Wednesday, September 2, 2015

VICE 'journalists'- Journalists as Spooks: Same old, same old

Journalists as Spooks- Nothing new under the sun. Nothing!

The VICE 'journalists' are spooks. As sure as so many other spook/journalists I have blogged on here. Marie Colvin comes to mind... There is another fellow whose name escapes me at the moment who was also mentioned here on more then one occasion. Pictures of him posing with the Libyan "rebels" who transferred to Syria....  Paul Conroy was his name!! (h/t Mr Mustard for assisting in recollecting)
How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It
Journalists = Spooks. 

Now let's get back to VICE/Spooks and their arrest in Turkey. Seems there were a number of reasons for their arrests


An encryption system believed to be used by Isis was the reason behind the arrest of Vice journalists, officials claim

Three journalists who were arrested in Turkey earlier this week have been charged with "engaging in terrorist activity" related to Islamic State (Isis) after one of them used encryption software on his laptop computer, according to reports.

 The Iraqi fixer had been using an encryption system known to be used by members of IS

The Iraqi fixer? Wonder if that is a Kurdish Iraqi?

"The main issue seems to be that the fixer uses a complex encryption system on his personal computer that a lot of Isil militants also utilise for strategic communications"

Same encryption as ISIS... Obviously Turkey is concerned because how many threats and or fatwas have been issued by ISIS/L against Turkey? Well it's three so far!
 But whose counting, besides me?

The two British journalists and their translator were detained on Thursday at their hotel, their lawyer told the BBC.

He said they were initially accused of filming a military base nearby without permission. Then the material on their computers and cameras was investigated.

The lawyer said the journalists were subject to questions of whether they were working on behalf of the IS or the Kurdish militant group PKK.
Filming a military base. Using complex encryption that been linked to ISIS. Hmmmm....

The two British journalists, Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury, and the local journalist, who serves as a translator and guide, were arrested Thursday at their hotel in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir.

The men were initially accused of filming a military base without permission
Can foreigners enter the US or Canada and simply film at military bases without permission?
So, filming military bases. Complex encryption used by ISIS and footage of PKK making bombs.
Well, I suppose the bomb making was for peaceful purposes? Not!

VICE Spooks? You betcha!

Turkish police records reveal new information about the footage in possession of three detained foreign journalists working for a UK media company

Police have found footage of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members making bombs and Molotov cocktails from cameras of three foreign journalists who have been in detention since Friday on terrorism charges, police sources said Tuesday.

Why did I highlight Diyarbakir? If you read the post from last week- The NEO CON think tank American Enterprise Institute has declared that Diyarbakir will be the capital of Kurdistan

Is Turkey Heading to Partition? American Enterprise Institute

  "It may take a decade, but it is time to begin the countdown to the partition of Turkey. The Kurds will have their state, and its capital will ultimately be Diyarbakir, not Erbil."

As I've repeatedly claimed. I am not coincidence theorist. The spook/journalists were in that locale for a specific reason. 

Two Vice News journalists arrested in Turkey

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  1. Probably "just" using TOR, the onion router

    US Gov't funded user-friendly encryption software bundle, freely available on the web.

    Used by all the best fake dissidents, Snowden, Assange, Apelbaum, Agent Grunwald etc

    1. Used by all the best fake dissidents- I love it!
      It's plainly obvious the Vice spooks were up to no good-
      The encryption- filming the military base and "filming" the PKK terrorist bomb building

      I saw articles suggesting these arrests were going to up their (VICE) public 'credibility'
      I think it was the Atlantic writing a fluffy promotional piece promoting VICE as 'saintly'- LOL
      When will more people catch on to the way this manipulation really works?

  2. Paul Conroy is the guy you are thinking of.

    He's written a book of his exploits with Colvin:
    'Under the Wire: Marie Colvin's Final Assignment'

    With 4.4 stars it should be good; although with many used copies available for 1 cent perhaps not. Read the reviews and weep at the gullibility of the public - apart from the sole 1 star review.


    1. Thanks Mister Mustard!
      That is exactly who it was!!!
      And he's written a book!
      Imagine my absolute non surprise. More swill for the masses to slurp up!
      I'll fix the post up, with attribution of course, that last name wouldn't come to me!

      I intend to keep up the good work and thanks for calling it good work :)
      Much appreciated

    2. Mean Mister MustardSeptember 4, 2015 at 4:35 AM

      That sole voice of reason in the comments of the book, Declan Hayes, turns out to be an interesting character and an unsung hero.

      He has been very critical of the pseudo-charity 'Hand in Hand for Syria' who took legal action to silence and punish him. -

      and his own web site, which is well worth a visit -

    3. Hello Mr Mustard

      Hand in Hand for Syria? Haven't heard of that one
      However I took a look at his website, it was interesting
      Thanks for leaving the link and you are still not mean :)

  3. And you can't be Mean when you are so helpful :)