: Israel is happy to get rid of the Palestinian refugee camps in the region.”
 He added: “Some might think that the EU states are doing the refugees from Syria, including the Palestinian refugees, a favour when they welcome them into their countries. The Western countries know very well that they are the cause of the destabilisation in the region.”
Based on demographic studies, he said the West is in need of 47 million migrants by 2050 to maintain positive population increases. Adding that Israel is happy to know that the west is accepting a large number of refugees including Palestinians.
“Instead of finding a place for the occupiers, who came from everywhere to reside in Palestine, the west is looking for places for the Syrians and the Palestinians who are fleeing the Syrian regime and Daesh,” he said.
Maqari criticised the role of the West in undermining the development of the Arab and the Islamic world, noting that people think they are “humanitarians” when they sympathise with the Syrians, while they do not know that they are the root cause of the crises in the Arab world.
 Yes, Israel is happy to have the world absorb their refugees.
Real humanitarians would make sure that all refugees go back home! Right of return.
That includes Palestinians back to Palestine/ Israel

Israel: Refugees not our problem -We make’em & You take’em!


  1. It's not only an israel plan but a great plan from Amerika and it's proxy israel is pushing hard. Amerikas neo-conns and Europe neo-conns need this to bring more $$$$$ problems to the eu. Then some time down the road they be able to destroy the eu citizens safety net like they have done in Amerika.

    1. hey jo
      definitely the US is in on this. After all it is the US that leads the coalition of drop bombing killers in the ME.
      I think the psycho elites are going bigger, destroying the safety net, destroying the societies, destroying cohesion that holds the society together not only in the EU
      But think of how destroyed the entire ME is? Syria had a cohesive societal structure- with long wide family connections
      that's gone
      "Maqari criticised the role of the West in undermining the development of the Arab and the Islamic world"
      So the psycho lying elites are destroying much culture, history and society
      It's a complete disgrace

  2. Refugees in Israel - Nir

    In light of what is happening in Europe I find it necessary to clear some numbers concerning Israel part in the refugees' crisis:

    In Israel there are 54,000 refugees from mostly from Eritrea (67%) and Sudan (25%) and other countries such as Congo, Niger and Somalia.

    Eritrea is a dictatorship (PFDJ party) citizens refusing army service are murdered, Sudanese escape the genocide of Darfur which in course 450,000 were murdered which lasted till 2010 [4]. Congo and Rwanda had known a genocidal mass slaughter with an estimated 500,000–1,000,000 Rwandans killed [3].

    Note that Israel population is approximately 7,000,000 people, while Germany population is estimated as 82,000,000 (11 times larger). Nevertheless the number of refugees in Germany is 500,000 (see [5]) while Israel absorbed 54,000, so the number are quite the same.

    Most of the refugees (>60%) live in Tel Aviv. The same education law which refers to Israeli citizens applies also to the refugees.
    Since Syria is an enemy country Israel does not allow Syrian refugees to enter its borders, nevertheless in nearly two and a half years, around 2,000 Syrians have been admitted to Israeli hospitals. While the vast majority are male — up to 90 percent at Ziv, the hospital closest to the border — there are women, too, and 17 percent of all patients are children[2].

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    [2] https://news.vice.com/article/inside-the-hospital-where-israeli-doctors-treat-syrian-patients
    [3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rwandan_Genocide
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    1. Israel doesn't take refugees, nor do they accept the "wrong" tribe members
      Netanyahu made that abundantly clear

      "Eritrea is a dictatorship (PFDJ party) citizens refusing army service are murdered"
      what does this have to do with refugees?
      Considering Israel has mandatory military service
      You are mixing apples and oranges to give Israel a humanitarian glow, it simply doesn't have