Monday, October 19, 2015

Russian Warplanes Intercept Israeli Jets- Act 2

There is news, I'd bookmarked yesterday, that Russia intercepted Israeli planes over Lebanon
This is the second time this very similar news has been reported.
Is Israel testing Russian response? Spying? Or  perception management? I'm torn.

First incident: Strategika via Uprooted Palestinian
Image included with MEHR report
This initial report was mentioned here at the blog in the comments section

Second incident:

DAMASCUS, Oct. 18 (MNA) – Russian jets forced Israeli fighter-bombers to change their course when trying to enter the Syrian airspace.
Russian Aerospace Force warplanes operating in Syria forced Israeli fighter-bombers to change their course when trying to enter the airspace of the Arab nation on espionage missions.
The Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth daily quoted Lebanese diplomatic sources saying that the event took place yesterday after Russian radars detected various Zionist fighters flying close to the Syrian territory.
According to the daily, the Russian warplanes immediately blocked the course of the Israeli fighters while overflying Akkar region, in northern Lebanon, and sent a clear warning that they would open fire at them if they violate the Syrian airspace.
The article, also released by the Iranian HispanTV website, explains that the Israeli fighters' mission was to spy on the movement of the Russian ships docked in Tartus port, 255 kilometers north of this capital.
The Israeli fighters also tried to "watch" the warplanes movement in Latakia air base to detect "alleged transfer of arms to Lebanese Hezbollah militias," reported the daily.
The source said that the Israeli Army warplanes changed their course to avoid a confrontation with the Russian fighters.
The Russian and the Israeli regime recently reached an agreement to avoid accidental clashes between the Israeli Army and the Russian forces stationed in Syria.

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