Monday, October 19, 2015

Syrian 'Rebels" aka Terrorists Receive More Weapons via Turkey/ CIA Arms Program

Vital background from previous post: Syria:Russian Technology to Impede Communications/Circumvent the TOW Missiles

The US has recently made multiple drops to their thugs and terrorists. Kurd thugs got their weapons- as much as 120 tons. HERE  OR   here.

" In an unprecedented development, US warplanes raided over Aleppo before targeting power generation facilities serving loyalist areas with Sol-Air missiles.
Other US cargo aircraft have dumped large quantities of military equipment and ammunition including sophisticated anti-tank missiles over areas controlled by the Islamic State (EI). The Syrian warplanes opened fire on cargo dropped by US planes and credible reports of the destruction of more than 50 tons of equipment"
Washington has asked Moscow explanations on this "incident" but Russian replied that they did not have any information about it. The Americans launched an ultimatum to Damascus today ending at 0000Z for its aircraft cease to harass the US drops to terrorist organizations of Ahrar al-Sham, the Army of the Conquest and Ennosra Front récipendiaires official military aid that Washington calls the "moderate opposition".
 US dropped weapons into ISIS aka moderate rebel territory in Aleppo at the same time they bombed the power generation facility. But Syrian warplanes blew the shipment up. Which made Washington very angry. Poor Washington. So mad. Giving ultimatums would not replace the destroyed weapons they had dropped to their terrorists. What could poor, poor Washington do?   Solution! Deliver weapons VIA Turkey- Easy enough to do when the CIA is firmly ensconced at the Turkish border and Turkey is NATO occupied territory
Pay particular attention to the reporting in this article! 
It is clearly stated FSA /Reuters are in contact to such an extent that FSA informed Reuters of the successful weapons delivery. There is no rational or necessary reason for this information to be given to Reuters unless on considers the connection between the media and the CIA

" Rebels battling the Syrian army and its allies south of Aleppo say they have received new supplies of U.S.-made anti-tank missiles from states that oppose President Bashar al-Assad since a major government offensive began there on Friday.

Rebels from three Free Syrian Army-affiliated groups contacted by Reuters said new supplies had arrived since the start of the attack by the army backed by Iranian fighters and Lebanon's Hezbollah.

But officials from one of the groups said that while new quantities had arrived, the supplies were not enough for the scale of the assault. They declined to be identified due to the sensitivities of the matter. "A few will not do the trick. They need dozens," said one of the officials.

A number of rebel groups vetted by states opposed to Assad have been supplied with weapons via Turkey, part of a programme supported by the United States and which has in some cases included military training by the Central Intelligence Agency"

These weapons shipments: Tons dropped by air. Cross border deliveries. Do not suggest the US is clueless or has no plan. There is a plan and they are busily enacting it. It's called making things way worse. Increasing chaos and killing.  And that is what the US and co. are doing. It's not incompetence or handwringing as is being suggested. The US like Russia has a plan A, B, C, D and likely an E, F and a G!


  1. It get worse, the cycle-0-paths from Amerika strike again.

    Election time up north anybody but harper seems to be winning?

    1. Today's the day. And I remain completely torn!
      Vote which would be spoil the ballot
      Don't bother voting at all
      Justin Trudeau sounds exactly like PM Harper and Mulcair has dumped people for their opinions and isn't going to cancel TPP
      It's a vote between oppisames and I can't stand it!